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I want to know if it's possible to block entries that contain specific words. I was at s2flexisquares at livejournal and found a kill list for the subject and thought I could modify it but I think there's just too many differences in Core1 and Core2 to do that. Can anyone help me?

Here's the kill list code I found, if that helps:
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So, for no reason that I can divine, the AO3 feeds (and only the AO3 feeds) look wonky on my reading page, like so:
mucked up links )

The links overlap each other and while it's possible to read them when there aren't a lot of tags, it does get a bit irritating. I figured I'd just slap in a tiny little fix in the Custom CSS to make the spacing better, but I poked around and couldn't get anything to work.

This is what I thought it should look like, but it didn't seem to do anything:
.page-read .entry-wrapper.poster-ao3_batman_allmedia_feed .entry-content {line-height: 2em; ]

Help, pretty please?
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I recently switched to Paletteable. I enabled custom reading page colours, but I'd like the custom colours to form a slightly thicker border around the userpic, particularly the "background" colour. (It's hard for me to distinguish some of my colours when the lines are this thin, particularly since I always use black as the "foreground" colour for individual users.)

I've tried to figure out on my own what I should do, but I don't even know where to start.

Thanks in advance!
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Another LJer who left over release 88...

I've got the Flexible Squares style (using this fix). It's all working fine, except usernames aren't displayed below userpics on my Reading Page, and the subject lines for entries aren't links. I'm assuming it's a CSS problem but I don't understand CSS in the slightest so any help would be fantastic!
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Yep, I'm another refugee from Livejournal. And, while I figured out 99% of the tweaks to import Smooth Sailing into DW, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make user & community names show up on my friends' list.


Original CSS
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I'm currently using the following CSS, which somebody posted a while ago, to put a userpic on RSS feeds on my reading page.

.journal-type-Y .userpic { background: url(http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y241/sally_maria/Mood%20Theme/dreamsheep_rss.png) no-repeat;
background-color:#000; }

The only problem is that my style has userpics on the right, but this CSS makes the RSS userpic appear on the left, and it looks a little odd and takes up more screen - see on my reading page here.

Is there anything I can do to the CSS to make the userpic appear in the right place?

Thank you very much for any help you can give me.
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EDIT: Apparently there was a p { width: 20px; } line that came with where ever I grabbed this from as my base to work from... yeah. Removing that fixed it and I can't believe I didn't see that. *face palm* Thank you all for taking a look.

So I am moderately clueless at all of this, but decided to try my hand at a a custom css style based on blanket. All was going well, things looked like I wanted, and then I saw a particular entry on my reading page that had completely insane text wrapping. Now if all the entries on my reading page had been doing this, I could probably figure I had issues with margins or paddings or what not, but it's only some of my reading list entries and I just, IDEK where to start to look for what's going on and why.


Screenshot showing the end of a normally wrapping entry and the start of a messed up one

My mostly done css code
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What I'd really like to do is have my journal in Drifting Blue, and read my subscriptions list in some other style, but since I can't do that... I want the icons on the left on my reading page, so I can see who made a post easily -- being a left-to-right reader. (If it were just for my own page, I'd leave the icons on the right and not care.)

When I moved icons to the left instead of the right, in Drifting Blue ( http://archangelbeth.dreamwidth.org/?s2id=9288 ), the date started overlapping the top of the icon-box (not the icon itself, but the little box around them). It's not unreadable, but it's messy-looking. I know zip-all CSS. Can someone walk me through either removing the box around icons in my Drifting Blue, or putting in enough space that the date doesn't overlap that box?

(This happens in all left-placed-icons in the Drifting set. Some (Desert Me) are less obvious than others (Soft Blues, Chocolate Cherry) from the coloration, but that style just doesn't handle left-icons gracefully... Should I be reporting this as a bug or something?)

Much thanks in advance!
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I'm sure I've seen this asked before, but I can't find it now. How do I make custom friend colours work on my reading page? Is it only available in certain styles, or all styles? I've set them on my Manage Circle page, but can't get them to display properly.

