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 Hi there,

I was wondering if there was a way to use Tiny Icon Images instead of  text like Location, Current Music, Mood. 

Any help would be most appreciated. 

Problem Solved
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I recently added the Tabular Indent layout to my DreamWidth using the [community profile] starlit tutorial, and the Tabular Indent source code from InsaneJournal. Then changing all the ""friends"" to ""read"". Everything is working really well, except the Subjects are not links for some reason? I saw on previous posts that cited Flexible Squares having this issue to use the [community profile] starlit version of the code. But as Tabular Indent isn't one of their edited codes, I'm not sure where I would change? Thank-you very much if you can help!

I would also please like to know how to have "(no subject)" as a Subject if an entry doesn't have one.

The Tags, Current Music, Subject, and such seem to not always be displaying in the same order. On my LiveJournal the order is: Tags, Current Music, Current Location, Security, Subject, Time, Current Mood. And I would like to carry it over to here. I saw in the edited Flexible Squares that they have it set-up as like paragraphs for each of those, but I don't understand how to transfer that to Tabular Indent.
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Hiya, folks!

The (unwieldy) name is gdelgiblueeyes, but you can just call me "Blue Eyes."

My community [community profile] johnheartpaul has recently migrated from LJ to DW (ToS issue), and we've been finding the process very user-friendly and trouble-free (well, once I figured out the style settings stuff and had imported our journal's default style behind the custom CSS with the help of this link), with the minor exception of a couple of snags that I was hoping maybe style_system could help with.
  1. In comparing our profile here to our LJ counterpart, you will note that in the nav.strip, we didn't have Tags or Memories listed at LJ, and we'd like to keep it that way. Is there any way to make that work?
  2. Our custom style for the journal was designed for the new wave of LJ, where individual posts on the main page linked to a generic entry format (for example, clicking "Leave a Comment" -- or the entry's title -- on the first entry presently on my page would lead to something like this) instead of a separate page in our custom format. I'm guessing there's no way to replicate this specific experience, but viewing the comment form on a sample entry from the present DW incarnation will show you just how clunky it looks in our custom format. Anyone wanna troubleshoot how to make it look less like ass?
UPDATE: Thanks to [personal profile] healingmirth  for their help! All issues are resolved.

I basically inherited the task of porting this thing over here for mods who are way less tech-savvy, but my own skill only goes so far. Any help would be very much appreciated! (The tags are also a total guess, so anyone who knows more and runs things, feel free to put better ones on here. Thanks!)
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after an embarrassingly long time, i finally figured out how to turn on the option to display replacement text when there's no subject for an entry. however! i swear there used to be a field on the 'text' page in the customise area where you could put custom text to replace the standard "(no subject)". or maybe that was lj and we never had it here?

thanks to fu, i know how to make it disappear as if by magic, which would be my second choice. but ideally i would like to be able to have something visible that's not "no subject" when there's no subject. is there a magic for that? is there yet another ticky box i have resolutely failed to see over and over again?

thank you for halp.
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Was wondering about adding additional fonts to layouts.
For instance if I wanted the subject heading in my entries to be italicized.
Would it be [i]text[/i]?
Been looking at quite a few themes and fonts to give me some ideas for a layout.
If I wanted to add another font that's not on the list like bradley script for example (I think that's the name of the font).
How does one go about doing that?
And Thank You for this very helpful community. :)
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Apologies if my questions are ridiculous - I've only been on DW for a short time, and am not yet used to style-making here.

So, okay, I've recently imported a community that I run from LJ to DW, and while I was initially using a port of Flexible Squares, I've decided to be ambitious and try to replicate it as closely as possible on a native DW style so we can use all the cool features. For the most part it's working, but there are still some quirks I don't know how to fix, or if I can fix them. So.

Layout: Tabula Rasa, style sheet disabled.
Original layout: [community profile] scorched ([ profile] scorched to see it in its original, LJ form)
Current layout: [community profile] scorched_test

PROBLEM 1: The sidebar profile. I'd like to remove the header, center the icon and put the icon links in a horizontal list under the icon, preferably without that underline that I can't seem to get rid of. ¬_¬ [PROBLEM SOLVED]

PROBLEM 2: Change the link list/tag list on the sidebar (and the nav links in the header, for that matter) to a more blocklike display. (Visuals here: the way highlighted links look now - the way I'd like them to look. navlinks highlighted as i'd like - currently they don't highlight at all.) [PROBLEM SOLVED]

PROBLEM 3: Make the tags header match the rest of the headers. Not sure why this isn't happening now. [PROBLEM SOLVED]

PROBLEM 4: In general, I'd like to reduce the margin between the link lists (both Links and Tags) and the left side of the sidebar - can't figure out how to change that, either. [PROBLEM SOLVED]

PROBLEM 5: The icon and username. This is the bane of my life - is it possible to move the icon up to overlap with the title bar, and the username to, well, under the icon? (here is what I'm going for and here is what I currently have). [PROBLEM SOLVED] (I ended up using a combination of tricks from the comments here and altering the theme layer.)

