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Hello fellow style addicts!

I recently moved in from LJ and I'm in the process of recreating my journal layout at DW. I'm using the Brittle layout and trial/error my way through the design. ;) Most things I managed to work out by myself, but there are a few points I can't seem to find a solution for. Hopefully someone will be able to point me in the right direction. Additionally, I'm not sure what tags would be appropriate for this post. I'd be relieved, if the mods could handle that. ^^;

My header looks like this. What I'd like to have is instead of the journal name/page title to show a simple link menu I can freely configure, such as:
profile  |  circles  |  calendar  |  link a  |  link b
I found in this lovely community already how to get rid of the page title etc. What I don't know is how I could put links there instead, and perhaps my profile icon in a smaller size. --- Partially solved!

I'd like to move "Previous 50" to the right and to change the font size. So far I only managed to find out how to change the color. I'd like to do the same on the bottom of the page. (Currently the profile module sits there as well. I disabled it for now, because my first plan had been to put it in the header, which didn't work and the entire thing would have been too big for the top of my page anyway.) --- SOLVED!

Is there a way to (a) change the font size of user names independently from the font size for date/time? Also, is there a way to (b) place the user names below their icons in such a way that they behave "intelligently", i.e. have line breaks, if the name length exceeds a certain amount of letters? This is mainly interesting for communities when you have "userblabla posted in communityblabla". I found out how to change the positioning in general, but I assume the user name would have to be withing the icon layer to be confined to it and for the entry text to not overlap it, and I couldn't figure out how to do that or how to add another box below the icon in which I could put the user name. --- Part (a) solved!

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer me! (Also: please ignore the white page background, I'll be adding a background image once everything sits on its right place.)

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I'm trying to get a header onto Brittle over at [community profile] slashing_jane. I tried it using the #canvas tag(?) but when it was centered it was out of alignment with the body and when I put it to the left I couldn't work out how to move it in until it lined up. Also I want a background image for the page but I'm not sure how to do both.

I know nothing about CSS so any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I am using the layout Brittle, and I am interested in changing the line height of the text, especially the main body text. How would I go about doing this? Where would I be able to find the source code so that I can edit it? Is there a way where I can edit without touching the source code?

I have no experience in using CSS at all, so any amount of help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I'm currently in the process of customizing my journal, but ran into a problem on the way, but I know the grand total of nothing about CSS and am not even certain what caused it.

I am using this bit of code for a fixed background image, and while the image itself is fixed, my page continues to scroll, with a bit of no background image between navigation strip and page, as well as to the right side of the screen, and this driving me nuts. Since, when I scroll to the side, it is the entry content that is moving, could the problem be caused by the entry module width, or is it a background image issue? And more importantly, can this be fixed?

(The layout looks fine in Google Chrome, the problem appeared in Firefox.)

SOLVED: Secondly, Brittle forces the icon size to 70px with a 5px border. Is there a way to remove the border and display the icons in their original size?

Thanks so much in advance!
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Is there any way to add a header image to Brittle on a free account? If there isn't, what styles can you add header images to?

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Can someone please explain to me how to put some space between the tags on one of my entries, and the entry text itself? Or a horizontal line or something that separates the entry from the tags. I can't figure it out from the CSS of the page source (despite trying many different things). I've managed to move the tags left/right but not, to my supreme frustration, down. The lack of space/separator between entry and entry tags is quite frankly irritating the heck out of me. Also, what's the best way of making the text size for the tags and the comment links big enough to actually be readable? All I can honestly see of the tags/metadata/comment links text is ... that it's there. Not what it says.

Thanks in advance. I am using the Brittle style on a free account.


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