(I'm testing this on another account, so looking at the style on this one won't help much.)
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I hope this is okay to post!

Hi, I just came over from LJ, and over there, I was using the Flexible Squares base layout. Thanks to this tutorial, I was able to install the layout on my Dreamwidth as well. It has worked perfectly, but I've found one problem: the usernames and comm names aren't showing up under their respective icons on my Reading Page, like so on my Livejournal friends page.

In the tutorial, this issue was addressed, but there's nothing in my CSS that could possibly hiding the usernames. I even added the line display: yes; under the .userpicfriends a section in my custom CSS, and it still didn't fix it. >__<; Do I have to edit something in that ummm, compiler thingy? I still haven't quite figured out this whole layers thing either, so I'm sorry!

I didn't see a tag for this layout, so I hope someone can help me since I'm kind of at a loss. ;__; Thanks in advance!
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I tried to add a vertical space between the two syndication links at the top of each feed entry and the actual feed content. The problem, however, is that the same css class -- .ljsyndicationlink -- is applied to both syndication links. This makes it somewhat difficult to style one syndication link without affecting the other. Then I thought I could work around the problem by adding margin-top to the actual feed content, but this isn't possible either since no separate css class is applied to the feed content; it consist basically of many p-components. This means .journal-type-Y p:first-child{} doesn't work either since the syndication links and the syndication author are a subset of p. My "solution" to the problem was to remove the syndication links altogether, and to add margin-bottom to .syndicationauthor. But the syndication links can be quite useful sometimes... So, the big question is: have I missed something here? As usual, any help is greatly appreciated :)

P.S: A p-tag doesn't seem to be properly closed in all hathorlegacy feed entries. Not sure if this is a problem on our end or if it can be traced back to the feed source. This isn't a big deal for me, I've only noticed it while trying to figure out the problem above.
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[1] The first question is related to this entry and this comment. The CSS (see cut) worked fine just a few weeks ago, but now the CSS doesn't take out the space between the tag and the comma anymore, so the tags run occasionally onto the next line which looks kinda ugly. What happened? I use the same browser(s), so I can only assume something in DW's style system has changed...? [The 'plot' thickens here]

The CSS in question: )

[2] Is it possible to add via the theme layer a comment count to the "Active Entries" module (like in the "Page summary" module)? [Possible, but someone needs to code it first :) ]

[3] Is there a way (via CSS or theme layer) to set some kind of "default icon" for entries without userpic on your reading/network page? Feeds don't have an user icon (which they should, IMO) and sometimes people post entries without an icon. [SOLVED here]

[4] Is it somehow possible to change the month order (latest calendar month first) on a journal's/community's archive page? [SOLVED with a workaround. A bug is being filed about this.]

That's all (for know) :) Thanks in advance for any help or advice!
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I've gotten my layout (Stepping Stones) how I like it except for one little detail... the way it uses the custom reading colors is exactly opposite how I expect them. In other words, the color I pick for the foreground gets used where I would expect the background color to be used (and vice versa). Short of manually resetting all my custom colors, is there a way to invert them?

The CSS of my reading page does list out all the custom colors, which I was pleased to see, but I'm not sure if I can change them in one shot rather than adding them all into my custom CSS individually (requiring an update whenever I add or remove journals from my reading list/circle).

A customized reading color ends up in the CSS as this:

.journal-journalname div.userpic a img {border: solid; border-color: #ffcc99; }
.journal-journalname div.userpic a img {padding: 2px; background-color: #663300; }

I want to swap the border-color value and the background-color value. Presumably there is a way to wildcard the journalname, the problem is the color swapping. Is there a way to do that?
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Is there a CSS class that toggles for whether the viewer of the journal is logged in or not? (I've got a feed that I am subscribed to that is not on my default reading filter, and I'd like to display:none it when I load my reading page while I'm logged out.)
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I posted about this a while back, but the problem is persistent.

