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I'm working on a small side project and I could use some help. I want to style an entry based on the tags contained in that entry. I know it is not possible to style a parent element in css using the contents in a child element, so I'm looking for a way to print the tags as additional classes in .entry or .entry-wrapper. Currently using Tabula Rasa Plain. Any suggestions?

For example, say the tags currently in entry-wrapper are:
entry-wrapper entry-wrapper-odd security-public journal-type-P poster-name journal-name

I'd like to add something along these lines when it is printed.
tag-subject tag-subject2 tag-subject3
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If I'm using a code like this to change my date format, is there a way to add classes to the heart symbols I'm using as separators?

The code:

set entry_date_format = "short";
set lang_fmt_date_short = "%%da%% ❤ %%mm%%/%%d%%/%%yy%%";

set entry_time_format = "short";
set lang_fmt_time_short = "❤ %%hh%%:%%min%% %%a%%m";

Any help is appreciated!
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I want to use layers to make my private entries (the ones only viewable to me) not show up at all on my journal. Is there a way I can do this?

I don't want to do it through CSS because I know that on some pages, an uneven amount of entries will show up, or I'll have previous links on my navigation that go to empty pages.

Thanks in advance!
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I was wondering if anyone had a fix for this ... I was helping a friend ([personal profile] tiltingheartand), who wanted her DW layout to look exactly like her current one on LJ. The style she uses on LJ is "Quite Lickable," and I was able to find a coding adaption for a S2 layer style over here.

I haven't had any trouble tweaking small things here and there, but I can't seem to figure out out to hide the links for memories and tags in the sidebar. (For the record, I don't know how they're hidden on her LJ either, since I'm not very familiar with the QL style.) I tried using the two fixes suggested here, but neither of them has worked for me.

If anyone knows a way to fix this, I would be very much appreciative. :)

Layer coding:

Child layer coding:
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What would I need to add to my layout layer to make the date format show up as "Wednesday • 08/03/11 • 5:00 am"? Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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I'm currently working on a layout that requires use of two custom content modules in Tabula Rasa. I've been so used to working with LJ's S2 that it didn't occur to me while I was designing that DW would only offer one custom text module as standard in the wizard.

Does anyone know the code for adding additional custom content modules in the theme layer? Please note that I am one of those people who is very proficient in CSS but not so great at S2 or other types of coding, so step by step instructions would be a godsend.

Thanks in advance!
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I'd like to move the filter meta data to the .datetime span - if that's possible, that is. So, instead of '4 December 2010 at 13:00' it should display something like '4 December 2010 at 13:00 in *some filter(s)*'.

What do I have to change in/add to my theme layer? Solution can be found here :)
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Okay ... I know all DW styles have the default menu items, like Recent Entries, Reading List, Profile and so on. Is there any way to add something to the menu, like a link to an external website or another journal / comm?

I know you could theoretically make a custom menu using the "Links" or "Custom Text" modules, but for layouts like Blanket where you can't put them everywhere (like on the nav bar) ... well, yeah.
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Many Dreamwidth s2/Core2 styles have the "back to top" link at the bottom of the Recent Entries view, but Transmogrified doesn't. I had the same problem on LJ, when I used the Bloggish layout with a custom style sheet and theme layer, but I couldn't solve it, not even by modifying s2 Mixit's code to fix the problem, because Bloggish lacked a "back to top" link in the HTML to hook the s2 to.

So my question is kind of two-fold:

Is there any way to get all the proper HTML (including the necessary but missing HTML links and the requisite s2 to make it all work) into Transmogrified, and if so, how?

Because my other problem is I cannot figure out how DW's s2 differs from LJ's version of it. So I would need someone to work out the code for me but hopefully someone who could also explain how s2 differs on DW from LJ's version (or at least point me in the right direction, if there's something I can read on that to make it more clear).

Because the way I figure it, if I can't read (that is, understand) the s2 on DW, I'll never be able to modify or write it. And I want to be able to do both.
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OK, this one is beyond me. I can't figure out how the styles system creates different stylesheets, let alone how to tell it to do multiple different ones.

Specifically, I want to have a different sheet for screen media as well as one for all users (ie colourscheme goes for everyone, but put this box next to that one should be for computer displays, not mobile devices and similar).

