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 I'm using style Heads Up, I was originally using my imported LiveJournal one but I wanted them to look different. 

I was wondering if there is anyway to move the Navigation link from the top of my journal to the bottom. It appears on both the top and the bottom once I go back through my journal entries but I only want to have them on the bottom not the top. 

I have no idea how to do CSS, the only thing I did know was how to put in my own header image.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Problem solved in comments.
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Hi everyone!

I made another layout for a community I recently created. The problem I have is not bieng able to relocate the previous and next links to where I want them to go. It doesn't help that the previous and next links overlap by 1px over the navigation/menu bar. I have no idea how to move them.

Here is the entire layout's css:
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Does anyone know if it's possible to change anything in the print_navigation function? The source code says it's fixed.

Basically, I wanted to change the Previous/Next navigation links to add an anchor link to skip to the bottom of the page (i.e. like "Bottom | Previous 20 | Next 20") and to change the look of the navigation links for the year page to make the
. I can probably add another element before or after the navigation links, but it would look nicer if the links were editable...
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When they did the newest code push, I kind of fell in love with the Lefty theme. It's clean and gorgeous, and I just adore it. But I also have a thing for gradiations and rainbows in layouts, so now I'm thinking. I know the code I need to do to make the changes, I just don't know where I need to put it and if I need to make a whole new style to do it.

Basically, what I need to do is create 5 or 6 new class ids for the LI that make up the top navigation (which are currently "module-list-item"--I was planning on going for the creatively named "module-list-item-2" etc.) and then change the background color on those classes. That would allow me to have a lovely rainbow or multiple shades of the same colors or whatnot.

So... do I need to make a whole new style/layer? I'm a premium paid account, so that itself isn't the issue. I used to be pretty fluent in S2, but it's been, uh, several years, and in between the code changes and my brain writing over that information with mostly useless trivia, I'm stuck.

ETA: Code for multiple colors under cut )

ETA2: Thanks to [personal profile] syntheid and [personal profile] ninetydegrees, I have sort-of figured out the customs CSS for this layout. My next question is closely related. Is there a way to link the color of the page header background to the color of the current page's link? E.g. on "recent" it would be green, "archive" yellow, "reading" red, etc.?
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Would it be possible to merge the "previous" and "next" links with the main navigation that has the "recent entries"/"read page"/"tags", etc links in it?

The end result I am looking for is a header navigation that goes in this order:

previous | recent entries | archive | read | tags | info | next

I would prefer if the previous/next links only show up if there are actually entries before/afterward.

I hope that was clear enough! Thanks in advance.
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Hi, I've finally started messing around a bit with customizing my journal style, and I was wondering how I can remove the footer. I never use the link to Top of Page and it takes up a lot of space. I looked around this community but didn't see an answer, any help would be appreciated!

ETA: Solved. Thanks, [personal profile] branchandroot!
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I have received help here before to customize my page (thank you!!) but i have one more request. at the very bottom of my page there's a dark bar (footer?) that has a link to 'top of page', try as i might when going through my customize options, i cannot find where that is....i would LIKE it to be a link for the next 20 entries---navigation....there's no bottom navigation at all....

i have seen posts here requesting navigation at the bottom, but the custom CSS includes removing it from the top...i don't have it on the top, and i have custom CSS on the top of my page and i don't want to mess that up.....

i obviously have a severe case of dumbz here, but i'd rather ask before messing with the custom CSS someone graciously made for me!

ETA: SOLVED!!! :-)
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Layout: Halloween
by [personal profile] dancing_serpent  for ColorSide

Problem 1 : Header - I want to get rid of the journal title, subtitle and the "Recent" (or any nav title) SOLVED!
Problem 2 : Links at the bottom of entries (AKA edit entry, adit tags,...) - I want them to me white :-) SOLVED!
Problem 3 : Navi links - I want to move them under the header and centered. SOLVED!
Problem 4 : Subject of entries - is it possible to move them a few px to the right from the icon? And maybe making the font a bit bigger and in bold? SOLVED!
Problem 5 : I want to get rid of the "Previous 20/Next 20" links/bar at the top of the journal and only leaving the ones at the bottom. SOLVED!
Problem 6 : I would like to move everything (icon, subect, date, TEXT,...) a few px on BOTH sides from the border in the entries AND the module/sidebar. SOLVED!
Problem 7 : I would like to move the entries so when clicking on the "Reading/Friends" page (or any other for that matter) they would be at the same height as on the "Recent" page (AKA same distance from the header everywhere). SOLVED!

