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I've been trying out different looks for my journal and my latest try involves making an image repeat over and over in the background. The problem is that there are now white bars running down the page and from left to right across the bottom of the page (I think it's got something to do with the layout? maybe?) and since I'm new to CSS, I'm not sure how to get rid of them. Here's an example of what my journal looks like.

Here is my embedded custom CSS (please ignore the < br/ > s, I'm not sure how to get rid of them):

Thanks in advance!
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Hey, I have a few questions I'm hoping somebody can help with!

I'm using Tabula Rasa Plain, with this custom css. There's three things I want to do but am not sure how/can't get to work.

1. I want the "network" link removed from the navigation without leaving a gap. Leaving the text box in the "Text" area blank left a gap, so I tried adding:
.module-navlinks .network {
display: none;

as I found that in another post, but the gap is still there.

2. How can I make the "edit/tags/memo/etc" and the "link/#/reply" at the end of entries all display on one line?

3. Down at the bottom under the Profile module, (how) can I hide the "subscribe/post entry/tell someone" links? (that I assume are only visible to me, but they still bug.)

I used to do layouts on LJ, so I have some understanding of CSS, but that was 10+ years ago and I've never done any on DW. I feel like I have no idea what I'm looking for. I also have a paid account and so can make layers if necessary I guess, but that's also been a good 10+ years since I did any on LJ and I would need to be walked through it.

Any help would be appreciated!
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My current layout is Librarian's Dream, and I've been playing with Mobility on my test journal. I've run across a couple things in both that I can't figure out how to wrangle.

Librarian's Dream

1. Multilevel tags: I've noticed that some multilevel tags display oddly. Basically, when there's an x:y:z tag, what's displayed is x:y, and then z as if it had been tagged x:z rather than x:y:z. Does anyone know how to fix this and add an extra indent to third-level tags?

2. The profile icon has a bit of padding underneath it. I'd like to either remove that padding, or add equivalent padding above + to the left, so that the icon appears more centered. Is either of those possible?


This is less urgent, I've just been poking at the style and trying to figure out what I can and can't do.

3. Is it possible to make the border disappear on the next/previous button, and the [flat/top level comments only] bar on entries? (Or, for that matter, to get rid of all borders on everything?) I've been able to figure how to turn most borders on and off, but those have eluded me.

4. Is it possible to set a background image for comments, next/previous, archive, tags page, etc, as it is for the entries/modules/header? (I'm trying to use a (hopefully unobtrusive) textured image instead of a solid color, basically.)

5. If the latter is not possible: is it possible to change link & text color only on the next/previous?

(Current Mobility attempts at [personal profile] beta_lyrae.

Thanks in advance!
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Hello again, hopefully I'm not starting to be a torn in your sides. I managed to fully restore my layout to the way it was before (saved the CSS, so I won't be making the same mistake again!), but I'd like to make a couple small changes.

One is to remove the thin lines under the entry title and above the metadata. That's the entry border colour in the wizard, and I could get rid of it by changing it to white, but the problem is it also removes the thick line that separates the entries, which I want to keep. It doesn't have to be that thick or even a line, (the original on LJ was 1 pixel and dashed) I just want something between the entries.

The other would be to add some padding under the navigation links, because it looks a little clustered right now (again, see what I mean on the LJ version for reference).

I'm using Dusty Foot, if that's relevant.

Thank you in advance!
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Hi! I created a Mobility layout the other day, which can be seen here, and the person who is using it pointed out that this problem was happening on mobile phones.

She said that when checking "use layout's stylesheet", it disappeared. So I don't know what gives! Since I'm new to Mobility, maybe there's something wrong with comment pages.

Anyone could help me out a bit? Thanks!
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Hello comm, I need your help!

Last night, as I was testing new styles, I made a rookie mistake and messed up my CSS so bad that it was easier to delete everything and start from scratch. I'm using Dusty Foot, but in the past, thanks to this community, I managed to make it look virtually identical to the Mixit based layout I was using on LJ for years.

I checked those entries again, and while I managed to fix most things, for this particular issue nothing seems to work this time.

It's easier if I just show you pictures )

Also, I managed to "detach" the header from the navbar with this code:

#canvas {
margin-top: 20px;

but I can't figure out how to do the same for the bottom of the canvas.

And lastly, how do I go about adding a 1px border around the entire canvas, like in that second screencap?
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Hi, I'm encountering a baffling but frustrating problem.

I'm using Custom CSS and I always uncheck Use layout's stylesheet(s) when styling layouts to avoid duplicating css. I've tried this on a few themes, and every time I do this, the meta tag for responsive mobile disappears.

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"/>

just stops being rendered in the HTML.

Is there any way to put this back whenever I use custom CSS, without keeping Use layout's stylesheet(s) checked?
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Hello, I am looking for help in setting up a custom module/table/section to my blog, if that's possible.