PROBLEM 6: Also visible in the above pictures, the subject line and datetime. Nothing I do seems to move the datetime from the left to the right, and is there a way to put it ABOVE the subject line instead of under? [PROBLEM SOLVED] - kind of. I couldnt get the date to work properly above the subject so i tucked it in under. Either way, it's fine.

PROBLEM 7: Is there any way to get the sidebar to extend to the bottom of the page and the .pagetop link to the bottom, as well? as seen here, the link currently just hangs out at the bottom of the shortest column (also seen here) which is sort of awkward, and i'd prefer the sidebar continue long as seen on [community profile] scorched_ooc.

STRANGE RANDOM BONUS PROBLEM: If you go to [community profile] scorched_test you'll find that clicking a title link makes the title flash dark blue while active, as do the navlinks in the header. I CAN'T MAKE THEM STOP DOING THAT. DX I've tried various stylings on a:active for .header, .entry-title, even the general a:active but nothing seems to change it.

My current CSS, which is a bit of a frankenstein mess at the moment, my apologies.

I do realize it's a different style altogether and not everything I'd like to do may even be possible, SO if that's the case, please let me know so I can stop banging my head against it. >.<

Sorry to hit you guys with so much at once, but any help with any of these issues at all would be so appreciated I might explode.
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Hi, all. I've been on DW for a while now (although I only just got around to transferring one of my communities) and I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of or, alternately, change the "no subject" text for entries.

I don't always have a title for posts I make, and I would like to do something creative with the text like I did on this entry at Livejournal; I actually set that text in the options for the layout since the option to change "no subject" text is built into the coding.

Also, I can't stand the whole (No Subject) "title" showing up when I'm being lazy. Is there any way I can work that? I tried going through the tags, but haven't been able to turn up anything beyond removing "no subject" from comments....
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Hi all,

I'm pretty new to dw, and I've recently migrated over a community and been modifying the layout to better fit with the look we want. I've done everything so far using the tools provided, since my knowledge of CSS is virtually nil (aside from copy/pasting simple bits), but I'm now stuck on something.

I'm using an edited version of Transmogrified on a free account, and am looking for a way to remove the "(no subject)" text from comments when no title is used.

I found a reply to another question about this from [personal profile] ninetydegrees here, but unfortunately the coding provided doesn't quite do what I want it to. Although it does remove the text, it also shrinks down the box that text would normally sit in, which pushes other elements out of alignment causing things like the icon to partially hide the username, like this

I understand from [personal profile] ninetydegrees that a fix is being worked on to allow that text to be turned on/off, but these things can take time, so I was wondering if anyone else knew of a way to to remove that text for now, that wont affect the elements around it.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can give me.
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Layout: Halloween
by [personal profile] dancing_serpent  for ColorSide

Problem 1 : Header - I want to get rid of the journal title, subtitle and the "Recent" (or any nav title) SOLVED!
Problem 2 : Links at the bottom of entries (AKA edit entry, adit tags,...) - I want them to me white :-) SOLVED!
Problem 3 : Navi links - I want to move them under the header and centered. SOLVED!
Problem 4 : Subject of entries - is it possible to move them a few px to the right from the icon? And maybe making the font a bit bigger and in bold? SOLVED!
Problem 5 : I want to get rid of the "Previous 20/Next 20" links/bar at the top of the journal and only leaving the ones at the bottom. SOLVED!
Problem 6 : I would like to move everything (icon, subect, date, TEXT,...) a few px on BOTH sides from the border in the entries AND the module/sidebar. SOLVED!
Problem 7 : I would like to move the entries so when clicking on the "Reading/Friends" page (or any other for that matter) they would be at the same height as on the "Recent" page (AKA same distance from the header everywhere). SOLVED!

I'm totally new here and have no clue how to write CSS so if you managed to help me with these with some CSS coding or even just pointing me in the right direction and telling me what's possible and what not I would be super thankful and might possibly owe you my firstborn :-D
The DW confuses me and takes away my sleep :-( Please help! O.o

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Another LJer who left over release 88...

I've got the Flexible Squares style (using this fix). It's all working fine, except usernames aren't displayed below userpics on my Reading Page, and the subject lines for entries aren't links. I'm assuming it's a CSS problem but I don't understand CSS in the slightest so any help would be fantastic!
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My apologies if this has been asked before, I checked the tags and there wasn't anything.

