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I recently added the Tabular Indent layout to my DreamWidth using the [community profile] starlit tutorial, and the Tabular Indent source code from InsaneJournal. Then changing all the ""friends"" to ""read"". Everything is working really well, except the Subjects are not links for some reason? I saw on previous posts that cited Flexible Squares having this issue to use the [community profile] starlit version of the code. But as Tabular Indent isn't one of their edited codes, I'm not sure where I would change? Thank-you very much if you can help!

I would also please like to know how to have "(no subject)" as a Subject if an entry doesn't have one.

The Tags, Current Music, Subject, and such seem to not always be displaying in the same order. On my LiveJournal the order is: Tags, Current Music, Current Location, Security, Subject, Time, Current Mood. And I would like to carry it over to here. I saw in the edited Flexible Squares that they have it set-up as like paragraphs for each of those, but I don't understand how to transfer that to Tabular Indent.
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Hiya, folks!

The (unwieldy) name is gdelgiblueeyes, but you can just call me "Blue Eyes."

My community [community profile] johnheartpaul has recently migrated from LJ to DW (ToS issue), and we've been finding the process very user-friendly and trouble-free (well, once I figured out the style settings stuff and had imported our journal's default style behind the custom CSS with the help of this link), with the minor exception of a couple of snags that I was hoping maybe style_system could help with.
  1. In comparing our profile here to our LJ counterpart, you will note that in the nav.strip, we didn't have Tags or Memories listed at LJ, and we'd like to keep it that way. Is there any way to make that work?
  2. Our custom style for the journal was designed for the new wave of LJ, where individual posts on the main page linked to a generic entry format (for example, clicking "Leave a Comment" -- or the entry's title -- on the first entry presently on my page would lead to something like this) instead of a separate page in our custom format. I'm guessing there's no way to replicate this specific experience, but viewing the comment form on a sample entry from the present DW incarnation will show you just how clunky it looks in our custom format. Anyone wanna troubleshoot how to make it look less like ass?
UPDATE: Thanks to [personal profile] healingmirth  for their help! All issues are resolved.

I basically inherited the task of porting this thing over here for mods who are way less tech-savvy, but my own skill only goes so far. Any help would be very much appreciated! (The tags are also a total guess, so anyone who knows more and runs things, feel free to put better ones on here. Thanks!)
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SOLVED, with multiple options. THANK YOU!

I have recently started using my phone to access DW more often, and unsurprisingly I am finding that my styles, which I love and prefer to use on my desktop and laptop, do not play nicely with the tiny phone screen real estate.

Is there a way to keep my usual styles, but view pages when I'm on my phone using a different style, such as Mobility, instead?

[Edit to add] I'm specifically hoping to use an actual style rather than "?style=site" or "?style=light". [end edit]

Thanks for any advice you can give!
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I apologize. I know this has been covered here before but I've tried a few things (and looked through the help guide) and I'm not making any progress.

I'd like to remove the header image text/subtext.

This is my theme:

 photo hollyoyheader_zps1dy9dqig.png

I'm thinking it's possible the commands I'm trying to implement into the CSS just aren't going in the right place. I used to be much more fluent in CSS than I am presently and I'm giving myself a headache trying to figure this out.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
This has been solved. Thank you!
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I currently have Elegant Notebook for Gold Leaf - and I'm trying to get rid of the "Network" link in my navigation links. I currently have a gap there because I removed the text, but I don't like that open space.

Any help?

UPDATE: This has been fixed. Thank you all for your help!
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I'm not sure this is the right community for this question. I was editing a post to add some text, but that added part doesn't wrap like everything else and the text goes outside the window. Can someone suggest how to fix it?
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 I was told that imgur was a good hosting site, but when I try to post imgur links, dreamwidth gives me a broken link respons. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Also, I find that my header image will only appear in Opera, but not in Chrome or Firefox. Again, any ideas?
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Hi everyone!

I made another layout for a community I recently created. The problem I have is not bieng able to relocate the previous and next links to where I want them to go. It doesn't help that the previous and next links overlap by 1px over the navigation/menu bar. I have no idea how to move them.

Here is the entire layout's css:
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Just include the following in your custom CSS:

.page-recent .entry-poster { display: none !important; }
.page-entry .entry-poster { display: none !important; }

It's a hack I figured out just tonight. I spent awhile on it before realizing I didn't need to use > (CSS child selector), which works on .page-recent but not on .page-entry here.

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I'm yet another person moving over from LJ  and having trouble with the making changes to my journal layout. More specifically the title text for my journal entries.

The using the City Dragon - Tectonic theme, which has the entry title text in all lowercase letters. This I'd like to change to there being no modification to how the text is formated regarding lower or uppercase letters.

I've tried using the "text-transform" command and while I can change the entry text, the entry title text refuses to be anything else than lowercase. Any suggestions of what I can paste into the Custom CSS box that will remove the lowercase curse on my entry titles?

