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Good Morning!

I did not see any recent posts in regards to this, but I need a little assistance with webfonts, please! I'm just coming over from IJ/LJ, and I've imported flexible squares from the livejournal layout I was using.

Here is the css file I made for the fonts I currently use on my IJ. I'd like to use Nanum Gothic for my body fonts, and the other fonts for my subject lines and sidebar texts.

I know, I should learn about DW customization and its cores and all that. I probably will eventually, but for now I'd really like to continue using this layout with my own fonts (if possible!)

Honestly, if I could live with nothing but S1 Generator layouts for the rest of eternity, I would. Maybe it's a sign that I'm getting old, lmao. (On that note, if you guys know of any DW layouts out there that are comparable...please let me know!)
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I'm yet another person moving over from LJ  and having trouble with the making changes to my journal layout. More specifically the title text for my journal entries.

The using the City Dragon - Tectonic theme, which has the entry title text in all lowercase letters. This I'd like to change to there being no modification to how the text is formated regarding lower or uppercase letters.

I've tried using the "text-transform" command and while I can change the entry text, the entry title text refuses to be anything else than lowercase. Any suggestions of what I can paste into the Custom CSS box that will remove the lowercase curse on my entry titles?

Warning: I'm not super great at CSS, so Advanced Customization is sadly beyond me.
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So I heard that the font tag and associated tags are being deprecated? (I'm not sure? This also includes center?) So I started using span when needed in my entries. The problem is that the text isn't displaying accurately anymore.

In the layout I'm using, italicized text displays as Old Standard TT or Georgia, and bolded text is displayed as Lato or Calibri. If I just use b or i, the text displays correctly. But if I use span (like, < span style="font: italic;" >*text*< /span >, the different fonts are gone.

This is the layout CSS I'm using:

Alternately, if I'm wrong about font being deprecated, feel free to tell me I'm an idiot so I can just go back to my old ways.
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I'm looking for help with a couple of items, respectively related to modules in the Ciel style, and font size in my profile.

#1: Is there a way to put just a few pixels' space between the modules on my journal pages? I don't care for how they're sitting directly on top of each other. (ETA: this is resolved, thanks!)

#2: I want to change the size (and perhaps the colors) of the text on my profile page. I've been trying to do so by using the font size HTML tag in the profile-editing area, since I've coded a table with some graphics there. However, try as I might, I can't get any font-altering tags to work. The size refuses to change. Any solution? (Still haven't found an answer for this!)

Thank you for any help!
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Since the latest code push it's possible to embed web fonts in your stylesheet via the style wizard. What is the corresponding property if you want to set it in a theme layer? I'm working on a layout but don't use it as my journal style (which means I can't use the wizard).
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Hey! So it's me again. I've got a promblem with my @font-face tag that for some reason isn't showing up in Firefox. Works in Chrome with no issues at all, but Firefox keeps defaulting to my back-up fonts.

How it looks in Chrome/How I want it to look

How it looks in Firefox

I'd be super grateful for any help at all!
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Was wondering about adding additional fonts to layouts.
For instance if I wanted the subject heading in my entries to be italicized.
Would it be [i]text[/i]?
Been looking at quite a few themes and fonts to give me some ideas for a layout.
If I wanted to add another font that's not on the list like bradley script for example (I think that's the name of the font).
How does one go about doing that?
And Thank You for this very helpful community. :)
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I'm having troubles with a layout. It's a tabula rasa layout (the one for this journal, actually).

1. I want the entry title text to be the dark blue color, but the links for everything else to be pink. I've tried some variations, but, for whatever reason, I cannot get the colors to "separate"--either all links are blue, or all links are pink. Help?

2. And second, I'm still getting black text in my second (non entry) column (most annoying is the calendar) and I can't figure out how to change that, either. Help?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I've spent over three hours racking my brain and trying different fixes, but admittedly, I'm really stupid when it comes to this stuff. Thanks!
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My apologies if this has been asked before, I checked the tags and there wasn't anything.

Is there a way to take the page title, module title, and entry title out of italics and just have it be regular, non-italic font in Fluid Measure? This seems to be hard-coded into the style itself, it's not something I can fix from the Customize Journal page. Is there a CSS code I can implement to tweak this, or something? The layout is otherwise fine, I just really dislike the italics on the header title.
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Is there a class for each level of a multilevel tag? I want to make the first tier of mine on my popular tags module have a different appearance (small caps, italics, something). I found the span.non-link-tag class, but as far as I can tell that's being used for both first and second tiers, and I want just the first.

So if I had something like:
foo: bar: llamas
foo: bar: wildebeest
foo: ticky: pandas

I'd want "foo" to be italicized/capped, but not "bar" or "ticky".
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I am having two issues with this layout (here is the layer).

First, I would like to make the entry subject lines permalinks and no amount of googling has lead me to a fix on this for Smooth Sailing, though I have found one for Flexible Squares.

