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So I heard that the font tag and associated tags are being deprecated? (I'm not sure? This also includes center?) So I started using span when needed in my entries. The problem is that the text isn't displaying accurately anymore.

In the layout I'm using, italicized text displays as Old Standard TT or Georgia, and bolded text is displayed as Lato or Calibri. If I just use b or i, the text displays correctly. But if I use span (like, < span style="font: italic;" >*text*< /span >, the different fonts are gone.

This is the layout CSS I'm using:

Alternately, if I'm wrong about font being deprecated, feel free to tell me I'm an idiot so I can just go back to my old ways.
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Hello. I'm a fairly new LJ-to-DW migrant who knows nothing about CSS, and would like to tweak some little things. Some entries I found via the tags were extremely helpful to me (thank you!), but there are a couple of other adjustments I'd still like to make if possible.

I'm using the Ciel layout. (FWIW, no paid account yet, but that is imminent.) My questions are:

1. Is there a way to wrap the text around the userpic in my entries, instead of just having a long strip of empty space under the pics? (Problem resolved--thanks for the help!)

2. Is it possible to make userpics NOT appear on any comments? (Basically, what I'd like is to see only my own icons on my own recent entries page.) I've been able to remove userpics from my reading page, but not from comments. Currently I just have them shrunk to their smallest size via DW's options. (Thanks also for the answers to this!)

Merry Christmas, and thanks for any suggestions. :)
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I am using the layout Brittle, and I am interested in changing the line height of the text, especially the main body text. How would I go about doing this? Where would I be able to find the source code so that I can edit it? Is there a way where I can edit without touching the source code?

I have no experience in using CSS at all, so any amount of help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I hope someone can help me out here as I don't know anything about CSS or modifying themes (although the CSS course here looks interesting, once I have time to check it out).

I really like the 5AM theme due to its simplicity and the red/black fonts, but I don't care for the way the text wraps in the posts, as you can see here.

Is there something I can paste into the custom CSS field in DW to change that? Or would I need to rebuild the theme from scratch to get it to do what I want?

Thank you!

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Currently, my entry's text is wrapped around the userpic. This causes things like a blockquote to sort of slip behind the userpic. I would like to change it so that the text doesn't go beyond the alignment of the userpic, if that makes any sense. What do I need to edit in my CSS?

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I sometimes post a line (code is <hr>) in my entries to seperate topics and I noticed that the line doesn't spread out over the entire lenght of my entry holder, like it should and does in some of my friend's posts. I don't know if that's due to some code in my CSS or if there's another reason for this. However, I would like to change it. Does anybody know how?

P.S. I don't have an example image, but I can make one if necessary. Thanks in advance!
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EDIT: Apparently there was a p { width: 20px; } line that came with where ever I grabbed this from as my base to work from... yeah. Removing that fixed it and I can't believe I didn't see that. *face palm* Thank you all for taking a look.

So I am moderately clueless at all of this, but decided to try my hand at a a custom css style based on blanket. All was going well, things looked like I wanted, and then I saw a particular entry on my reading page that had completely insane text wrapping. Now if all the entries on my reading page had been doing this, I could probably figure I had issues with margins or paddings or what not, but it's only some of my reading list entries and I just, IDEK where to start to look for what's going on and why.


Screenshot showing the end of a normally wrapping entry and the start of a messed up one

My mostly done css code
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I’m not sure if this is the best place for this, but I bet someone here has the answer.

I often use bullet lists in my posts. If a list item takes more than one line/sentence, the second line is automatically aligned under the bullet. To me, that looks a bit messy and I’d rather have the text set more to the right, so that all lines are aligned under one another. To do that, what do I need to change in my CSS?

My apologies if my explanation is vague. English isn’t my first language and I can’t think of another way to explain it.
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Sorry if this has been asked before, and I looked through older entries but couldn't find it. What is the code to justify the text in entries?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi everyone! I hope this is the right place to ask the questions -

How do I make my comment pages appear in light style like LJ? I remember in LJ I can choose whether or not all my comment pages appear in light style... But here on DW I haven't been able to find that.

Also, is there any way I can customize the light style, I don't like the font DW is using, I think sans serif fonts are better for reading on screen. With DW's serif font it's really difficult to read.

Thank you in advance! :)
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Hi, all!
I know absolutely nothing about CSS (I'm sure you all love to hear that phrase...XD), and in a fit of insanity decided to make a CSS layout anyway, by engaging in extreme amounts of trial-and-error. You can see the layout on my journal now; it's basically Transmogrified with some superficial changes. (stylesheet, in case it helps)

I think I've finally reached the limit of what I can do with trial-and-error, so I turn to you kind folks now for help!

#1 - wrapping entry text around userpic )

how the code for the userpic looks )


Thanks in advance for any and all help that you can offer! ♥
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Hi. I have a similar request to [personal profile] kake's making journal title link to recent entries, but I'm using a different style and, for bonus points, know absolutely nothing about custom styles.

I'm using Funky Circles for my theme. Specifically I'd like to have the words in the header (journal title) link back to the main entry page, or the page you get when you hit

As an extra special bonus request, I'd also like to have space between my entry text and the metadata below it: mood, music, location, tags etc. I did see this entry about it but from what I know of CSS the solution provided for her would only work for tags specifically, and I need all metadata separated from the entry (but not from each other).

I am currently a free user but plan to pay up as soon as my student money hits the bank, so if I can't do it now, just tell me how to do it then. :)

Thank you so much!
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Can someone please explain to me how to put some space between the tags on one of my entries, and the entry text itself? Or a horizontal line or something that separates the entry from the tags. I can't figure it out from the CSS of the page source (despite trying many different things). I've managed to move the tags left/right but not, to my supreme frustration, down. The lack of space/separator between entry and entry tags is quite frankly irritating the heck out of me. Also, what's the best way of making the text size for the tags and the comment links big enough to actually be readable? All I can honestly see of the tags/metadata/comment links text is ... that it's there. Not what it says.

Thanks in advance. I am using the Brittle style on a free account.
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I've noticed that, in some styles, text that's in italics shows up in a different colour to the main text. I kind of need something like this because my phone browser doesn't show italics - it just shows normal text, so I can't tell when it's in italics).

Does anyone here know how to do something like that?


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