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Webfont embedding on imported layouts

Good Morning!

I did not see any recent posts in regards to this, but I need a little assistance with webfonts, please! I'm just coming over from IJ/LJ, and I've imported flexible squares from the livejournal layout I was using.

Here is the css file I made for the fonts I currently use on my IJ. I'd like to use Nanum Gothic for my body fonts, and the other fonts for my subject lines and sidebar texts.

I know, I should learn about DW customization and its cores and all that. I probably will eventually, but for now I'd really like to continue using this layout with my own fonts (if possible!)

Honestly, if I could live with nothing but S1 Generator layouts for the rest of eternity, I would. Maybe it's a sign that I'm getting old, lmao. (On that note, if you guys know of any DW layouts out there that are comparable...please let me know!)

Sidebar wonky on reading and tags page

Hi! I'm having a bit of a problem here. I wanted to edit a layout I made for a friend to use on her community. It has a fixed navigation at the bottom of the page which I don't know if could be causing this problem, but the sidebar looks right on recent entries page but it looks wonky everywhere else.

I have it testing here so you can look through the css. If you could help me out a bit D: I would be very grateful.
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How to move "back to top" jumplink with s2?

Hi, everyone. I've been meaning to ask this question for years: a long time ago [personal profile] foxfirefey gave me some code to have a "back to top" link with because Transmogrified didn't have one. Later on, she modified the code because it kept moving around on page re-sizing. Her mod solved that problem but possibly begat another: the jumplink doesn't clear short entries/pages with little content.

While this doesn't normally affect .page-tag, .page-icon, .page-archive, .page-recent, .page-read, or .page-network (but it could; the content on those views just happens to be long enough to clear the jumplink) it affects some .page-month views and short entries, reply views with short comments being replied to, reply views where the post and comment form combined won't clear the jumplink, and so on.

Here's an example of the problem in viewable action, seen in the month view.

In playing with the live HTML editor in Firefox the other night I realized I can make the jumplink clear - and stay in place - even with little page content present only if I put it in a pretty weird part of the HTML; it looks like I'd have to take it out of $this->print_body(); and move it to $this->print_module_section("two"); right before the <div style="clear:both"> that's there to clear the footer.

This is a screencap of where the jumplink would need to go, according to live HTML editing:

My s2 layer is public and viewable here: my s2 layer.

That said, if anyone can think of a better spot for it in the s2, I'm open to any and all ideas! Fwiw, I've tried CSSing it into clearing but so far, without any luck.

I can't write original s2 nor modify s2 like this (only the simplest snippets of it; this unfortunately didn't qualify) so I'm curious if anyone knows how to move the jumplink without breaking other things (which I actually did three times before giving up the other night in live code: every time I went into our compiler and tried to move it where the HTML live editor seems to think it should go, my sidebar wound up resting in my content body, while my content got pushed clear off the top of the page, so whatever I was trying to do to get this right was not working).

Any help is gladly appreciated!

Opal Help

I've managed to import LJ's Opal theme in to Dreamwidth. I've set the link and visited link colour in customize options and it works for all links apart from my tags links - they seem to be invisible. Any ideas?

No Header Title/Subtitle

I'm not sure where or how to ask this exactly, but I'm using branchandroot's Starflower and I noticed that the header is just my username and "recent" next to it. Is there a way to display my journal title and subtitle on the header for the main page instead?

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm pretty new to DW's communities. Thanks for any help in advance.

Graphic image quality issues

I know this isn't really related to the styles in Dreamwidth, but I don't know where to ask about this and, since most of us make graphics and use them in our layouts, I thought it would be a good place to ask for help. Please feel free to delete or ignore if irrelevant.

I noticed that when uploading graphics that are high quality (imagine, a Header that I want to use in a DW layout), the image gets reduced no matter what image hosting I use. In fact, when I preview it in my computer, it looks good, high quality and all that. But once I upload it to, say, imgur, it looks like they rescaled it a bit! Like they made it a bit bigger, I don't know why.
If I zoom out the browser, the image looks just like I saved it to my PC. But once I put the browser's zoom back to normal, it looks like they compressed the image and made it bigger too.

I don't know if this has happened to any of you, but being a designer and graphic maker, I'm a bit sad about this and I don't know what gives. Have you experienced this? I've had this with every image hosting service I tried. Am I going crazy? xD I don't do anything different and have been making graphics since 2006 so believe me I'm a bit confused about this.
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(no subject)

I noticed on my entries posts my username is shown below my user pic. But on my recent entries it's not. Like in the image below left=recent right= entry.

Read more... )

What do I have to change to see my username on the recent entries page?
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Username and Community Name on Reading Page

I have an imported Flexible Squares layout, but I can't tell who is who on my reading page here on DW. On LJ, the user name or community would show up underneath the userpic. What string of code in which layer will allow that to show up?

I presume it's being overwritten by something in DW layers, or because of the difference in naming between 'friends' on LJ and 'reading' on DW, it isn't showing up correctly.
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Use of Tiny Icons, Problem Solved

 Hi there,

I was wondering if there was a way to use Tiny Icon Images instead of  text like Location, Current Music, Mood. 

Any help would be most appreciated. 

Problem Solved

Contextual Pop-Up

Trying to code the contextual pop-up on a journal of mine, but having a hard time finding what's formatting it in the stylesheet.

here's what it looks like so far )

So the main problem I'm having is making the border actually fit the icon image. But if I could also find a way to decrease the space between "this is you" and the links that would be cool too. Really any info you have on coding these would be appreciated.

