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My name is Stefanie and I joined DW only very recently.

I have a question regarding the customizing of my header and I hope that some of the people in this community who are more familiar with CSS codes than I am can help me out.

I use the "Decadence" theme for my journal and I want to apply a header for it.
I want my header to be offset, meaning hiding the journal title and just show my image instead.
I used the following CSS code:

#title span { display: none; }
#title {
width: 1000px;
height: 503px;
background-image: url(;
background-repeat: none;

And the result I got is the following:

I'm happy with the size of my header, however, I would like it to either stretch all the way to the right of the top page OR to be in the top center of it.
How do I need to change my CSS code in order to achieve that?

If someone could help me out and provide me with adjustments to my CSS code for
option 1: header spreading over the whole top page
option 2: header as it is now, but in the center of the top page
it would be really appreciated.
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This is probably a question I should have asked a long time ago, but it's come up again in my updating of some old layouts, so. :Þ

A couple of different layouts I use (including my own journal and [community profile] prose_alchemist) not only give rounded corners to entries and modules, they insist on rounding off the corners--or sometimes half the corners--of my header images as well.

Is there a way I can get rid of all the rounded corners, and just have nice, straight, angular ones? I'd like to do that with the header images and entries/modules, although I'd settle for just not having the corners of my headers forcibly rounded off. (If I wanted them rounded, I would have made them that way, DW...)

EDIT: issue solved! CSS to do the trick is here in the comments. Thanks for the helps!
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Hi all!

I just joined DW a few days ago, and I've managed to get my layout basically to how I want it to look. There are a few things I need help with, though:
  • I'd like to add a tiny one-pixel-wide border around my header, entries, modules, and entry comments, but am not sure what code to use.
  • I'd also like to put the titles of my entries and the headers of my modules in lower-case letters. I tried looking through the customization options, but there doesn't seem to be one for capitalization. :\
  • And lastly! I've noticed that the width of my header and layout are dynamic and change as I shrink the browser window. Is there any way to change both so that they are static?
I'd appreciate any help that anyone could offer me. :)
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Hi everyone!

I made a banner for a roleplay journal over here.

I was hoping someone can help me with this, it's been way too long since I've tried anything with CSS.

There are a few things I'd like to do and it seems as soon as I do one, I mess up something else.

1. I'd like the primary column to be fixed to the width of the banner.
2. I'd like to get rid of that "recent entries"
3. I'd like to have the primary and secondary columns aligned at the top.

The code I have right now is basic, it's just:

#title span { display: none; }

#canvas {
background-image: url(;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: top center;
padding-top: 250px;

Any help I could get would be super appreciated. THANK YOU.
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So I made a banner for a DW community, The RecCollectors. It seems to display fine in Firefox and Chrome, but no image comes up in IE.

Right now it uses CSS3 to stack the main image on top of a tiled background image (the stripe). I'm happy with how it displays in Firefox and Chrome, but obviously I need to do something for IE. I tried to write an IE conditional comment specifying a slightly modified image that would work as a stand alone, but I can't get it to work in the custom CSS box.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what I should try next? Is there a better way to combine a fixed image and a tiled image in a header?

Thanks for any input.

ETA: Found a potential something in the comments to another post...adding some custom CSS that puts one image in #header and the other in #header .inner ? Anyone know how that might work?
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Problem SOLVED! Hey, so I'm using Google Chrome most of the time, and my Thor themed layout works fine in that (except for a few issues that I'm pretty sure I can figure out myself) but when I use a different browser (i.e. Internet Explorer or Firefox; I haven't tried any others) the header doesn't sit where I want to sit. Which is mostly I guess because I used position: absolute but I'm not sure how else to get it centered above my posts.

This is how I want it to look in all browsers and how it looks when I use Chrome. This is how it looks on Firefox and this is how it looks on IE.

In both IE and FF, the header is too far left for what I want.

This is the code I used:

Also, in IE the sidebar doesn't show up. Could that be because I used position: fixed?

I'd be glad for any help!
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I'm trying to get a header onto Brittle over at [community profile] slashing_jane. I tried it using the #canvas tag(?) but when it was centered it was out of alignment with the body and when I put it to the left I couldn't work out how to move it in until it lined up. Also I want a background image for the page but I'm not sure how to do both.

I know nothing about CSS so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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(Ironic, I know, given the previous post!!)

I'm using Practicality for my personal journal, and have inserted a header banner using this code:

#canvas {
background-image: url(;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: top center;
padding-top: 250px;

I want to introduce a small margin (of about 10px) at the top and bottom of my banner, to give a bit of space between the banner and the nav bar, at the top, and the header box (or whatever it's called) underneath.

How can I do this? Or can't I?

Trying to increase the padding number to 270 just moves the header box down, without shifting the banner itself down as well.
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Hi all, I'm another migrant from LJ. ::waves:: I hope the influx of questions isn't too annoying?

Anyway, my question is as follows: Is there a way to set up your header so that it randomly chooses one of a group of header images each time the page is loaded?

I was able to port over pretty much all of my custom journal style from LJ thanks to [community profile] starlit's super helpful entry, but I couldn't get the code I had for rotating your header image to work. Admittedly, that could be because my knowledge of CSS is pretty limited and I could have been trying to insert it in the wrong place. (It was originally on LJ's "Edit your Theme Layer" page) The custom style was written for me, and although I sort of knew how to tweak it slightly on LJ, I'm not sure how it interacts with [community profile] starlit's code and my few exploratory attempts have gone awry. Any suggestions?
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First post for 2012!

