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In a date format that includes the day of the week in it, does anyone know how to replace the name of the day of the week with an image. For example, if I wanted to replace the text "Sat" with this image: a circle with the text "Sat" on it

This is the custom format I'm using for the date on the journal in question. Applied through theme layer.

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If I'm using a code like this to change my date format, is there a way to add classes to the heart symbols I'm using as separators?

The code:

set entry_date_format = "short";
set lang_fmt_date_short = "%%da%% ❤ %%mm%%/%%d%%/%%yy%%";

set entry_time_format = "short";
set lang_fmt_time_short = "❤ %%hh%%:%%min%% %%a%%m";

Any help is appreciated!
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I'm working on a character journal and would like to get rid of the date/time that appears on each entry. I know there's an 'invisible' or 'display-none' code but for the life of me I can not figure out what the date and time fall underneath in coding. Can anyone help me out on this?
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Apologies if my questions are ridiculous - I've only been on DW for a short time, and am not yet used to style-making here.

So, okay, I've recently imported a community that I run from LJ to DW, and while I was initially using a port of Flexible Squares, I've decided to be ambitious and try to replicate it as closely as possible on a native DW style so we can use all the cool features. For the most part it's working, but there are still some quirks I don't know how to fix, or if I can fix them. So.

Layout: Tabula Rasa, style sheet disabled.
Original layout: [community profile] scorched ([livejournal.com profile] scorched to see it in its original, LJ form)
Current layout: [community profile] scorched_test

PROBLEM 1: The sidebar profile. I'd like to remove the header, center the icon and put the icon links in a horizontal list under the icon, preferably without that underline that I can't seem to get rid of. ¬_¬ [PROBLEM SOLVED]

PROBLEM 2: Change the link list/tag list on the sidebar (and the nav links in the header, for that matter) to a more blocklike display. (Visuals here: the way highlighted links look now - the way I'd like them to look. navlinks highlighted as i'd like - currently they don't highlight at all.) [PROBLEM SOLVED]

PROBLEM 3: Make the tags header match the rest of the headers. Not sure why this isn't happening now. [PROBLEM SOLVED]

PROBLEM 4: In general, I'd like to reduce the margin between the link lists (both Links and Tags) and the left side of the sidebar - can't figure out how to change that, either. [PROBLEM SOLVED]

PROBLEM 5: The icon and username. This is the bane of my life - is it possible to move the icon up to overlap with the title bar, and the username to, well, under the icon? (here is what I'm going for and here is what I currently have). [PROBLEM SOLVED] (I ended up using a combination of tricks from the comments here and altering the theme layer.)

PROBLEM 6: Also visible in the above pictures, the subject line and datetime. Nothing I do seems to move the datetime from the left to the right, and is there a way to put it ABOVE the subject line instead of under? [PROBLEM SOLVED] - kind of. I couldnt get the date to work properly above the subject so i tucked it in under. Either way, it's fine.

PROBLEM 7: Is there any way to get the sidebar to extend to the bottom of the page and the .pagetop link to the bottom, as well? as seen here, the link currently just hangs out at the bottom of the shortest column (also seen here) which is sort of awkward, and i'd prefer the sidebar continue long as seen on [community profile] scorched_ooc.

STRANGE RANDOM BONUS PROBLEM: If you go to [community profile] scorched_test you'll find that clicking a title link makes the title flash dark blue while active, as do the navlinks in the header. I CAN'T MAKE THEM STOP DOING THAT. DX I've tried various stylings on a:active for .header, .entry-title, even the general a:active but nothing seems to change it.

My current CSS, which is a bit of a frankenstein mess at the moment, my apologies.

I do realize it's a different style altogether and not everything I'd like to do may even be possible, SO if that's the case, please let me know so I can stop banging my head against it. >.<

Sorry to hit you guys with so much at once, but any help with any of these issues at all would be so appreciated I might explode.
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1) Is there a way I can remove the links from the date on Transmogrified?

2) I would also like to know how to remove "(no subject)" from entries and comments that do not have a subject by editing layers. (I know there is a way to do it through CSS, but I don't like the slight space it leaves behind.)
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I'm attempting to poke together a layout using Paletteable, and was wondering if there was a way to move the username of the poster so it's right-aligned, opposite the timestamp on the entry. I've tried floating it and modifying the margins, but because of the order in which things print in the layout, the username gets stuck to the left of the user icon.

Is there a bit of code I could rearrange so that the poster prints first and then the user icon, which I could then toss into the theme layer? I've been looking through the Palettable and DW s2 source codes and unless I'm scrolling past it, I haven't found what I'm looking for so far.

Any suggestions?

[ETA] In the meantime I've done a messy bit of work with margins which seems to be working for now:

.poster, .entry-poster {
margin-top: -30px;
margin-right: -80px;
float: right;
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What would I need to add to my layout layer to make the date format show up as "Wednesday • 08/03/11 • 5:00 am"? Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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I'd like to move the filter meta data to the .datetime span - if that's possible, that is. So, instead of '4 December 2010 at 13:00' it should display something like '4 December 2010 at 13:00 in *some filter(s)*'.

What do I have to change in/add to my theme layer? Solution can be found here :)
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I'd like to have some kind of separator (e.g., at) between the entry date and entry time. What do I have to add to the theme layer? My theme layer is based on Tranquility III. It would also be great if I could customize it via css.

Thanks in advance!

P.S.: Any ETA on when the community's tag system will be updated (it was mentioned in an earlier post.)? I could help adding tags if you need more hands to do this :)
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So I chose a layout where the date stamp gets covered if the icon is on the left. Due to artwork this is of course where I want the icon. I tweedled with the journal style so much, I really don't want to change it only because of this. I am however clueless about how to fix it.
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Being British, I don't like the way that the date in comments in my journal is displayed the American way, with the month first. Is there any way of changing it from '10-24-2010' to either '24/10/2010' or '24th Oct 2010'?
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Good day, all! :)

I installed one of the layouts from thefulcrum, following the instructions to port the MixIt layout over to dreamwidth. (This layout.) The layout shows up (presumably) as it's supposed to but I want to know how and if I can make a few modifications:

1) The footer links are... well, too numerous: I only want the "post comments", "view comments", "edit entry", "edit tags", and the permalink to the entry. The others I want gone. Tried to delete them from the custom layer but it... didn't seem to work.

2) The usernames and community names don't seem to show up properly. On my Reading page, only usernames show up in posts to communities, and in individual posts there is no username showing. I want to be able to see the username (and community name, if applicable) underneath the icon (if there is one).

3) Date/time! I want 24 hour time and the full month -- so, basically, "posted at 14:43 on 3 May 2009". I attempted to do this but apparently the dates on dreamwidth are formatted differently than on lj, and I couldn't find documentation on the dreamwidth site to fix it.

Suggestions on how to proceed or even places I could ask about it are appreciated (as the layout maker won't provide help on further modifications to the layout). If this were on lj, I'd go to the everything_lj comm, but I doubt that they'd appreciate questions on a different journaling site. ;)


eta: I think I'll .. give up on the customisation for now, as dreamwidth doesn't appear to allow free accounts access to creating/editing custom layers anymore. :\ I just got a message when I tried to use the fix in comments that my account type doesn't permit that feature. I was just using it an hour ago, too!


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