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The question is quiet simple: how to import the Tabula Rasa layer into LJ? I have a paid account over there and I can manage with codes and other stuff. Thank you very much in advanced!
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In Tabula Rasa you can choose, via the wizard, the place of icons in entries and comments (left or right). So far so good. But how do you target a left-placed (or right-placed) icon with css? If I say, for instance, .entry .userpic {float: left;}, the icon will always be placed on the left side, no matter what you specify in the wizard.

I'm working on a layout/style and I'd like to style a left-placed icon somewhat different from a right-placed icon, depending on what people prefer. Plus I'd like the entry text to wrap around the icon which is easily done with 'float: left' and 'float: right'.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Hey! So it's me again. I've got a promblem with my @font-face tag that for some reason isn't showing up in Firefox. Works in Chrome with no issues at all, but Firefox keeps defaulting to my back-up fonts.

How it looks in Chrome/How I want it to look

How it looks in Firefox

I'd be super grateful for any help at all!
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Problem SOLVED! Hey, so I'm using Google Chrome most of the time, and my Thor themed layout works fine in that (except for a few issues that I'm pretty sure I can figure out myself) but when I use a different browser (i.e. Internet Explorer or Firefox; I haven't tried any others) the header doesn't sit where I want to sit. Which is mostly I guess because I used position: absolute but I'm not sure how else to get it centered above my posts.

This is how I want it to look in all browsers and how it looks when I use Chrome. This is how it looks on Firefox and this is how it looks on IE.

In both IE and FF, the header is too far left for what I want.

This is the code I used:

Also, in IE the sidebar doesn't show up. Could that be because I used position: fixed?

I'd be glad for any help!


Mar. 20th, 2012 02:28 pm
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I realised that with DW layouts, the journal title does not appear as the page title. I was wondering if there is a way to make the journal title the title of the page as well?

Also, I tried adding a favicon to a community that is using Tabula Rasa and it doesn't work? It seems to be working for my other comm that is using an imported LJ style (Flexible Squares)... Is there a way around this?

Thank you!! :)
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I'm working on two Tabula Rasa layouts -- one fixed, one fluid, with matching graphics -- and starting to hit the limit of what my understanding of CSS can handle. Help?

Here's the current state of the fixed-width layout, currently enabled at [community profile] punditfic:

And here's the fluid version, visible in action at [community profile] andthatstheword:

Issues in the fixed-width layout:

  • When the page isn't tall enough, module-content and module-powered show up in the middle of the sidebar. Avoided!

  • In the main entry view, how can I get usernames to display reliably under the userpic? The best I got (through messing with margins) was "it'll appear there, but entry text will overlap it." (Also a problem in the fluid version.) Solved in both!

  • New issue...when #primary is shorter than #secondary, the page only scrolls down as far as #primary.

  • Things in the fluid layout that I can't get to match the fixed-width layout:

  • On the calendar-by-month view, the entry information isn't indented with respect to the date. Prettied up!

  • Similarly, the bulleted list on the tags page isn't indented. Solved!

  • Information in the entries on the main page is all squished together (title overlapping with date/time, tags overlapping with entry tools). Solved!

  • Everything to do with comment display just isn't happening. The tools won't display inline, there's no space around comment-content, the header has no background... Solved!

  • Other issues with the fluid layout:

  • Can I make the #primary and #secondary divs extend to the bottom of the page (to extend the background) without covering the header?

  • Looks like I need to do something with module-content and module-powered here too. When the sidebar is on the left, they try to squeeze into the gap between #secondary and #primary. This isn't a problem when the sidebar is on the right (or at least, it hasn't been at my resolution). Solved!

  • Anyone who can point me in the right direction on any of these points would be greatly appreciated!
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    Thanks so much for the help the other day! As a result, I am THIS CLOSE to being done, but there are a few really nitpicky things bothering me that I. Cannot figure out even though it's probably really obvious and embarrassing, so... I hope it's okay to post again so soon. :/

    Layout: Tabula Rasa (with some theme layer tweaks)
    Journal: [community profile] scorched_test

    [Problem One]!
    There's something very strange going on with the month archive page - Looking this guide, I see that the subject of the posts there should be styled the way the subject on the reading page is styled, so I'm not sure why it's uppercased and why the font jumps when I do a hover over. I'm probably overlooking something very obvious, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why it does that. Is there any way to make it stop? Ideally, I'd like to make it look as much like the old style lists as possible, but at this point I'd be thrilled if I could just get rid of the capslock and make the font stabilize.

    [Problem Two]!
    The tags menu in the sidebar - I can't seem to get the non-link-tags color or styling to change. Also, there's a double border-bottom on the subtags, and it's weirding me out. Is there any way to get it back down to one border like all the other tags?