So I'm trying to edit the layout I'm currently using. I tweaked some of the original CSS to accomodate my new header. I set the height to 200px since the image height is exactly 200px. But I noticed that there seems to be an extra few couple of pixels and that my header repeats.

This is the relevant CSS:

#header {
background:url("") repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;
border:2px dashed #2D231C;

I tried removing repeat scroll 0 0 transparent from the CSS but that just resulted in the entire header (plus the border) to disappear. Help?
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hi! i freely admit i have 'the dumbz'....i don't want to import my theme/style from LJ, i am okay with the one i found here on DW....i would like to customize the header though and i have zero clue how to do that and i tried to find some info in FAQs, etc and i might have been looking wrong???? (i totally was looking wrong!)

i am using 'purple' for my journal style....

i DID find the CSS code to remove the 'recent entries' from the header but didn't want to add that yet lest it interfere with future CSS code additions.....and i know i can get rid of the 'profile module' too once i get the header sorted out.....

i'd like to put my journal name in the center and then have links under it (within the header) for: profile, friend's page (reading page), link to my domain, archive....i think this is possible??? i did buy a premium account here (sooo impressed with DW and how they value their users! :) i just don't know how and got really confused trying to find out how to do this.....maybe i need a different style?

i do know html, i know enough CSS to fiddle with it, but can't write CSS on my i hoping someone can direct me somewhere as i have searched, but obviously am not searching in the right place....i saw where i can import a LJ style/theme, but i just want to customize a DW one.....

thank you in advance!!!

ETA: Resolved!! THANK YOU!!! :-)
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ETA: solved. :)

I'm using the "Starry Night" Modular layout and I'd like to change the header. I have a picture I'd like to replace the current header image with (it's at; it's the same size, shape, etc. as the current header image. However, when I go to the customize > image > header box and paste the url in, all I see on my journal is a grey box where the image should be. So I'm guessing changing the header image in this theme isn't something you can do with the customize boxes, I'd have to use CSS. But I've no idea how.

For reference, I'd like the new header image to appear essentially the same way as the current one: same size, centered, with the journal title/subtitle and recent entries over it. Thanks in advance for your help!

Add header

Dec. 16th, 2011 11:41 am
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I just found a lovely layout, but I would love to know how to add a header. Sorry, I have no idea how.

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Hi there! I've recently switched to Practicality and have again encountered Dreamwidth's love of putting text over a header banner, as shown here, top right: Photobucket (click the thumbnail for a bigger view).

I'm not fantastic with HTML and CSS, but I know it's there somewhere, where I can put the header banner as a background image and move everything down, but I can't remember where to find that bit of code or how to alter it.

This isn't just an issue with Practicality, it occurs in every DW layout I've used: the Customize area allow for a link to a banner, but the text in that box won't move down, despite the user filling in the height of the banner, so the end result is a clash of text and banner that is frankly ugly. Would it be possible for someone to look into this and change the behaviour of text in the topbox? Or is that too big an ask, as it affects pretty much all DW layouts? I wouldn't know where to post such a suggestion, myself, and as I've said, I know next to nothing about coding.

Thanks for your help!
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I have two specific questions for the community:

1) Please let me know if anything is horribly broken or just plain ol' buggy with Iced Cucumber, as this is my first time making a theme. I used [personal profile] zvi's excellent Quick and Dirty Guide to Creating a Color Theme; any errors are my own!

Theme name/layout: Iced Cucumber / ColorSide
Author: [personal profile] bindingthreads
Layout info: Info | Source | Preview
Image info: Not applicable.
Additional info (for layouts): I think all column types and everything should be supported. This is just a simple color change to the ColorSide theme.

2) Does anyone know how to get rid of those boxes in the header of Boxes and Borders? I have a color scheme I'd like to make for it, but those boxes are really hampering the end effect I'd like to achieve.

Thank you for your time! :D
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OK. I have a secondary journal that is currently sporting Blanket as its layout. Thanks to looking through the archives on this community, I was able to upload an image header via CSS as well as take off the title/subtitle/recent entries. My question is now: what CSS would I plug in to remove the border from the header on Blanket? It's cutting into the image and looks... awkward. (And I've seen other people with this layout, with a picture header and no border.)

Thanks in advance! <3
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Hi, I'm Gloria from Rome *waves*

I've joined DW about two years ago, but I'm starting to post only now.

So I've choose a layout "color side, red flowers", I've changed the colors, but...I don't know how to put a header on the top of my DW page:(

Can you, pretty please, explain it step by step possibly with examples how to do it?

Thank you in advance, Gloria♥


Dec. 10th, 2010 01:24 pm
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i have a new theme/layout all set to go with header image, entry bg image, and main bg image. i just spent half an hour trying to find a dw theme that works with the header image and i finally found one i liked but i can't remove .userpic!!!

do any of you recommend one base layout over another when it comes to using header images??
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I'm modifying a Modish layout, and I was wondering if it was in any way possible to place more than one image in the header, or if it's impossible to do with CSS alone? I'd like to have a header that stretches with the page/browser/resolution, and the only way I can think of doing that in this case is to have two (or more) images sitting on either side of the header. Would welcome other suggestions, as well!

Thanks in advance.


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