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I'm using Dusty Foot theme and I noticed that the navigation strip gets cut at the page border (which I've left transparent). This is the first time in over a year that I visit DW from a PC, but I've had this theme for ages and I'm pretty sure the navbar used to stretch out on the entire screen. I would like to restore that look, if it's at all possible. Thanks!
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I prefer smaller fonts to DW's defalt, but everytime I decrease the page size in the editor, the navigation strip becomes uncomfortable to read.

Is there a way to fix the navstrip's size with CSS, so that it remains unaffected?
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Hello people, I'm in the process of migrating to dreamwidth from livejournal and want to make my new blog look like the old one (I use Smooth Sailing theme with custom CSS there and have never waded into "creating new layers", "advanced customization" or whatever you call it). Can someone point me to a DW theme that has these two things:

1) a decent header with Title, Subtitle, Navigation bar and Current page title. I saw many themes with this kind of header but they all seem to have Navbar under Current page title. Are there any themes where Navbar is shown at the top of Current page title?
2) an ability to create multiple custom menu blocks (title + static html content, no more) without having to mess with advanced customization. I want to have a counter and an informer in my blog and don't want to place them in a sticky post or something.

If someone knows such theme please tell me its name. I know it's just waiting for me to use it on my journal.
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ANSWERED: Known bug, cannot be fixed without overrides/layer edits.

I was testing out layouts/themes earlier, and on several, the navstrip was coded to match the theme. This is not a choice I like, but different strokes. I figured I could just reset the strip to default.

However, when I attempted to change the setting in Customize -> Display, it didn't work. I changed the radio button to the light grey gradient, saved changes, and no change happened. Same when I switched back to the dark grey gradient. It's still showing as the theme colors. (I'm currently using Bolt for Corinthian on my testing journal, but it's happened on every theme I tried that had pre-selected custom navstrip colors.)

There's this line on the page - You can customize the color of the navigation strip on your journal. - but there is no option to stop the customized colors if they're embedded into the theme. At least, not one that I can locate.

Is this a bug or a feature? How can I tell the site to stop showing customized navstrip colors on the theme I choose? I only want the default dark grey navstrip, no matter what layout/theme I select.
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So, I don't do a lot of layout coding, but I can generally work my way through the majority of issues. Unfortunately, I've hit a wall and I just can't seem to work out the fix.

My layout journal where I'm working on this is [personal profile] wedidntstartthefire and the issue is all around the navigation footer, save for the entry footer issues. You can see what I'm referring to here.

1.) SOLVED! Navigation footer area thing coded with a background image. For the most part, it's worked out splendidly. Unfortunately, there's a one pixel area on the very bottom where the entries peek through when scrolling.

2.) SOLVED! Navigation links. D: No matter what I try, I can seem to get them to move down. I'd like for them to line up with the bottom of 0615 on the image. Also to be black. For the life of me, I can't seem to make this happen.

3.) SOLVED! Entry links, for editing and stuff. I'd like them to be centered compared to the rest of the centered elements in the navigation footer.

Here's the (horribly botched, piecemeal) code:

Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated!
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I want to disable it through CSS in my layouts (mainly transmogrified), would anyone happen to know what is the code I would need to apply, and be so kind to let me know? I don't know what controls the navstrip so I can't do that myself. So thank you in advance!
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I'm using blanket and I was wondering if there was a way to add the expand all cuts module to my navigation bar where it would be far more useful. I don't even have the first idea about where I would start to get it there. Thanks in advance.
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I'm using Practicality for a comm I created, [community profile] fannish_library_fest, and I'd like the navbar to be the site default of light or dark grey instead of matching the comm's colors. I found the code related to the navbar (I think), but I don't know what I need to do to change it back to the default options. Can anyone help?

Practicality navbar code )
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I'm trying to create a layout by adding custom CSS to the Tabula Rasa style.

Does anybody happen to know which element I need to remove the margin from in order to get rid of the gap between the navigation strip and the header? I've tried everything I could think of already ...
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I imported Flexible Squares from LiveJournal and I'm using a theme by [community profile] refuted called Autumn. I'd really like the Navigation Strip at the top to show up, but I think there's something in the CSS hiding it. Anyone have a better idea than me why it might not be showing up?

Edit: Fixed! Now I just need to go back and mess with margins, since the fix messed them up.

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I have added custom CSS to get rid of the internal borders on the control strip to my style. The borders are back, and I can't figure out what to do to get rid of them. Any suggestions?


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