Warning: I'm not super great at CSS, so Advanced Customization is sadly beyond me.
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Hello, all!

I am new to DW and am trying to tweak the coding on my page. I did quite a bit of tweaking to my journal on LJ and I understood how to do that because I understand standard HTML and how to structure the commands/code.

However, DW is CSS and I know absolutely nothing about CSS or layers. I am not afraid to get into the basic code and change things to see what happens as I do it. I oddly love coding so I like to learn and build on my knowledge as I go.

At this point I want to do a simple tweak of the Title and Subtitle. I want to change font and probably color.
Currently I am using Abstractia.

My questions are:
1. Is there a basic tutorial or how-to that will walk me through where to find the code I need to modify?
2. Does anyone know of any basic online CSS tutorials that will help me learn what I need to do?

Thanks in advance for any help,
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I'm trying to see if I can use a custom LJ style on DW. When I tried to choose "unstyled", I got an error message; any help/instructions would be appreciated.

The style of the custom layout is S2 Expressive--will this kind work on DW?

The design is "Jane Austen", from here:

Many thanks!
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Hello all,

I'm on a devious mission to convert my friend to DW make my friend happier with her DW by helping make her layout closer to her LJ one (she uses Compact over there). I've made my own journal into a testing lab with Librarian's Dream as my base. This community's archives have been deeply helpful, but I'm running up against the limits of my hunt-and-fiddle knowledge of CSS and I still need to get my laundry done today.

Here is a screen grab of where I am now.

Is anyone able to help me with:

Read more... )

Thank you in advance for any insight you're able to provide!
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Hi guys,

  I'm new to DW, moving from LJ. I would like to make some enhancements/tweaks to the system, to add some of the LJ features/tweaks.

I just started learning S2 and style system in DW, and I have a quick question - what is the best mechanism for adding some custom JavaScript to the DW pages?
I'm looking into options of using JavaScript to implement Repost feature, also maybe rework some of the pages to make them more modern and interactive.

Would appreciate any suggestions and info pointers.
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Hi, I've been away from DW for a good while, and as I came back, my page as portisGames (and other journals too) had a totally broken layout.

Now I vaguely remember feeds from DW about mobile layout etc (though I'm not even sure it is this issue), but as I read them I didn't use my DWs, and now I can barely make sense of what was mentioned in a few posts from DWstyles I just read, nor immerse myself in my old CSS... No clue what was modified, what I can change only per CSS since I kinda know HTML but nothing in LJ-DW's layer system - and blind clueless writing/testing CSS from a tablet (pc broken), with the bothersome scrolling...ugh.
I've completely lost touch with LJ/DW codes, layouts etc too.

I'm using Funky Circles, and on this journal here, only 1 column. It gets cut and the difference in width is somehow added below, making a long bit of column hanging left. I saw a post in DWstyles about new options to define the width from which the style switches from/to mobile or desktop (?) i.e. 2/1 column - but I tried, not to avail, which makes sense since I think it's not the problem anyway: I only have 1 column...

I'm sure it's a very well known issue but I don't even know what I'm looking for. Any help?
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Hi again. It's me, Syx, and I'm trying to get rid of the underline under the navigation links. I also want to know where I can fix the size and font-size of the navigation bar too.

Here is the code:

Could you please help me figure it out? There may be an excessive amount of code when dealing with navigation bar and navi-links section.
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Hi everyone. I'm Syx, and I'm trying to get rid of the line-through when you hover over the entry-poster and comment-poster. I checked the code, but I can't seem to find the reason why it's the only piece of code that won't convert to just underline.

Here is the code:

Could you please help me figure it out?

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Hi everyone. I was wondering it's possible to only change the color (and decoration) of links in entries, without it also changing other links, like the ones in the sidebar etc. If it is, what code would I need to put in my CSS? 


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In one of my communities, I'm using a slightly modded Abstractia.

I'd like to be able to change the userpic so that it will ALWAYS display Keyword order|View All.
Mostly I'm kind of tired on waiting for DW to do anything about this for all style sheets and I'm wondering if there's a way to code it using Custom CSS.

After searching through this comm, I came across some code that looked like it worked for CSS2, but probably won't work for Abstractia?

Anyway, so I tried changing it to this (and several derivatives of it). So, I'm just guessing this isn't the way to go about it. (I wish I understood the different CSS better.)

Any help you could grant would be great, because I have this comm and several journals that I'd like to update to forcing the keyword order and view all options.

ETA: perhaps easier? Is there a way to change the bullet point image? I know I can do it by finding a URL and doing 'background img', but I'd rather do it natively via text. (IE: currently on the style they are squares (■) I want them to be one of my choice.)

SOLUTION: Use this code:

Where XXX are options from a CSS List Style website.

Thanks in advanced.
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Does anybody know if there is a way to incorporate Font Awesome into Dreamwidth layouts? If there is, I guess it should be something to do with layers, but I have no idea of how to use them.

Thanks in advance.


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