Second, the font of the subject line is supposed to be larger in that layout, but for some reason, it's not displaying properly in the layout.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!
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When you set your tags to display in your module as a cloud, is there a way to make them all uniform in size? Like, even if the tag is used more often than the others, they're all the same size.
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Is there a way to make specific links in your layout bold? By specific, I mean the links to cut text. I would like to make the cuts with text bold, but keep any other links (such as tags, the entry's title etc.) as they are.

Help would be much appreciated, thank you!
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Hello! We'd been noticing among a few people we know that there are some who really, really like Crisped, but don't want to use it because they can't figure out how to get rid of the forced ALLCAPS that are just about everywhere in it. So, we threw together some Custom CSS to get rid of all the forced uppercase:

code )

If you don't like the forced lowercase in the header, you can also use this:

more code )

And finally, because the decreased letter-spacing can make the navigation menu and header hard to read for some people, especially after removing the allcaps, here's some css that fixes the letter-spacing, too:

also more code )

Hoping this helps!
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Small caps. I'm over them. I want them to go away. They're all over EVERYTHING in Practicality (or ... just all over headers -- I guess everything is an exaggeration).

So. Can I get rid of them and have it use regularly capitalized text? For god's sake, how? My CSS knowledge is better than non-existent, but not by much, so talk like I'm stupid.
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I would like to change the font size of text written in the reply form on the comment pages, as it's very tiny now. Yet I can't figure out what code in my CSS covers that section, so I don't know what to change. I'm hoping that anyone here can help me out. Thanks in advance!

Oh, and just in case... Here's my CSS.

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Can someone please explain to me how to put some space between the tags on one of my entries, and the entry text itself? Or a horizontal line or something that separates the entry from the tags. I can't figure it out from the CSS of the page source (despite trying many different things). I've managed to move the tags left/right but not, to my supreme frustration, down. The lack of space/separator between entry and entry tags is quite frankly irritating the heck out of me. Also, what's the best way of making the text size for the tags and the comment links big enough to actually be readable? All I can honestly see of the tags/metadata/comment links text is ... that it's there. Not what it says.

Thanks in advance. I am using the Brittle style on a free account.
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I feel like such a failure.

I have a very nice layout on my LiveJournal page - clean and simple. Unfortunately the style (Miniml) is not available within Dreamwidth, and attempts on my part to recreate it or at least to build something similar are failing dismally. The limitations of the "customise style" pages are just about driving me to drink.

After numerous attempts with Tabula Rasa, all of them unsuccessful (including de-selecting "use layout's stylesheet" and copying the Miniml css into the box), I tried using Modish (Greyscale colour scheme) and changing all the background and font colours. This has had mixed success (you can see it here). I was able to get the page and module backgrounds to white, with white borders, so that it lookes a bit cleaner. However, I am unable to change the font weight for the page header (Alassenya) to bold, or the subtitle to italic, and for some reason I can't change the font colour for the page links at the left - they remain resolutely white (and thus invisible) until clicked on. I have tried using the "custom css" box to fix them but had no success.

So basically I have a two-tier question:
a. Is anyone able to devise a layout that resembles Miniml for DW?
b. If not, how do I resolve the font weight and colour issues in Modish?
Edit: partly resolved, I have the H1 in bold and H2 in italic, but I still don't have visible links at left.

I also have a supplementary question: how do I remove the number of uses from my tags list? I like it as a list, not a cloud, but I don't want the number of uses appearing next to each tag.
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I just tried to edit my style and got this error:

S2 Compiler Output at Sun Sep 13 02:31:23 2009
Error compiling layer:

Compile error: line 170, column 5: Can't override property 'font_base_size' of type string with new type int.
S2::NodeProperty, S2/, 120
S2::NodePropGroup, S2/, 77
S2::Checker, S2/, 374
S2::Compiler, S2/, 34


166: property string font_base {
167: des = "Default Font for the page";
168: note = "This font will apply to the entire page as the base font. If you set any of the other font properties below, they will override this setting for that specific part of the page.";
169: }
170: property int font_base_size {
171: des = "Default Font Size for the page.";
172: }
173: property string font_header_title {
174: des = "Font for the Header Title";

What I can't figure out is why it expects it to be a string.

To confuse things further, this code has been in my style for ages and has always compiled fine before. It's completely unrelated to what I was changing. In fact, when I refresh the page and then hit "Save & compile" without making any changes at all to my existing and entirely functional style, I get that error.

Any idea how to fix it?

EDIT: I gave up and made all the ints into strings, and it mostly seems to be working okay except that now my menu bar is a million pixels high because it's supposed to be the header font size plus 8 and of course you can't add 8 to a string. I may just have to hardcode that. GRRR.
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is there any way i can change the font in transmogrified? i'd like it to be courier :O



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