I thought the reason for me not seeing any entries on my reading page when I clicked on "Previous" was because I didn't follow many journals/communities. I do now, but I still can't get past ?skip=10, and there's still a duplicate "Next" link when I manually change 10 to 20. I haven't used my account a lot, but I was planning to soon. I just went through the custom css and all the theme options, but can't for the life of me figure out what the problem is. I would really appreciate some help with this.

Thank you in advance!
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Is it possible to prevent the journal subtitle from displaying on the reading page? (It's not an issue for [personal profile] cheyinka, since I don't display either the title or subtitle there, but it is for [personal profile] the_omelet, my writing journal.) Ideally, it would be possible without having to do anything that can't be done in a theme layer.

(Answer in comments! :D)

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Hi all,

I'm one of those people who's a little too attached to her lj style, and have done some importing so i can use it here. All the compiling has worked fine, and the layout customisations are wonderful, but i seem to have no usernames for the entries on my reading page. At the moment i can recognise the user by icon, but i'd really like to find the source of the problem. If anyone can help, or knows of a work around, that'd be fabulous. The style i'm currently using is LJ's Mixit, but Flexible Squares does the same thing. Thanks again!

Problem solved, thank you!
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I'm not sure if this is the place for this question, but I have a problem with the "skip 20" link. When I click on it, there are no previous entries on my reading page. The sidebar is there, header and footer too, but there are no entries. How is that possible and what can I do to fix it? I'm in no way an expert, but I can follow instructions.
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I'm porting Refried Paper (N.B. [livejournal.com profile] refriedpaper) onto Tabula Rasa via CSS. Refried Tablet has a lot of text that I'm adding via :before {content: "Header:"}.

On the recent entries page of a personal journal, there's an empty span called .poster. On a reading page, an entry page, or a recent entries page for a community journal, this span is not empty, it's the [profile] exampleusername of the person posting the entry.

There's a body.class to differentiate between a recent entries page and a reading page or entry page. Is there any indication whether a journal is a personal journal vs. a community journal?

The way I have the CSS right now, there's a weird extra margin in front of [profile] exampleusername on the recent entries page of a community, and I'd like to get rid of it automagically, if I can.

The CSS is available on pastebin for one month, if you'd like to look at it. This CSS is designed to be used with the default stylesheet.

P.S. Is there a way to make a style publicly viewable? I have my journal using Refried Tablet so people can see it in action, but I actually prefer the modified Transmogrified I had before. I'd love to just give people the address of http://zvi.dreamwidth.org?s2id=82229 or encourage them to preview my style on their own journals, if only I knew how to make that work.
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Good day, all! :)

I installed one of the layouts from thefulcrum, following the instructions to port the MixIt layout over to dreamwidth. (This layout.) The layout shows up (presumably) as it's supposed to but I want to know how and if I can make a few modifications:

1) The footer links are... well, too numerous: I only want the "post comments", "view comments", "edit entry", "edit tags", and the permalink to the entry. The others I want gone. Tried to delete them from the custom layer but it... didn't seem to work.

2) The usernames and community names don't seem to show up properly. On my Reading page, only usernames show up in posts to communities, and in individual posts there is no username showing. I want to be able to see the username (and community name, if applicable) underneath the icon (if there is one).

3) Date/time! I want 24 hour time and the full month -- so, basically, "posted at 14:43 on 3 May 2009". I attempted to do this but apparently the dates on dreamwidth are formatted differently than on lj, and I couldn't find documentation on the dreamwidth site to fix it.

Suggestions on how to proceed or even places I could ask about it are appreciated (as the layout maker won't provide help on further modifications to the layout). If this were on lj, I'd go to the everything_lj comm, but I doubt that they'd appreciate questions on a different journaling site. ;)


eta: I think I'll .. give up on the customisation for now, as dreamwidth doesn't appear to allow free accounts access to creating/editing custom layers anymore. :\ I just got a message when I tried to use the fix in comments that my account type doesn't permit that feature. I was just using it an hour ago, too!


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