I'm totally new here and have no clue how to write CSS so if you managed to help me with these with some CSS coding or even just pointing me in the right direction and telling me what's possible and what not I would be super thankful and might possibly owe you my firstborn :-D
The DW confuses me and takes away my sleep :-( Please help! O.o

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Hello! I checked the archive and tags here and couldn't find this question being asked before, so here goes:

I'm using a slightly modified version of this beautiful layout by [personal profile] boo. Unfortunately, I'm not too fond of the "Next | Previous" navigation bar appearing at both the top and the bottom of my reading page. Is there a way to modify the CSS so that the "Next | Previous" bar appears ONLY at the bottom of the page?

ETA: Solved! Thank you!!
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A few weeks ago [personal profile] foxfirefey gave me wonderful code that produces a link back to the top of the page (Transmogrified normally lacks this link). I love it and have gently coaxed it to do everything I want except stop moving around. It has a mind of its own so depending on what resolution you use, it will hop, skip and jump all over the place.

I've been unable to conjure any CSS and/or HTML that will keep it in place.

The only resolution it currently behaves at is 1440 x 900 - my native res - because I beat it down hard until it did. But when you change screen res, it waltzes off wherever the heck it feels like it.

Examples at three resolutions:

at 1440 x 900

at 1280 x 768

at 800 x 600

Can anyone tell me how to make it behave? I've tried floats, absolute positioning, margins, padding, text-align:center - it's all failed to tame it.

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Many Dreamwidth s2/Core2 styles have the "back to top" link at the bottom of the Recent Entries view, but Transmogrified doesn't. I had the same problem on LJ, when I used the Bloggish layout with a custom style sheet and theme layer, but I couldn't solve it, not even by modifying s2 Mixit's code to fix the problem, because Bloggish lacked a "back to top" link in the HTML to hook the s2 to.

So my question is kind of two-fold:

Is there any way to get all the proper HTML (including the necessary but missing HTML links and the requisite s2 to make it all work) into Transmogrified, and if so, how?

Because my other problem is I cannot figure out how DW's s2 differs from LJ's version of it. So I would need someone to work out the code for me but hopefully someone who could also explain how s2 differs on DW from LJ's version (or at least point me in the right direction, if there's something I can read on that to make it more clear).

Because the way I figure it, if I can't read (that is, understand) the s2 on DW, I'll never be able to modify or write it. And I want to be able to do both.
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I'm working on a Transmogrified layout and I have a few questions:

[1] How do I add an image as a journal/community title, instead of plain text? The title image should also link to the journal/community in question, just like the plain text title does.

[2] I'd like to place the search module above the journal/community title. How do I do this?

[3] How's the (theme layer) code for the .page-back and .page-forward link in Transmogrified? I don't like the '<<' and '>>' very much which is why I want to remove them. [Edit: I just realized that it is done with css, so you can consider the problem solved.]

As always, help and advice is very much appreciated.
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Is there a way to add the "previous 5" (or 10 or whatever) link to the navigation bar at the top of my recent entries, reading and network pages? I'm using Mixit, which I believe is a Core1 LJ style.

ETA: Also I figured out how to reverse the order of the entries on my reading page (for values of figured out which equal bugging the Support people), but it didn't reverse the order of my Page Summary. I wonder if there's a way to do that. (I care about this much less than the first question.)
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I'm new to DW and need some help. I'm fooling around with Modular right now on my journal and have hit a snag. I want to shorten the journal header, previous 5 and the top of page footer to the left so it's even with what I've done so far. What coding would effect these? At first I though header and whatnot but nothing so far has worked.
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Hello, I was hoping you'd be able to help me customize this layout further since the layout maker wasn't able to help. Once it's done, the layout will be changed significantly. I'm having trouble figuring some things out. The list is extensive, so I'd be grateful however much you're able to help me solve. )
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I posted about this a while back, but the problem is persistent.

I thought the reason for me not seeing any entries on my reading page when I clicked on "Previous" was because I didn't follow many journals/communities. I do now, but I still can't get past ?skip=10, and there's still a duplicate "Next" link when I manually change 10 to 20. I haven't used my account a lot, but I was planning to soon. I just went through the custom css and all the theme options, but can't for the life of me figure out what the problem is. I would really appreciate some help with this.

Thank you in advance!
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I'm not sure if this is the place for this question, but I have a problem with the "skip 20" link. When I click on it, there are no previous entries on my reading page. The sidebar is there, header and footer too, but there are no entries. How is that possible and what can I do to fix it? I'm in no way an expert, but I can follow instructions.
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Here in [community profile] getting_started, [personal profile] ninetydegrees answers a couple questions about how to control the colors of certain navigation links that don't have convenient selectors in the style customization area. I thought this was a nifty bit of information that deserved to be shared.
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When I first starting using DW (at least using my RP to read the communities I had joined), at the bottom of my page, there were the links for "previous 20" and "next 20." Suddenly, they disappeared and now nothing I do is bringing them back, not even resetting everything back to default. It makes catching up a little annoying and difficult.


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