    [Problem Three]!
    And finally, the new bane of my life, the horrifying sidebar problem. As you can see here and here, it seems that the #canvas div drops off at the level of the shortest div, whether that's #secondary or #primary. I'm not sure why, but it's driving me crazy. I'd like to find a way to make it continue to the bottom of the page (much like it does on the layout for this comm), if only so the top of page link won't be hanging out at the top of the page, which makes no sense whatsoever.

    Basically, I'm just trying to get an effect similar to [community profile] style_system's, where the background color of the canvas extends to the bottom of the page, and the top of page link is where such a link should be - at the bottom of said page. But I can't for the life of me figure out how to do that. Does anyone have any idea, or maybe a hint as to where to look to deal with something like that? It would be VERY appreciated.

    Current css is here:
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    I'm having troubles with a layout. It's a tabula rasa layout (the one for this journal, actually).

    1. I want the entry title text to be the dark blue color, but the links for everything else to be pink. I've tried some variations, but, for whatever reason, I cannot get the colors to "separate"--either all links are blue, or all links are pink. Help?

    2. And second, I'm still getting black text in my second (non entry) column (most annoying is the calendar) and I can't figure out how to change that, either. Help?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I've spent over three hours racking my brain and trying different fixes, but admittedly, I'm really stupid when it comes to this stuff. Thanks!
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    Apologies if my questions are ridiculous - I've only been on DW for a short time, and am not yet used to style-making here.

    So, okay, I've recently imported a community that I run from LJ to DW, and while I was initially using a port of Flexible Squares, I've decided to be ambitious and try to replicate it as closely as possible on a native DW style so we can use all the cool features. For the most part it's working, but there are still some quirks I don't know how to fix, or if I can fix them. So.

    Layout: Tabula Rasa, style sheet disabled.
    Original layout: [community profile] scorched ([ profile] scorched to see it in its original, LJ form)
    Current layout: [community profile] scorched_test

    PROBLEM 1: The sidebar profile. I'd like to remove the header, center the icon and put the icon links in a horizontal list under the icon, preferably without that underline that I can't seem to get rid of. ¬_¬ [PROBLEM SOLVED]

    PROBLEM 2: Change the link list/tag list on the sidebar (and the nav links in the header, for that matter) to a more blocklike display. (Visuals here: the way highlighted links look now - the way I'd like them to look. navlinks highlighted as i'd like - currently they don't highlight at all.) [PROBLEM SOLVED]

    PROBLEM 3: Make the tags header match the rest of the headers. Not sure why this isn't happening now. [PROBLEM SOLVED]

    PROBLEM 4: In general, I'd like to reduce the margin between the link lists (both Links and Tags) and the left side of the sidebar - can't figure out how to change that, either. [PROBLEM SOLVED]

    PROBLEM 5: The icon and username. This is the bane of my life - is it possible to move the icon up to overlap with the title bar, and the username to, well, under the icon? (here is what I'm going for and here is what I currently have). [PROBLEM SOLVED] (I ended up using a combination of tricks from the comments here and altering the theme layer.)

    PROBLEM 6: Also visible in the above pictures, the subject line and datetime. Nothing I do seems to move the datetime from the left to the right, and is there a way to put it ABOVE the subject line instead of under? [PROBLEM SOLVED] - kind of. I couldnt get the date to work properly above the subject so i tucked it in under. Either way, it's fine.

    PROBLEM 7: Is there any way to get the sidebar to extend to the bottom of the page and the .pagetop link to the bottom, as well? as seen here, the link currently just hangs out at the bottom of the shortest column (also seen here) which is sort of awkward, and i'd prefer the sidebar continue long as seen on [community profile] scorched_ooc.

    STRANGE RANDOM BONUS PROBLEM: If you go to [community profile] scorched_test you'll find that clicking a title link makes the title flash dark blue while active, as do the navlinks in the header. I CAN'T MAKE THEM STOP DOING THAT. DX I've tried various stylings on a:active for .header, .entry-title, even the general a:active but nothing seems to change it.

    My current CSS, which is a bit of a frankenstein mess at the moment, my apologies.

    I do realize it's a different style altogether and not everything I'd like to do may even be possible, SO if that's the case, please let me know so I can stop banging my head against it. >.<

    Sorry to hit you guys with so much at once, but any help with any of these issues at all would be so appreciated I might explode.
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    Hi, all. I've been on DW for a while now (although I only just got around to transferring one of my communities) and I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of or, alternately, change the "no subject" text for entries.

    I don't always have a title for posts I make, and I would like to do something creative with the text like I did on this entry at Livejournal; I actually set that text in the options for the layout since the option to change "no subject" text is built into the coding.

