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Hi all. :)

I've just made the final step to import LJ to my dead DW account. I don't wish to bother with installing a custom style and picked "Argyle" theme from the ones available.

I just occurred into an issue that makes me go mad.

For years, LJ didn't resize the images in your entries, so if you have a pic bigger than the container (or even your screen), you just got the horizontal scrollbar.
Recently, though, LJ started to auto-resize them and in my LJ style they get resized to 500px. Aspect ration is respected. I was then forced to modify all my posts to add a link for the fullsize (xx_original.jpg) pic.

I should also note that in the html for the entry I always specify the width and height of every image.

On DW, though (or, at least, in the style I'm using) there is no resize. I tried to manually the code seen here and then add some variations of

.entry-content img {
max-width: 99%;
height: auto;

in the custom css, changing from "99%" to "100%" or "500px". Anyway, the point is that aspect ration is never respected, the image keeps the original height and therefore the images gets stretched.
Same post: on LJ and on DW. (put the max-width to 500px so you can visibly see the difference).

A research on google didn't help, the code above should be apparently enough. Is there any way to force the aspect ration to be mantained on my theme? I don't really want to edit every single post to change the width and height values (and doing calculations for every single image so to respect ration - see, open every image in image editor, scale to 500 and note down the new height value) and, at this point, I'm too much used to the image resized that I don't want to see the original size in the entry anymore.

I use Argyle for Crisped. My account is free.

Thank you. :)
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Hey all, over on [community profile] css_code I'm having a few issues with a new layout I'm using, "Cake", based on the Crisped theme, and made by cirque at I've never worked with Crisped before, and while I understand it's designed to re-size based on your screen width, I've always had bad luck with themes that re-size in that the really long and/or deeply nested comment threads seem to always get messed up.

Case in point: this page is a disaster (edited to update link; it was originally pointing to the wrong DW). The comment threads float left, right, introduce scrollbars I don't want, and when .partial (collapsed) comments are expanded on that page, they are invariably broken, with the user icon running into either the title or the date - or both - and all the comments on that page are too narrow after a thread depth of maybe four or five; I want all thread depths approximately the same width as the top threads that don't squish in so much.

Also, owing to the way I've coded things, the space for the comment title is there even when the comment title is not, like when it's [no subject] - which is now inconveniently hidden by the newish .invisible. I can't find the magic command(s) to un-hide it but I have tried various things.

So, in list form, this is what I need:

  1. for the comments on my comm to align right, with no floating past the alignment point either right or left (use this page as your guide; I have it coded so all the comments are aligning perfectly). I cannot figure out what the code for that would be in this style (or any style designed to re-size like this) to save my life -
  2. to kill bottom scrollbars on pages with long and/or deeply nested comment threads -
  3. for deeper comment threads to stop narrowing in so much (again, use this page as your guide; the narrowing in on it is much subtler - not so obvious and ugly and squishy) -
  4. for collapsed comments under the control of the .partial class to not look broken like they do now with the user icon running into the comment titles and dates and everything all squished looking when those comments are expanded -
  5. to either unhide .invisible on comment titles so the title visibly says [no subject] again or else to adjust the comment title height to make it shorter for when there is no visible title -

Yes, this is a lot of stuff!

I feel like if I knew this style as well as I know the underlying code for Transmogrified I wouldn't need help with any of it (I figured the same problems out for Transmog myself, but I've had that style on my personal DW for almost three years, so I've had a long time to get to know it better - with my community style, I feel like I don't have the luxury of just puzzling it out for the next 24-36 months...) any help from you all would be very much appreciated - thanks in advance!

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I just moved from Livejournal to Dreamwidth and I've run into this style problem. On some journals I have a quite large Active Entries box at the top of the screen. This doesn't show up on everyone's journals. I've gone into customize my style into the modules section and chose none for everything and it still shows up. I'm using the Argyle theme, which I really like, but the Active Entries box is bothering me.
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Hello! We'd been noticing among a few people we know that there are some who really, really like Crisped, but don't want to use it because they can't figure out how to get rid of the forced ALLCAPS that are just about everywhere in it. So, we threw together some Custom CSS to get rid of all the forced uppercase:

code )

If you don't like the forced lowercase in the header, you can also use this:

more code )

And finally, because the decreased letter-spacing can make the navigation menu and header hard to read for some people, especially after removing the allcaps, here's some css that fixes the letter-spacing, too:

also more code )

Hoping this helps!


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