A further request for help!

It's been weeks since my 1ST entry here, and I'm still no further ahead. { }

I did examine that edited Flexible Squares code and saw that there is an option to set text for "set text_nosubject = "(no subject)";" but I am not sure where to place it in the Tabular Indent code! [I tried in various places where "set"s are already located] I also am not seeing in that how to have Subjects as links. And why the Tags, Current Music, Current Location, Security, Subject, Time, and Current Mood are in different places amongst different entries. I first noticed this on Communities on my Reading Page, but on looking at my recent entries I notice it amongst them too. That sometimes Subject is at the bottom and sometimes at the top. As I added to my previous entry, I did see in the edited Flexible Squares code that the Subject fields and such are in like separate paragraphs. I don't see a comparable place to add that in the Tabular Indent code.

Also will just Save & Compile update my blog layout for changes, or do I have to reselect the layer in my Journal Style edit area?

I have never done anything like this before so I really do appreciate any help I may receive. It's really hurting my brain!

Removing the page title link

Because there's already been a few questions about it, I thought I'd throw together a quick description of how to remove this in the theme layers for people! These instructions for a different issue mostly apply, but be sure to pick your style and color theme layers - the giant list is here.

The code for this change is

This will remove the link entirely - if you just don't like having the underline/different color, you can add the following to the custom CSS section

...and replace the color as appropriate.
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Page Title Link

I am 98% 100% sure this is a result of the code push (and I don't begrudge the people who wanted this to happen; pretty sure I've seen it come up a couple of times in this community) but I really, really don't want my page title to be a link. That's what the "recent" button is for. Or my username in the navbar.

Is there any way to fix this, without mucking with things in the theme layer?

Thanks in advance!

(If not, I'll just... target the header to strip out the underline and visited link color, I guess. Which would be better than me thinking, this isn't the right page every time I'm dithering about on my account.)
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Header Page Title, formatting hr (resolved)

Hello! I have two things I need help with.

1. How do I remove the page title from the header? I used the following, which hid the title nicely, but my header is still showing "recent entries" and other page titles. I looked through past entries here, and I thought this code would work.

2. How do I format the hr tag? I tried formatting it using the following code, but nothing showed up. I tried other, simpler things such as just using a solid line, but nothing shows up there either. Is this something to do with the layout I chose? The default seems to be just extra spacing as the hr and no horizontal lines.

Add image below "profile information" module (SOLVED)

Hi! Wondering if I could get a bit of help here.

I'm currently using the Venture layout and I need to position an image somewhere. :)

Ideally I'd like the image to appear at the bottom of my "profile" module, so is there any custom CSS I can use to include it in that module?

If that's not possible, is there a way to remove the header from the custom text module so it will display without a title, so I just can stick the html img code in there?

Thank you in advance ♥
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Help needed, Problem solved

 I'm using style Heads Up, I was originally using my imported LiveJournal one but I wanted them to look different. 

I was wondering if there is anyway to move the Navigation link from the top of my journal to the bottom. It appears on both the top and the bottom once I go back through my journal entries but I only want to have them on the bottom not the top. 

I have no idea how to do CSS, the only thing I did know was how to put in my own header image.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Problem solved in comments.

Entry navigation


I've recently moved her from LJ and I am using Practicality layout on both my journals here (both are paid for).

I would like to have entry navigation links at the top of each entry as well as at the bottom, similar to that found in the Flexible Squares Layout at LJ.

Any assistance would be very welcome. :-)
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Request for help

Could one of you kind souls link me to the page where I can set the style for my reading page and posting page? I set it to Lynx, which I hate, and can't recall now how I did that.

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Images auto-resize (RESOLVED)

Hi all. :)

I've just made the final step to import LJ to my dead DW account. I don't wish to bother with installing a custom style and picked "Argyle" theme from the ones available.

I just occurred into an issue that makes me go mad.

For years, LJ didn't resize the images in your entries, so if you have a pic bigger than the container (or even your screen), you just got the horizontal scrollbar.
Recently, though, LJ started to auto-resize them and in my LJ style they get resized to 500px. Aspect ration is respected. I was then forced to modify all my posts to add a link for the fullsize (xx_original.jpg) pic.

I should also note that in the html for the entry I always specify the width and height of every image.

On DW, though (or, at least, in the style I'm using) there is no resize. I tried to manually the code seen here and then add some variations of

.entry-content img {
max-width: 99%;
height: auto;

in the custom css, changing from "99%" to "100%" or "500px". Anyway, the point is that aspect ration is never respected, the image keeps the original height and therefore the images gets stretched.
Same post: on LJ and on DW. (put the max-width to 500px so you can visibly see the difference).

A research on google didn't help, the code above should be apparently enough. Is there any way to force the aspect ration to be mantained on my theme? I don't really want to edit every single post to change the width and height values (and doing calculations for every single image so to respect ration - see, open every image in image editor, scale to 500 and note down the new height value) and, at this point, I'm too much used to the image resized that I don't want to see the original size in the entry anymore.

I use Argyle for Crisped. My account is free.

Thank you. :)
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profile: table problem

I'm terribly sorry, this is probably the wrong place to ask for help, but I'm doing it here anyway because I couldn't find the right place.

The table I have in my bio doesn't display the way it should and I just can't figure out what the problem is. Is this even fixable?
ETA: To be more specific, the cell widths & heights aren't right, although they're in the table code and cellpadding is set to 0.