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In relation to this entry on aligning the text for bullet points, would it be possible to do the same thing for poll options?
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I'm working on converting these Crisped themes to be official site layouts. I've run into a problem with the CSS that makes the navigation control strip match the rest of the layout.

The relevant CSS is as follows:

The problem is that the logged-out version of the nav strip includes a table within a table, for the login form, and this CSS makes all the cells of that table outlined in the entry title colour, which looks kind of awful. So I need to figure out some CSS to turn off border colours in the login form, while leaving them on for the nav strip as a whole.

According to Web Developer the login form looks a bit like this:

I can't figure out which selector to use with border: none in order to switch off the borders for the inner tables. I've tried variations on #lj_controlstrip_login and #lj_controlstrip_login td and #login.lj_login_form but I'm not getting anywhere. Anyone who's clever with CSS inheritance rules have any good ideas?
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I'm back with another question regarding currents and tiny icons. I recently changed my layout style and am having trouble aligning the tiny icons. All the tiny icons used in my layout are (supposed to be) 16 pixels. I fiddled around with padding and margin, but can't get the icons of the metadata to align correctly. Any help is greatly appreciated. :-)


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For the past few days, I've been trying to add a background image via CSS to #header-primary with limited success—the code works all right on Firefox but not on Chrome. Edit: You can now see the code live on my this account.

How can I adjust the code so that it will look both the same on Firefox and Chrome? Solved. Thanks to

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Working Code:

#header-primary {
   background-image: url(;
   background-repeat: no-repeat;
   background-size: 100% 100%;
   border-radius: 2em;
   margin-bottom: 1em;
   margin-right: 2em;

#header-secondary {
   margin-right: -17em;

#header-primary .inner {
   margin-left: 1em;
   margin-top: .5em;

A smaller thing. Not sure if this is possible or not, but is there a way to put the "Top of Page" as an entry-management button on every entry (beside the Add Memory, Track This, . . . buttons)?

Thanks in advance to all who respond. :D

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 Hi!  It's me again.

This time I need help centering my layout (which was built using "Wet Sand by [personal profile] rising  for Line Up").  I've tried every trick I know and even went to Google, but nothing I've tried works.  :\  Would anyone here know a solution?

Thanks in advance!  :)
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For the first time I'm trying to adapt a native DW style (Heads Up) for a comm instead of working with a ported-from-LJ one. I've been sticking to custom CSS and so far I seem to have managed to change most of the things I wasn't happy with. There are a couple of things I seem to be completely unable to fix however.

They both concern entry headers… )
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I made a poll at my journal about using light on dark themes or styles, and while the results so far are intriguing, it needs more answers.

And in particular answers from people who use and like or need to use light on dark themes on sites like Dreamwidth.

For example, so far there's a nearly even split on the high contrast/low contrast question. I'd like to know if that holds up with more data. This is all totally unscientific, but designed to get some insight into the range of user preferences and needs.

Please come tick some boxes! And add to the discussion if you wish, all are welcome.

(Mods, perhaps a discussion tag if you think that's appropriate?)


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