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Is it possible to create a custom text module for a community that is only visible to members of that community?
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I'm currently working on a layout that requires use of two custom content modules in Tabula Rasa. I've been so used to working with LJ's S2 that it didn't occur to me while I was designing that DW would only offer one custom text module as standard in the wizard.

Does anyone know the code for adding additional custom content modules in the theme layer? Please note that I am one of those people who is very proficient in CSS but not so great at S2 or other types of coding, so step by step instructions would be a godsend.

Thanks in advance!
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Is it possible to add a custom sidebar module, where I can place a javascript downcount timer?
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Helo all, I have no prior experience with Transmogrified, and I have a question about its features: does it have a free text box? Because I would love one to put some stuff in.

Thanks in advance!
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I have a question that I'm hoping someone can help me with. I've been working on a theme layer for the Zesty layout for my personal journal, and I'm wondering how to add extra boxes next to the links & calendar. I want to have a tag list (or tag cloud) and a free text box if possible, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I'm a paid user, but I'm testing the theme over at [community profile] testing123. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I've been working on porting my Livejournal layout over to Dreamwidth. That being said I did not copy any code from LJ (as I have a permanent account there and used the advanced layers not based on existing themes. I've tried porting it over using steps in other journals but it has not worked), just mixed and matched code from different DW layouts to create the look I was going for. On my LJ account I have extra information in the sidebar and I was wondering if it were possible to do that here?

Example: http://heartshope.livejournal.com (the left side bar)

I'd like to put other information in my sidebar on this account [personal profile] crystallinedrop (you can view the journal and see what I mean. I know free accounts are allowed one layer again, but I do not know what part of the code or even the code to add over here on Dreamwidth as it is different than the LJ layer code. Is it even possible or are we still not to that point yet. Any information would be helpful :) I'm so excited about being able to make layouts here!

EDIT: Also, is it possible to have entry dividers? I'm currently working with Transmogrified.

Thanks a bunch!


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