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Edit: Fixed the theme layer code and the CSS code now!

Not sure how many people have noticed, but a while back I discovered that this code to make metadata and tags float around mood theme images wasn't working correctly. I didn't know where to begin to fix it at the time but I attempted to tinker with today and apparently fixed it!

This goes into the theme layer:

The code above has places to change the metadata label text to your own custom images. If you would also like to change the tag label text to a custom image, put this in your Custom CSS box:

If anyone has any problems with the above codes, I'll try to do what I can to help. Fair warning: while I do know some CSS, I'm not that good with layer editing.
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Recently a style submission had a clever and subtle CSS transition effect that a lot of people liked.

This demo page of link effects might be of interest to fans of this sort of thing.

Heed the warnings about browser compatability.
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Are you at the point in working with CSS where you know how to poke at a style to change some colours or fonts, but anything beyond that is guesswork?

You know, where you want that thing over there, so you try display: block and float: left and when that doesn't work you get out the position: absolute?

If so, you might enjoy a quick and fun tutorial that will show the basics of layout.

Learn CSS Layout is a modern, up to date set of quick lessons demonstrated right on the page with code and examples that show you how things work in a browser.

The site is done up in bright, fun colours, painlessly exposes you to a bit of HTML5 and will get you started with moving things around.

I also like that the more info links are to serious, grown-up sites with guaranteed quality information (so no old forum posts or W3Schools)
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Okay, so. Over in this entry [personal profile] meicdon13 asked about putting hir's moodtheme picture on the left of the metadata. [personal profile] awakened provided a link to an entry with the same question, where [personal profile] mmmag had provided some S2 code that works for all metadata except tags (because tags aren't actually metadata in the code).

[personal profile] awakened mentioned that having tags as well would be super cool, I agreed, tried to make it work, failed hardcore and flailed in #dreamwidth. At which point [personal profile] afuna was super awesome and patient and fantastic, and fixed it all up, despite it being "a bit weird because you're combining the $currents, which is basically making a string and printing it out later with print_tags, which prints it out *right now*". And then I failed to copy-paste the code correctly, so I'm putting it up as an entry instead of yet another comment.

Was that convoluted enough? Anyway, here's some code that will put your moodtheme image on the left!

Step 1: Make a theme layer. (Tutorial for how to make and use a theme layer here!)

Step 2: Copy-paste this code into your theme layer: Code! )

Step 3: Hit save and compile, and assuming you're already using the theme layer, you're done! If not, use the theme layer, as described in the much more awesome tutorial linked to in step 1.
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Okay, so I've looked through the wiki and through the style comms I've found, and I haven't managed to find a nice clear set of guidelines for this. I'm interested in getting started on designing some new styles for submission as official ones, but before I get too deep into CSS, I want to make sure the layout conforms to the basic standards for official styles. So far I've discovered that 1) it has to have 1em as the base font size and 2) must be fluid-width. Are there any others? I'm probably mostly going to be working off of Tabula Rasa and it's descendants, if it matters.
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i was tweaking my own journal layout today out of boredom, and i think i've figured out a workable way to customize the triangles for expanding cut tags. contains css and pseudo-css code examples )

what do you all think?
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  1. How do I make the userpics appear in Tabula Rasa? Edit: This fixed itself somehow, see below. Some clarification for the future would help though.

  2. What all would I need to do, in order to make that comm's style suitable for posting as a new Tabula Rasa layout on [site community profile] dreamscapes? I mean sans the comm-specific customizations. There's all kinds of stuff I'm still learning here, and things that I still need to style, but I'm not sure what the next step should be. (I was thinking of posting the code on Gitorious though.)

  3. What's involved in creating a new color layout for an existing theme? Because I was thinking of using Funky Circles for my personal journal, but it needs a new color scheme. I'm thinking "Peanut butter and chocolate."

About that first question: I Firebug-inspected the comments on [community profile] becomeyourfursona and on a journal that had visible userpics, and I couldn't see any CSS rules that seemed relevant. But after applying the following styles to .comment:
background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #EFEFEF;
margin: 3em 0 4.6em 0;
padding: 2.7em;
position: relative;
... the problem mysteriously solved itself. Any idea why? Was the text element somehow overlapping the userpic due to one or more of those properties not being set?

Thanks again in advance either way!
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Just in case some of you don't watch [site community profile] dw_styles, there's a post up about plans for improving S2 documentation, and you're welcome to give input!
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Where can I find the function that controls the reply box's layout and CSS? I can find references to what I think might be it, in DW's S2 basic source code, but I can't find anything that outlines the actual function. It doesn't seem logical (though it's possible) that it's entirely js-created entirely on-the-fly, seeing how there is CSS in there, but I can't find the mechanisms that would let me fiddle with the reply-box as a whole. Anyone have any ideas?
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I've done a very draft beginner's guide to styles-y things at http://cesy.dreamwidth.org/235706.html - partially prompted by some comments in [personal profile] princessofgeeks' journal.

Any comments or feedback on how to improve it would be much appreciated.


Aug. 27th, 2009 12:05 pm
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ColorSuckr helps you create matching color themes from an image. Could be useful for people!
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Here in [community profile] getting_started, [personal profile] ninetydegrees answers a couple questions about how to control the colors of certain navigation links that don't have convenient selectors in the style customization area. I thought this was a nifty bit of information that deserved to be shared.
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ColourLovers has a web based palette maker tool called Copaso. Might be useful to style/theme makers!
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Okay, so the contextual popups right now seem to be defining the background color as white but not the foreground color for links. On styles like mine where the foreground color is light, this is an awkward combination. However, somebody (forgot who, sorry, tell me if it was you!) linked me to Tutorial: Make the contextual popup pretty on LJ and I've used it on my style to very pleasing ends, so I've decided to pass it on.


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