    Also, I can't stand the whole (No Subject) "title" showing up when I'm being lazy. Is there any way I can work that? I tried going through the tags, but haven't been able to turn up anything beyond removing "no subject" from comments....
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    Sorry, I'm here - again. I've finally gotten my latest layout close to what I want, but I can't get the footer (I am using canvas for the footer) and background image (I am using body for the repeating image) to mesh correctly. If you scroll to the bottom, you will see what I mean.

    I think I got the footer positioned right, but I need to add a margin to the bottom of my repeating background image? I can't seem to find the right coding that will let me do that. Any help would be appreciated!
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    I'm using customized tiny icons instead of the usual tiny icons for private, filtered, etc. entries and I noticed that while the tiny icon for custom groups works fine, the tiny icons for private entries and filtered entries repeats. Ideally, the tiny bento box should only appear beside the date and time.

    Relevant code under the cut. )

    My second question is, is there any way to remove the "expand all cuts" option from the sidebar?

    Any help would really be appreciated.
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    Hello all, I have a question about metadata and tags in Tabula Rasa brought on by trying out a brand new layout called Motion.

    I see that someone's already asked about moving tags and mood to the top of the entries in Tabula Rasa, but there were no answers then (this was 2009). I am hoping someone will know the answer now.

    I managed to move mood to the top by using the option in the Presentation section of Customize style (Place of metadata in entries = Before entry text), but I can't find how to do the same with tags. Can someone advise me how?

    The layout I'm using also had .page-read .poster located below userpic, but it would break the entry text and its background would stretch all the way to the right side of the entry. It is possible to move it up by removing float:left, width:100% properties, but that doesn't align it with the left side of entries, and it overlaps it with mood. Is it possible to flush it all the way to the left, so that it sits above the userpic?

    Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.
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    I made the layout you see in [community profile] inconformista a long time ago, and it had rounded corners. Right now I went to see the community as I'm planning to revamp it soon, but to my surprise the corners look all... wonky? As seen here.

    The rounded corners are styled under #primary. Is it a change in the Tabula Rasa overrides/CSS that I'm not aware of, or is it the browser? I use Firefox 4.0.1

    Thanks in advance!
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    1. How do I make the userpics appear in Tabula Rasa? Edit: This fixed itself somehow, see below. Some clarification for the future would help though.

    2. What all would I need to do, in order to make that comm's style suitable for posting as a new Tabula Rasa layout on [site community profile] dreamscapes? I mean sans the comm-specific customizations. There's all kinds of stuff I'm still learning here, and things that I still need to style, but I'm not sure what the next step should be. (I was thinking of posting the code on Gitorious though.)

    3. What's involved in creating a new color layout for an existing theme? Because I was thinking of using Funky Circles for my personal journal, but it needs a new color scheme. I'm thinking "Peanut butter and chocolate."

    About that first question: I Firebug-inspected the comments on [community profile] becomeyourfursona and on a journal that had visible userpics, and I couldn't see any CSS rules that seemed relevant. But after applying the following styles to .comment:
    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #EFEFEF;
    margin: 3em 0 4.6em 0;
    padding: 2.7em;
    position: relative;
    ... the problem mysteriously solved itself. Any idea why? Was the text element somehow overlapping the userpic due to one or more of those properties not being set?

    Thanks again in advance either way!
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    I'm trying to create a layout by adding custom CSS to the Tabula Rasa style.

    Does anybody happen to know which element I need to remove the margin from in order to get rid of the gap between the navigation strip and the header? I've tried everything I could think of already ...
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    I'm currently working on a layout that requires use of two custom content modules in Tabula Rasa. I've been so used to working with LJ's S2 that it didn't occur to me while I was designing that DW would only offer one custom text module as standard in the wizard.

    Does anyone know the code for adding additional custom content modules in the theme layer? Please note that I am one of those people who is very proficient in CSS but not so great at S2 or other types of coding, so step by step instructions would be a godsend.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I'd like to move the filter meta data to the .datetime span - if that's possible, that is. So, instead of '4 December 2010 at 13:00' it should display something like '4 December 2010 at 13:00 in *some filter(s)*'.

    What do I have to change in/add to my theme layer? Solution can be found here :)
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    Is there any way to make the tags and/or mood display at the top of the entries in tabula rasa?
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    I got the css I wanted to work correctly on Tabula Rasa. see the style live and view user layer source

    Now, I'm trying to convert it to a layer and a theme (view style live

    If I want the Tabula Rasa stylesheet, do I need to copy and paste that directly into the stylesheet in the layout layer? I used function print_stylesheet () { to include the stylesheet because I thought that would call the Tabula Rasa stylesheet, but it doesn't seem to be working.



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