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Hey, guys, I searched the transmorgified tag in hopes that I would find an answer but came across none, so here's my problem.

I'm using a transmorgified layout by [community profile] visualwit and I want to add a header image to it. However, every time I attempt to use the following codes:

.module-navlinks { top: 315px; }

#header { margin-top: 312px; }

#canvas {
background-image:url("URL HERE");
background-position: right top;


#canvas {
background-image: url(URL HERE);
background-repeat: no-repeat;
nackground-position: top center;
padding-top: 350px;

It never appears, the layour remains the same. Does anyone have a override or workaround for this particular custom style sheet that will allow me to put a header at the top of the layout? I really don't want to go looking for another layout in an already small collection of choices.
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I want to disable it through CSS in my layouts (mainly transmogrified), would anyone happen to know what is the code I would need to apply, and be so kind to let me know? I don't know what controls the navstrip so I can't do that myself. So thank you in advance!
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Hi all,

I'm pretty new to dw, and I've recently migrated over a community and been modifying the layout to better fit with the look we want. I've done everything so far using the tools provided, since my knowledge of CSS is virtually nil (aside from copy/pasting simple bits), but I'm now stuck on something.

I'm using an edited version of Transmogrified on a free account, and am looking for a way to remove the "(no subject)" text from comments when no title is used.

I found a reply to another question about this from [personal profile] ninetydegrees here, but unfortunately the coding provided doesn't quite do what I want it to. Although it does remove the text, it also shrinks down the box that text would normally sit in, which pushes other elements out of alignment causing things like the icon to partially hide the username, like this

I understand from [personal profile] ninetydegrees that a fix is being worked on to allow that text to be turned on/off, but these things can take time, so I was wondering if anyone else knew of a way to to remove that text for now, that wont affect the elements around it.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can give me.
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Hi. I'm modifying a transmorgified theme from here:

Titanic Layout

for a comm I am creating. I'd like to add a separate box/module directly under the nav strip (and above the entries) for the Links List. I can't seem to find the CSS snippet for the Links List, though?

Sorry, I know its a stupid question, but I'm another 88er getting used to DW coding and I can't find it in any of the CSS references for DW :(
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Hi all, I'm trying to further customize a Transmogrified layout Open Skies made by [personal profile] erinptah. She's set the layout to fixed width, and I'd like to make it fluid so that it adapts both to my 22" widescreen monitor, and my 10" netbook.

I want to remove the background image so that I don't have to rely on it to separate main content from the sidebar. I thought that shouldn't be difficult with background color and borders, but I'm having trouble with the #wrap, which looks like a narrow strip behind #content and .module-section-two. I also want the footer to blend in. How do I achieve the look of the preview without images, and remove the space between #wrap and .module-section-one?

ETA there's also something strange going on here:
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Hello! I checked the archive and tags here and couldn't find this question being asked before, so here goes:

I'm using a slightly modified version of this beautiful layout by [personal profile] boo. Unfortunately, I'm not too fond of the "Next | Previous" navigation bar appearing at both the top and the bottom of my reading page. Is there a way to modify the CSS so that the "Next | Previous" bar appears ONLY at the bottom of the page?

ETA: Solved! Thank you!!
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What would I need to add to my layout layer to make the date format show up as "Wednesday • 08/03/11 • 5:00 am"? Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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How do I add a journal's subtitle to a Transmogrified style/layout? I assume I'll have to create a theme layer and add some code there, or is there another way?
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Many Dreamwidth s2/Core2 styles have the "back to top" link at the bottom of the Recent Entries view, but Transmogrified doesn't. I had the same problem on LJ, when I used the Bloggish layout with a custom style sheet and theme layer, but I couldn't solve it, not even by modifying s2 Mixit's code to fix the problem, because Bloggish lacked a "back to top" link in the HTML to hook the s2 to.

So my question is kind of two-fold:

Is there any way to get all the proper HTML (including the necessary but missing HTML links and the requisite s2 to make it all work) into Transmogrified, and if so, how?