Is there a way to take the page title, module title, and entry title out of italics and just have it be regular, non-italic font in Fluid Measure? This seems to be hard-coded into the style itself, it's not something I can fix from the Customize Journal page. Is there a CSS code I can implement to tweak this, or something? The layout is otherwise fine, I just really dislike the italics on the header title.
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I joined about three days ago and am just now taking the time to poke around DW to get familiar with it. I'm trying to import my Flexible Squares layout over from LJ following [personal profile] parapsychic's guide, and I alllllmost got it save for one thing: names aren't showing up under people's icons, so I have absolutely no idea whose post is whose (I can't remember everyone's icons, and some people use very similar icons, so trying to figure out who's who based on icon isn't an option). On LJ, it has their names directly below their icon, and if they posted in a community, the community (and a link to it) is available directly below their name in brackets.

Also, the subjects aren't turning into links to individual entries.

I could do without the latter if necessary, but being able to see people's names and communities is vital. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thank you, [personal profile] skieswideopen!

While I'm here, does anyone know if it's possible to import the LJ layout Magic Paper?

Thank you in advance~
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I am having two issues with this layout (here is the layer).

First, I would like to make the entry subject lines permalinks and no amount of googling has lead me to a fix on this for Smooth Sailing, though I have found one for Flexible Squares.

Second, the font of the subject line is supposed to be larger in that layout, but for some reason, it's not displaying properly in the layout.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!
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I think I got the terminology right in the title, but I'm unsure. My tricky problem is as follows:

I haven't dabbled much at all into CSS, but I'm part of a mod-team which wants to mirror a community on LJ and DW. Over on LJ we have a very pretty layout: [ profile] dhr_advent which was made by a volunteer (who does not have a DW account). I would like to use this same layout over on DW.

I used [personal profile] parapsychic's Importing Flexible Squares journal style to Dreamwidth, and was able to get the visuals to work: See [community profile] dhr_advent

However, all the little things that make Dreamwidth enjoyable are horribly busted. I assume that this is because that's all built into the DW S2 stuff, and not LJ's flexible squares. Right now, I can't manage tags, I can't click headers to open entries, the tag module isn't appearing on the front page, and who knows what else.

What's my best bet to mimic as closely as possible the LJ lay-out, but in DW? I'm aware of two resources:

Conversion Guide: Flexible Squares


Custom CSS written for LJ )

Are these my best resources for doing a conversion? Is there another resource or write-up I should know? Any tips for a beginner CSS person? Am I completely missing something that I should know? :)
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1) I have a sticky note at the top of my journal and I'd like to put an image in the title. Is that at all possible and if so, how would I add an image to the title?

2) I noticed that there's a lot of white space between the left side of the entry holder and the title, which isn't there in the original layout's preview. How do I get rid of the extra space?

ETA: More information
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Another question, since you were so quick to answer the last one.

In Transmogrified, is there a way to eliminate the text "(no subject)" on comments without subjects? I've hunted around quite a bit and can't find anybody even asking this question (I'm guess I'm really picky!). You can see what I'm talking about on this post. I know over on lj on my smooth sailing layout, there is no text on the subject line for comments with no subject, and I'm hopeful there's a way to do it on transmogrified here.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi all!

I'm a recent LJ refugee, and I'm hoping for some help in fixing my layout.

I was able to port the layout I'm currently using in my LJ, [ profile] betterdazed, which is based on Flexible Squares. However in LJ, the post subjects in my Recent Entries and Friends are permalinks. Right now in DW, the subjects are just texts.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix this? Many thanks!
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Hi all. I have a pretty low-level n00b question. :)

I'm using the Funky Circles theme, and I've set custom values for fonts, font sizes, etc using the wizard. What I can't figure out is how to change the appearance of the title, subject headers, and some module headings.

I can set the font, but there is a bit of code in the CSS that I can see if I view the pages source:

text-transform: uppercase;

I'd like to remove this wherever it occurs, because I dislike the look of the all caps titles, but I can't figure out how to get in there and tinker with it.

Thanks for your help. I've been digging around for hours trying to figure this one out!
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Hi! I'm designing a comm for a friend of mine and I want to make the layout, Drifting Blue, to be green and brown instead of, you know, blue. I've managed to customize everything except a small graphic that shows up in the bottom of each entry and is blue. Does anyone know how I can substitute my own graphic for it, or remove it or something?

screenshot )

Thank you!
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hello! i have imported an s2 smooth sailing layout & for some reason the subject won't show up when you click either the permalink or the read comments link. i've tried putting "font-size: 25pt !important;" to the entryheadersubject line in my layer but it's not working. anyone have a clue why it's not showing up? thanks :D


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