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Hi there! I'm currently using a ported version of Smooth Sailing and, since DW's retired the .bml aspect of links, I'm having trouble fixing my style to go to my userpics. It's been ages since .bml was retired, and this was one of my back-burner projects, but now that I'm fiddling with it I can't seem to figure out what values to stick in there!

My problem can be accurately summed by visiting my journal and clicking on my default userpic. I'm able to find the instances of allpics.bml in the ported sheet (three) but fixing it, well.. no luck so far! Any tips will imputed for test ASAP. =)

Solved! See comment! =)
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Hello people, I'm in the process of migrating to dreamwidth from livejournal and want to make my new blog look like the old one (I use Smooth Sailing theme with custom CSS there and have never waded into "creating new layers", "advanced customization" or whatever you call it). Can someone point me to a DW theme that has these two things:

1) a decent header with Title, Subtitle, Navigation bar and Current page title. I saw many themes with this kind of header but they all seem to have Navbar under Current page title. Are there any themes where Navbar is shown at the top of Current page title?
2) an ability to create multiple custom menu blocks (title + static html content, no more) without having to mess with advanced customization. I want to have a counter and an informer in my blog and don't want to place them in a sticky post or something.

If someone knows such theme please tell me its name. I know it's just waiting for me to use it on my journal.
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Since the latest code push it's possible to embed web fonts in your stylesheet via the style wizard. What is the corresponding property if you want to set it in a theme layer? I'm working on a layout but don't use it as my journal style (which means I can't use the wizard).
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ETA: SOLVED. With this layout, deleting display:none from .clearfoot fixes things right up (yes, the design seems to be inadvertently coded so that it cuts off the sidebar in the three views mentioned in my post title).

Like in this example. Another user in this community had the same problem months ago (not with this style, actually a Core 2 style) and I was one of the ones who helped them, though I wasn't of much help because nothing I tried or suggested at the time really worked. Can't help myself now, either. Any suggestions?

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I've just switched a community journal that I run to the new Librarian's Dream layout (which looks great), and added a header banner in using the CSS code below:

#canvas {
margin-top: 10px;
background-image: url(;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: top center;
padding-top: 250px;

Unfortunately, this leads to a slight issue with the sidebar overlapping the banner a little, as shown in the screencap below (click to enlarge):


Is there any way to centre the banner above the entries? (I can alter the image itself to do, but it will be a case of trial and error, and will not look right on monitors that don't have the same resolution as my own, so it's not the ideal solution.)

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I have a premium paid account, and just tried to make an additional style. I was given a helpful (?) error that said I had used up my limit of Styles. What I'd like to know is, how many styles and layers do account holders have at each level?

Thanks for all the fish!
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I got the css I wanted to work correctly on Tabula Rasa. see the style live and view user layer source

Now, I'm trying to convert it to a layer and a theme (view style live

If I want the Tabula Rasa stylesheet, do I need to copy and paste that directly into the stylesheet in the layout layer? I used function print_stylesheet () { to include the stylesheet because I thought that would call the Tabula Rasa stylesheet, but it doesn't seem to be working.

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I've done a very draft beginner's guide to styles-y things at - partially prompted by some comments in [personal profile] princessofgeeks' journal.

Any comments or feedback on how to improve it would be much appreciated.
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If I set the custom_css in a theme layer, will it be used when I create a style with the theme layer?

Will I be able to alter the css in the theme via the wizard?


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