Because my other problem is I cannot figure out how DW's s2 differs from LJ's version of it. So I would need someone to work out the code for me but hopefully someone who could also explain how s2 differs on DW from LJ's version (or at least point me in the right direction, if there's something I can read on that to make it more clear).

Because the way I figure it, if I can't read (that is, understand) the s2 on DW, I'll never be able to modify or write it. And I want to be able to do both.
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I'm working on a Transmogrified layout and I have a few questions:

[1] How do I add an image as a journal/community title, instead of plain text? The title image should also link to the journal/community in question, just like the plain text title does.

[2] I'd like to place the search module above the journal/community title. How do I do this?

[3] How's the (theme layer) code for the .page-back and .page-forward link in Transmogrified? I don't like the '<<' and '>>' very much which is why I want to remove them. [Edit: I just realized that it is done with css, so you can consider the problem solved.]

As always, help and advice is very much appreciated.
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I know you can hide links from the navigation link bar with css, but how can you actually remove a link (in the theme layer)? I'd like to replace a link with a link to an external website, so my second question is how you can add a(n external) link to your nav links. Any help is much appreciated.
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Another question, since you were so quick to answer the last one.

In Transmogrified, is there a way to eliminate the text "(no subject)" on comments without subjects? I've hunted around quite a bit and can't find anybody even asking this question (I'm guess I'm really picky!). You can see what I'm talking about on this post. I know over on lj on my smooth sailing layout, there is no text on the subject line for comments with no subject, and I'm hopeful there's a way to do it on transmogrified here.

Thanks in advance.
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The last layout i attempted to make for DW looked alright and worked fine for me... but then a user found some problems that i really couldn't solve. I wanted to ask for help, if you would be able to test the layout for me (on various browsers etc) and maybe even teach me how to solve that fhsdjkgh problem D: I would love to keep making layouts for DW (i'm not as good with DW coding as i am with Lj uhg), and since i couldn't solve this problem, i haven't really wanted to touch DW CSS or anything... so please, help?

Thank you!

the layout is under here )
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Hi, all!
I know absolutely nothing about CSS (I'm sure you all love to hear that phrase...XD), and in a fit of insanity decided to make a CSS layout anyway, by engaging in extreme amounts of trial-and-error. You can see the layout on my journal now; it's basically Transmogrified with some superficial changes. (stylesheet, in case it helps)

I think I've finally reached the limit of what I can do with trial-and-error, so I turn to you kind folks now for help!

#1 - wrapping entry text around userpic )

how the code for the userpic looks )


Thanks in advance for any and all help that you can offer! ♥
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I managed to move some of my modules from the sidebar to the footer and place them one next to another, but I'm still struggling with centering them on the page. I would also like to have a uniform background color instead of the way it is now.

css I used to achieve the effect:

.module-section-three .module-wrapper {
background-color: #CFE0E6;

.module-section-three .module {
display: block;
float: left;
text-align: center;
background-color: #CFE0E6;
width: 140px;
height: 100px;
padding: 5px;
margin: 0px;

Can somebody please give me advice on this? Nothing I tried has worked. :(
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Hello, I was hoping you'd be able to help me customize this layout further since the layout maker wasn't able to help. Once it's done, the layout will be changed significantly. I'm having trouble figuring some things out. The list is extensive, so I'd be grateful however much you're able to help me solve. )
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I posted about this a while back, but the problem is persistent.

I thought the reason for me not seeing any entries on my reading page when I clicked on "Previous" was because I didn't follow many journals/communities. I do now, but I still can't get past ?skip=10, and there's still a duplicate "Next" link when I manually change 10 to 20. I haven't used my account a lot, but I was planning to soon. I just went through the custom css and all the theme options, but can't for the life of me figure out what the problem is. I would really appreciate some help with this.

Thank you in advance!
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How can I change the Network link on my journal to go to ?show=p, so I only get personal journals (my circle's circles subscribe to a lot of feeds I'm not interested in)?

I'm using Transmogrified.

Thank you in advance.
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Does anyone have the secret code that will allow you to reorder meta/tags and move the mood pic to the left of the info group? I've searched through a few comms but can't find anything on this yet.

This is what I'm aiming for ...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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