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I really, really like the layout I have now, with one tiny little problem; I would really like to fix my background image so it didn't scroll and repeat, because, frankly, it sucks at tiling height-wise.

I found this: http://style-system.dreamwidth.org/22713.html, which unfortunately removes my header, but I can't find anything else.

Is it even possible? Or do I need to get creative and smush both background and header together into one massive picture and then make that one fixed?

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I have tried 5 different themes, but when I try to change the background image, it only shows the default color of that theme.  I can change the header to the image I want, but nothing else.  I haven't found a way to change the color to transparent, and need idiot-proof instructions for that.  I tried 6 different tutorials, but the only advanced code I'm seeing is for the specific color code, not the entire layout code. Any help would be so appreciated, thanks.
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I'm currently in the process of customizing my journal, but ran into a problem on the way, but I know the grand total of nothing about CSS and am not even certain what caused it.

I am using this bit of code for a fixed background image, and while the image itself is fixed, my page continues to scroll, with a bit of no background image between navigation strip and page, as well as to the right side of the screen, and this driving me nuts. Since, when I scroll to the side, it is the entry content that is moving, could the problem be caused by the entry module width, or is it a background image issue? And more importantly, can this be fixed?

(The layout looks fine in Google Chrome, the problem appeared in Firefox.)

SOLVED: Secondly, Brittle forces the icon size to 70px with a 5px border. Is there a way to remove the border and display the icons in their original size?

Thanks so much in advance!
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Hello everyone,

I am currently using the "Nevermore" theme, based on "Funky Circles", and I have a few questions.

Here's what I would like to do: I have added a header via the "customize" boxes, but my header refuses to budge from the upper right hand corner.

Also, my background doesn't start till after the bottom of the header, so obviously I need to add the header in the code itself, and not to the customization boxes. But I have no idea how to get in to the guts of my theme. Not a clue where to look for it.

When I look under my layers, I see the customizations made via the wizard, and also the previous layout that I originally installed. When I click on custom css, I get a blank box. When I click on customize, I just go back to the wizard area. HOW do I find the code for my current style? I'm sure this is something totally obvious, and I'm just being thick, but I'm beating my head against the wall at this point, lol.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give a clueless DW newb!
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I feel like such a failure.

I have a very nice layout on my LiveJournal page - clean and simple. Unfortunately the style (Miniml) is not available within Dreamwidth, and attempts on my part to recreate it or at least to build something similar are failing dismally. The limitations of the "customise style" pages are just about driving me to drink.

After numerous attempts with Tabula Rasa, all of them unsuccessful (including de-selecting "use layout's stylesheet" and copying the Miniml css into the box), I tried using Modish (Greyscale colour scheme) and changing all the background and font colours. This has had mixed success (you can see it here). I was able to get the page and module backgrounds to white, with white borders, so that it lookes a bit cleaner. However, I am unable to change the font weight for the page header (Alassenya) to bold, or the subtitle to italic, and for some reason I can't change the font colour for the page links at the left - they remain resolutely white (and thus invisible) until clicked on. I have tried using the "custom css" box to fix them but had no success.

So basically I have a two-tier question:
a. Is anyone able to devise a layout that resembles Miniml for DW?
b. If not, how do I resolve the font weight and colour issues in Modish?
Edit: partly resolved, I have the H1 in bold and H2 in italic, but I still don't have visible links at left.

I also have a supplementary question: how do I remove the number of uses from my tags list? I like it as a list, not a cloud, but I don't want the number of uses appearing next to each tag.
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Layout info: http://www.dreamwidth.org/customize/advanced/layersource?id=77107
Preview: http://cesy.dreamwidth.org/?s2id=90539

The content section of the tags page has just the paler grey background, the same as the page background, not the dark background I used for the entries. How can I get a dark background on the tags page, so it's readable, without losing the grey page background on Recent Entries? Do I have to use CSS, or is there a colour property I'm missing? Is it a bug that this doesn't work automatically?
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I'm trying to create a light-text-on-dark-background theme for Blanket, and having a few problems.

On the calendar page, the years show on the main page background, which makes them unreadable. Can I make them appear on a different colour, or on the entry background, so they can be seen? There's a similar problem with the arrows on month pages, and with "Previous 20" on the Recent Entries.

Also on the calendar page, the days of the week are difficult to read. Which colours do I need to change to alter the background or text colour for those?

Layout info: http://www.dreamwidth.org/customize/advanced/layersource?id=77263
Preview: http://cesy.dreamwidth.org/?s2id=90684


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