Wordpress does this for the complete stylesheet:
link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css" media="screen"

But I want to do it in different sheets, this is partially for bandwidth purposes (my mobile contract has a large, but limited, DL limit) but also because some mobile devices and browsers get really confused by all-in-one stylesheets, Opera Mobile tries to ignore stuff it knows won't display properly (but can't always manage it, Blogspot blogs are worst for this), but a Palm Pre, I'm told, will try and put everything in the right place and shrink it, making DW unusable with styles on for a such a device.

So, two questions, one, how does the Styles system know which bit of the layer should create a separate sheet. Two, how do I figure out what the URL would be for each separate sheet in order to embed them for display properly?
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I know you can hide links from the navigation link bar with css, but how can you actually remove a link (in the theme layer)? I'd like to replace a link with a link to an external website, so my second question is how you can add a(n external) link to your nav links. Any help is much appreciated.
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How would I go about removing the journal title and "Recent Entries" text from the header of a journal using Compartmentalized? The overlap with the header image is rather annoying.

Thanks so much in advance. :)
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I’d like to add a <meta> tag to the HTML of my journal - that has to go inside the <head>...</head> section, so I guess I have to modify my style or create a layer or something. says I’m using “Cinnamon Cream” and “Crossroads by branchandroot” (I’m guessing the first is the colour scheme and the second is the style?).

Could someone help me accomplish this, please? Handholding would be appreciated since I’m really not a styles person.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

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[1] The first question is related to this entry and this comment. The CSS (see cut) worked fine just a few weeks ago, but now the CSS doesn't take out the space between the tag and the comma anymore, so the tags run occasionally onto the next line which looks kinda ugly. What happened? I use the same browser(s), so I can only assume something in DW's style system has changed...? [The 'plot' thickens here]

The CSS in question: )

[2] Is it possible to add via the theme layer a comment count to the "Active Entries" module (like in the "Page summary" module)? [Possible, but someone needs to code it first :) ]

[3] Is there a way (via CSS or theme layer) to set some kind of "default icon" for entries without userpic on your reading/network page? Feeds don't have an user icon (which they should, IMO) and sometimes people post entries without an icon. [SOLVED here]

[4] Is it somehow possible to change the month order (latest calendar month first) on a journal's/community's archive page? [SOLVED with a workaround. A bug is being filed about this.]

That's all (for know) :) Thanks in advance for any help or advice!
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K, I'm stuck. I'm working on a set of ShareThis buttons for my layout and a few other people. It may even get submitted as a solution to the outstanding bug on it if I can really get it working, but it'll need a lot more bells and whistles.

However, while it works fine as is for me, it breaks quite horribly if someone has put HTML into the subject of the post. According to S2 and what I've read, there are three different ways to get a plaintext subject, exept...

I can't get any of them to work. I've tried get_plain_subject (), I've tried striphtml() and I've used variants on ehtml. You can see the buttons working fine on any of my entries or friends page, but as can be seen from this one it breaks with the html.

I think I'm basically missing the syntax for how to use each of the subjects, but I've tried so many variants of syntax I think I need someone to tell me what to do.

the code so far )
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Just in case some of you don't watch [site community profile] dw_styles, there's a post up about plans for improving S2 documentation, and you're welcome to give input!


Jun. 3rd, 2010 06:37 pm
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Hi! Is there a way to put custom CSS in a separate stylesheet hosted on (I don't want to link to an external file)? I've tried about all the functions available in Core2, but they all dump the CSS in every page header instead of sensibly linking to a file you can cache.

I know it's possible on LJ, using function print_stylesheet (), but it seems it was scraped off when S2 was overhauled.


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Where can I find the function that controls the reply box's layout and CSS? I can find references to what I think might be it, in DW's S2 basic source code, but I can't find anything that outlines the actual function. It doesn't seem logical (though it's possible) that it's entirely js-created entirely on-the-fly, seeing how there is CSS in there, but I can't find the mechanisms that would let me fiddle with the reply-box as a whole. Anyone have any ideas?
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Is it possible to set a variable to be another variable?

That is, instead of:

set color_thing = "#333366";


set color_thing = $*some_other_thing;

such that the default value of $*color_thing is equal to the value of $*some_other_thing, but with option for user to override?


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