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i have a new theme/layout all set to go with header image, entry bg image, and main bg image. i just spent half an hour trying to find a dw theme that works with the header image and i finally found one i liked but i can't remove .userpic!!!

do any of you recommend one base layout over another when it comes to using header images??
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What's the code to make userpics not display on the Recent Posts page? Is there a code for this? I know most layouts let you choose "left" or "right". Are there any layouts that allow you to choose "none" or "do not display"?

Is this something that can be done with a custom CSS stylesheet? I'm guessing not, but you never know...

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What I'd really like to do is have my journal in Drifting Blue, and read my subscriptions list in some other style, but since I can't do that... I want the icons on the left on my reading page, so I can see who made a post easily -- being a left-to-right reader. (If it were just for my own page, I'd leave the icons on the right and not care.)

When I moved icons to the left instead of the right, in Drifting Blue ( http://archangelbeth.dreamwidth.org/?s2id=9288 ), the date started overlapping the top of the icon-box (not the icon itself, but the little box around them). It's not unreadable, but it's messy-looking. I know zip-all CSS. Can someone walk me through either removing the box around icons in my Drifting Blue, or putting in enough space that the date doesn't overlap that box?

(This happens in all left-placed-icons in the Drifting set. Some (Desert Me) are less obvious than others (Soft Blues, Chocolate Cherry) from the coloration, but that style just doesn't handle left-icons gracefully... Should I be reporting this as a bug or something?)

Much thanks in advance!
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Layout info: http://www.dreamwidth.org/customize/advanced/layersource?id=77107
Preview: http://cesy.dreamwidth.org/?s2id=90539

The content section of the tags page has just the paler grey background, the same as the page background, not the dark background I used for the entries. How can I get a dark background on the tags page, so it's readable, without losing the grey page background on Recent Entries? Do I have to use CSS, or is there a colour property I'm missing? Is it a bug that this doesn't work automatically?
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I'm porting Refried Paper (N.B. [livejournal.com profile] refriedpaper) onto Tabula Rasa via CSS. Refried Tablet has a lot of text that I'm adding via :before {content: "Header:"}.

On the recent entries page of a personal journal, there's an empty span called .poster. On a reading page, an entry page, or a recent entries page for a community journal, this span is not empty, it's the [profile] exampleusername of the person posting the entry.

There's a body.class to differentiate between a recent entries page and a reading page or entry page. Is there any indication whether a journal is a personal journal vs. a community journal?

The way I have the CSS right now, there's a weird extra margin in front of [profile] exampleusername on the recent entries page of a community, and I'd like to get rid of it automagically, if I can.

The CSS is available on pastebin for one month, if you'd like to look at it. This CSS is designed to be used with the default stylesheet.

P.S. Is there a way to make a style publicly viewable? I have my journal using Refried Tablet so people can see it in action, but I actually prefer the modified Transmogrified I had before. I'd love to just give people the address of http://zvi.dreamwidth.org?s2id=82229 or encourage them to preview my style on their own journals, if only I knew how to make that work.
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I've been reading S2 documentation like crazy, and I'm pretty sure the answer is 'no' but I'm going to throw out the question anyway:

Is there any possible way to call functions from a different view than the one you're currently on? For example, the EntryPage class has a function print_comments. But what if I want to print the subjects of the 5 latest comments on the Recent view (maybe in the sidebar)? The RecentPage class doesn't include that function, so I'm assuming there's no way to call it unless the core was rewritten to add it into RecentPage and allow it to take parameters so it knows which comments to pull back. Am I correct in that assumption?

I'll gladly take the question elsewhere if this isn't the right place. Any direction would be so much appreciated.


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