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Sorry to bother [community profile] style_system again.

I noticed that when an entry bears the name and/or community at the top it messes up the position of the icon.

Here's the icon as seen from the reading, network and single entry page:

 photo userpicpositionreading_zps3e55d535.jpg

Though when the name (and community) are missing (for instance, on the recent entries view) the icon is positioned further down:

 photo userpicposition_zps8095aeb4.jpg

I removed my custom CSS to see if that was the problem, but it's still the same.

Any guidance please?
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I know it might be waaay too early to start knocking on Planet Caravan since the code roll out hasn't been publicly announced yet, but I thought I'd nip this problem quickly so other users can enjoy this beautiful theme without that *one* problem that irks them.

There's a styling bug when it comes to turning off comments for a journal entry.

When comments are enabled in any way we get this nice entry management link bar at the bottom of every entry on the single/permalink page:

 photo good_zpsa24419da.jpg

But when I disable comments for an entry, I get this:

 photo bad_zps8f766fa5.jpg

The link bar styling is gone because it seems the management links just tag along with the styling of the interaction links. I've tried styling them on their own but they ride off the link bar onto their own disheveled bar.

Can this be fixed with CSS? Or a theme layer until this is fixed in the source code?

BTW, I am using Firefox 20.0.1...

Thank you for your time.

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Hi all, I just tried to edit some of the navlinks text in customize journal style (, but navigation, entry and options aren't clickable, and neither is expand all. What might be the reason for this?
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What I'd really like to do is have my journal in Drifting Blue, and read my subscriptions list in some other style, but since I can't do that... I want the icons on the left on my reading page, so I can see who made a post easily -- being a left-to-right reader. (If it were just for my own page, I'd leave the icons on the right and not care.)

When I moved icons to the left instead of the right, in Drifting Blue ( ), the date started overlapping the top of the icon-box (not the icon itself, but the little box around them). It's not unreadable, but it's messy-looking. I know zip-all CSS. Can someone walk me through either removing the box around icons in my Drifting Blue, or putting in enough space that the date doesn't overlap that box?

(This happens in all left-placed-icons in the Drifting set. Some (Desert Me) are less obvious than others (Soft Blues, Chocolate Cherry) from the coloration, but that style just doesn't handle left-icons gracefully... Should I be reporting this as a bug or something?)

Much thanks in advance!
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Is there a CSS class that toggles for whether the viewer of the journal is logged in or not? (I've got a feed that I am subscribed to that is not on my default reading filter, and I'd like to display:none it when I load my reading page while I'm logged out.)
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I'm not sure if this is the place for this question, but I have a problem with the "skip 20" link. When I click on it, there are no previous entries on my reading page. The sidebar is there, header and footer too, but there are no entries. How is that possible and what can I do to fix it? I'm in no way an expert, but I can follow instructions.
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Layout info:

The content section of the tags page has just the paler grey background, the same as the page background, not the dark background I used for the entries. How can I get a dark background on the tags page, so it's readable, without losing the grey page background on Recent Entries? Do I have to use CSS, or is there a colour property I'm missing? Is it a bug that this doesn't work automatically?
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I've noticed that as long as a post has no replies, the "link" option is visible. As soon as someone replies, the "link"/"reply" options disappear, and are replaced with "reply"/"# replies" instead. That makes me go through three additional steps if I want to be able to link to a post, then, because I don't always want to link to the replies or even to the reply option -- I just want to link to the post.

Does anyone know if this is something that'll be fixed in the next code/style push, or if it's a setting I can adjust on my own?
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When I first starting using DW (at least using my RP to read the communities I had joined), at the bottom of my page, there were the links for "previous 20" and "next 20." Suddenly, they disappeared and now nothing I do is bringing them back, not even resetting everything back to default. It makes catching up a little annoying and difficult.


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