Basically, I want to have a sidebar where I can have pictures, text, etc in addition to the actual custom text module. I'm willing to dive into the coding (stylesheets? layers?) directly to make this work, but I don't know much CSS and I don't know where to begin! The attempts I've made on my own have so far just killed the custom CSS and, as an insult, still not shown any extra text.

I actually got my inspiration from my current blog theme, because it includes an image that's linked directly to the custom CSS tab, not the custom text one. I'd love to be able to keep said theme but would be willing to switch to another if necessary.

If there's no way to make this work then that's fine, but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask!

(PS my blog is NSFW, you can instead see a live preview of the theme I'm using here)
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I made my layer years ago but it's not something I usually do or know much about. There's just one little issue where the fancy squiggle in the top right corner is always encroached on a little bit by the entry text boxes. How can I fix this? I don't much care if the entries get a little narrower or the squiggle does, whichever's easier.

Thanks in advance! You can click my name to see what I'm talking about.

P.S. If I wanted the background image 'fixed' to stay in view as I scroll down, what would be the right code to use for that?
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Hi! I've been creating layouts for LJ and DW for years. I've been using Transmogrified and Tabula Rasa mainly (and also Practicality lately).

I was wondering how people get the base stylesheets to create under other styles? Is there a place or certain way to do so? Because it feels like I'm the only one out of the loop xD

I love creating layouts for DW and love it when people enjoy them, so I want to branch out a bit! Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you!
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I'm using Librarian's Dream for a community I run and want to have the visited links in the entries be a different colour from the visited links in the entry title.

I'm not sure enough of CSS to know what to add to the custom CSS box, or if it's even possible to have them set to different colours - the one option in the 'Colors' dropdown changes both the entry title visited link colour and the colour of visited links in the entries themselves.
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Hello!  I would like to hold a contest to have people create a header image for this community: [community profile] detroitbecomehuman.  However, I can't seem to find any resources to tell people what a standard header image size should be, ie "no wider than x number of pixels", "no taller than x number of pixels", or anything about whether they will degrade gracefully on mobile, etc.  Does anyone have any tips or links that might help?

Thank you very much!

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Hello! I need a wee bit help with text sizing. I'm using the Argyle theme for the default layout Brittle, and the size of text for 'current mood' and 'tag' in the entries are way too small. How do I make that bigger without disturbing everything else?
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Hello (again), style_system! Here's hoping you can help. I obtained some great help when I inquired about design related to my community [community profile] johnheartpaul in the past, and I'm hoping I can solicit some help here for my personal account now.

Before the great Tumblr fallout of recent weeks, I had been strongly considering moving content from my Tumblr (and its two side-blogs) to this Dreamwidth account. Recent events have served only to solidify my resolve to do so.

I'm fully aware that DW does not yet support importing from Tumblr, and that it may be a long time (if ever) before that becomes the case. That's fine with me -- I'm fine if everything about DW stays the same (I mostly use it on my PC anyway), and as for my Tumblr content, I think I'm gonna winnow through some stuff and be very choosy about what I bring here anyway.

My question concerns design. I have a Tumblr layout that I particularly like at my side-blog [ profile] gdelgidirector , and I would like, if I may, to replicate its design here on my main, or at least come as close to replicating it here as I can. In theory, there's got to be something I can do with base layers or the like. But I'm not skilled enough to do it on my own.

Can someone experienced with custom CSS, HTML, and the like tell me 1) if transferring the layout is even doable, and 2) teach me how to port my Tumblr layout design over here if so?

Thank you!
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Hi! I recently used [community profile] betterdolphin's layout from here and I think did something and now the navigation for previous and next page disappeared.

May I ask what I should do to restore the nav buttons?

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is there a way to replace or hide the default locked and private icons while using flexible squares? i feel like it would be easy to do if you knew the css classes.
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Hi. I's like to put an image in the header for my journal but I am battling to find any information I can understand on how to do this. I have no experience in using sites like Dreamwidth and don't know anything of CSS or where you would put it so -

I finally worked out how to use an image I uploaded to the image hosting for the header but it only shows the very top of the image, which I presume means that the image is too big to show fully. But I can't find anything to tell me how big the image should be or if there are any other ways I can change the way it shows. I'm using Elegant Notebook for Gold Leaf by rosecarmine

If anyone can help I would be very grateful but keep it basic please.
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I'm using Gold Leaf for my journal, which is (I think) a pretty new theme, and I want the page background image to be fixed, rather than scrolling. The CSS code I've tried is

#page {
background: repeat fixed;

which I've tried elsewhere, but I think I'm calling it the wrong thing, or something.
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Is there an option to edit the width of the main column on the Summertime layout? I'm using the Dimensions theme but the width of the white column is a little too wide for me and I'm struggling to work out what I need to stick in the custom CSS bit! Thanks ♥
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I have been trying to find out the answer for the last (OMG) 5 hours...Now I'm hoping somebody can help me out from this situation.

The Base Style I'm using is Blanket.

The CSS code I'm using )

Somebody, please?


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