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Okay, so. Over in this entry [personal profile] meicdon13 asked about putting hir's moodtheme picture on the left of the metadata. [personal profile] awakened provided a link to an entry with the same question, where [personal profile] mmmag had provided some S2 code that works for all metadata except tags (because tags aren't actually metadata in the code).

[personal profile] awakened mentioned that having tags as well would be super cool, I agreed, tried to make it work, failed hardcore and flailed in #dreamwidth. At which point [personal profile] afuna was super awesome and patient and fantastic, and fixed it all up, despite it being "a bit weird because you're combining the $currents, which is basically making a string and printing it out later with print_tags, which prints it out *right now*". And then I failed to copy-paste the code correctly, so I'm putting it up as an entry instead of yet another comment.

Was that convoluted enough? Anyway, here's some code that will put your moodtheme image on the left!

Step 1: Make a theme layer. (Tutorial for how to make and use a theme layer here!)

Step 2: Copy-paste this code into your theme layer: Code! )

Step 3: Hit save and compile, and assuming you're already using the theme layer, you're done! If not, use the theme layer, as described in the much more awesome tutorial linked to in step 1.
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I was wondering if there's any way to get my metadata to look like this:

Edit: Clarification — the image is the mood theme image. I was wondering if there were a way to get it to be on the left of the metadata.
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I hope this is the right place to ask about this--

I was wondering if there is a way to edit the "xpost" section to fit in line with the tags and mood/music/etc. on a layer that I'm using an LJ layout on? That, or stop it from displaying at all, if I have to.
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Hey guys, I have another question for you. I'm using Modish and have my metadata set to display at the bottom of entries, but I want to have the crosspost link come last, after the tags, so that I can shrink it and not have it be so prominent since I don't actually need to read it. I can make the crosspost link small, but I have no idea how to move it. I have a feeling it will take Advanced Customization. I can create layers, but the rest of the process is a code-filled mystery to me.
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Hello all, I have a question about metadata and tags in Tabula Rasa brought on by trying out a brand new layout called Motion.

I see that someone's already asked about moving tags and mood to the top of the entries in Tabula Rasa, but there were no answers then (this was 2009). I am hoping someone will know the answer now.

I managed to move mood to the top by using the option in the Presentation section of Customize style (Place of metadata in entries = Before entry text), but I can't find how to do the same with tags. Can someone advise me how?

The layout I'm using also had .page-read .poster located below userpic, but it would break the entry text and its background would stretch all the way to the right side of the entry. It is possible to move it up by removing float:left, width:100% properties, but that doesn't align it with the left side of entries, and it overlaps it with mood. Is it possible to flush it all the way to the left, so that it sits above the userpic?

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.
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I have a custom style I ported over from LJ. I'd like to update it to show crosspost links. Is there a crosspost link equivalent to $.metadata{"mood"} in the below code? Or is there somewhere else I should be looking for it?

if ($.metadata{"mood"}!="") { """<li><span class="entryMetadata-label">$*text_meta_mood:</span><span class="entryMetadata-content">"""; print $.metadata{"mood"}+$.mood_icon; """</span></li><br />"""; }

Many thanks for any assistance!

EDIT: Found it: "xpost". Now hacking away at my style.
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I'd like to move the filter meta data to the .datetime span - if that's possible, that is. So, instead of '4 December 2010 at 13:00' it should display something like '4 December 2010 at 13:00 in *some filter(s)*'.

What do I have to change in/add to my theme layer? Solution can be found here :)
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I would like to remove the text of "Tags", "Current Mood", "Current Location" etc. I tried removing the text through the customization wizard, but it still shows a colon. I'd like to remove that as well, so that only the tiny icon for the tags and currents shows. How do I edit that?
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Hi. I have a similar request to [personal profile] kake's making journal title link to recent entries, but I'm using a different style and, for bonus points, know absolutely nothing about custom styles.

I'm using Funky Circles for my theme. Specifically I'd like to have the words in the header (journal title) link back to the main entry page, or the page you get when you hit http://erika.dreamwidth.org/

As an extra special bonus request, I'd also like to have space between my entry text and the metadata below it: mood, music, location, tags etc. I did see this entry about it but from what I know of CSS the solution provided for her would only work for tags specifically, and I need all metadata separated from the entry (but not from each other).

I am currently a free user but plan to pay up as soon as my student money hits the bank, so if I can't do it now, just tell me how to do it then. :)

Thank you so much!
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Does anyone have the secret code that will allow you to reorder meta/tags and move the mood pic to the left of the info group? I've searched through a few comms but can't find anything on this yet.

This is what I'm aiming for ...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Is there any way to make the tags and/or mood display at the top of the entries in tabula rasa?
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Hello. Just a few niggly issues I've not been able to figure out myself. Using Tabula Rasa:

• Is it possible to remove links from .module-navlinks entirely? Not all of them, just some. I'm looking at memories, archive, and reading page - they don't seem to have separate class-identifiers in the CSS. Will I have to take them out using a theme layer? (And if so, how?)
Taking out the bullets and the text helps some, of course, but they're still very there, unfortunately.

• Is it possible to limit the 50-most-used-tags further? Obviously, I'm a moron. Mad props to [profile] firefoxfey for pointing this out. :D

• I'm trying to get the moodtheme to display on the left of the rest of the metadata - which works well enough, but some of the metadata appears to have tabbed over, as well as the padding I've put in. And which metadata elements have this bug depends on the browser. I get mood and music in Safari, and just music in Camino and Firefox.

• Relatedly, my metadata box, in very narrow layouts, displays on top of the icon. I've tried changing the z-index values, but to no avail.

Any and all help much appreciated!


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