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I've found a livejournal layout that I really enjoy and have customized it to the best of my ability. The problem comes in when I tried to use the lighter style for a different purpose. Almost everything is perfect and just the way I want it, except for trying to 'reply to' from any email notifications I get.

With the darker theme, this is the way it looks for a reply.
1: When I reply directly from the comment page itself.
2: When I reply with the 'reply to' function from my email.

The lighter one has the problem of the subject box and the comment box itself not being separately outlined from the background, but only on the 'reply to' page.
1: When I reply directly from the comment page itself.
2: When I reply with the 'reply to' function from my email.

As you can see, the page is just a wash of light. I realize that changing the background of the comment page itself might be one way to change it, but that would carry over into the regular comment page and ruin the look of the layout. I'd really prefer just to color in the reply box (and possibly the subject bar and maybe the buttons) on the 'reply to' page alone.

The Layouts


Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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I'm having a strange problem in Flexible Squares. I could have sworn this setup used to work for making a quick reply box pop up, without having to reload the page, but I haven't messed with Flexible Squares on DW in well over a year. I had the old code I used for the custom layer and for my CSS, I imported my CSS from LJ. Now, I can't actually reply to any comments on the post itself. It reloads the page to a new reply page. I suspect it might be a problem with my custom layer, but I have no idea where to look for it.

Layer code is here.

Problem solved!
There was a problem with my theme layer that was keeping the quick reply box from working. I found another version of the theme layer code by [personal profile] crush   that seems to have fixed the problem.

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Hi, I'm using Prized theme for my layout. I'm trying to fix my reply page. The Quick reply form works fine, but when I click reply the colors are the same color as my page background color.

I figured out how to fix the message area color by textarea#commenttext {background-color: #fff;} But how can I change the color for my subject line and put borders and different colors around the buttons?

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. I'm new to dreamwidth and I'm not familiar with DW's functions so that I can apply the correct CSS.

Thank you in advance =)
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I would like to change the font size of text written in the reply form on the comment pages, as it's very tiny now. Yet I can't figure out what code in my CSS covers that section, so I don't know what to change. I'm hoping that anyone here can help me out. Thanks in advance!

Oh, and just in case... Here's my CSS.

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(OK, I fumbled this one and posted it to the wrong comm, so this time I'm double checking to make sure it goes to the right location)

My question is this: I would like to style replies and IP address notifications for [community profile] mag7wallpapers.

Using Firebug I discovered that span.de is what I needed to style. I followed the instructions used on this web page but the result wasn't exactly what I was hoping for. The notice now covers the Post comment, Preview and More options buttons, and I can't figure out how to separate the two.

I would also like to lower the Quote button next to Subject, or move it up - make that whole area neater, because the elements are all over the place - if it can be done. And also, have the notice expand to the width of the textarea.

(click to enlarge)


Original css:

Edited css:

(Fingers crossed!)
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Where can I find the function that controls the reply box's layout and CSS? I can find references to what I think might be it, in DW's S2 basic source code, but I can't find anything that outlines the actual function. It doesn't seem logical (though it's possible) that it's entirely js-created entirely on-the-fly, seeing how there is CSS in there, but I can't find the mechanisms that would let me fiddle with the reply-box as a whole. Anyone have any ideas?


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