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ANSWERED: Known bug, cannot be fixed without overrides/layer edits.

I was testing out layouts/themes earlier, and on several, the navstrip was coded to match the theme. This is not a choice I like, but different strokes. I figured I could just reset the strip to default.

However, when I attempted to change the setting in Customize -> Display, it didn't work. I changed the radio button to the light grey gradient, saved changes, and no change happened. Same when I switched back to the dark grey gradient. It's still showing as the theme colors. (I'm currently using Bolt for Corinthian on my testing journal, but it's happened on every theme I tried that had pre-selected custom navstrip colors.)

There's this line on the page - You can customize the color of the navigation strip on your journal. - but there is no option to stop the customized colors if they're embedded into the theme. At least, not one that I can locate.

Is this a bug or a feature? How can I tell the site to stop showing customized navstrip colors on the theme I choose? I only want the default dark grey navstrip, no matter what layout/theme I select.
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I'm having troubles with a layout. It's a tabula rasa layout (the one for this journal, actually).

1. I want the entry title text to be the dark blue color, but the links for everything else to be pink. I've tried some variations, but, for whatever reason, I cannot get the colors to "separate"--either all links are blue, or all links are pink. Help?

2. And second, I'm still getting black text in my second (non entry) column (most annoying is the calendar) and I can't figure out how to change that, either. Help?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I've spent over three hours racking my brain and trying different fixes, but admittedly, I'm really stupid when it comes to this stuff. Thanks!
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I recently switched to Paletteable. I enabled custom reading page colours, but I'd like the custom colours to form a slightly thicker border around the userpic, particularly the "background" colour. (It's hard for me to distinguish some of my colours when the lines are this thin, particularly since I always use black as the "foreground" colour for individual users.)

I've tried to figure out on my own what I should do, but I don't even know where to start.

Thanks in advance!
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I feel like such a failure.

I have a very nice layout on my LiveJournal page - clean and simple. Unfortunately the style (Miniml) is not available within Dreamwidth, and attempts on my part to recreate it or at least to build something similar are failing dismally. The limitations of the "customise style" pages are just about driving me to drink.

After numerous attempts with Tabula Rasa, all of them unsuccessful (including de-selecting "use layout's stylesheet" and copying the Miniml css into the box), I tried using Modish (Greyscale colour scheme) and changing all the background and font colours. This has had mixed success (you can see it here). I was able to get the page and module backgrounds to white, with white borders, so that it lookes a bit cleaner. However, I am unable to change the font weight for the page header (Alassenya) to bold, or the subtitle to italic, and for some reason I can't change the font colour for the page links at the left - they remain resolutely white (and thus invisible) until clicked on. I have tried using the "custom css" box to fix them but had no success.

So basically I have a two-tier question:
a. Is anyone able to devise a layout that resembles Miniml for DW?
b. If not, how do I resolve the font weight and colour issues in Modish?
Edit: partly resolved, I have the H1 in bold and H2 in italic, but I still don't have visible links at left.

I also have a supplementary question: how do I remove the number of uses from my tags list? I like it as a list, not a cloud, but I don't want the number of uses appearing next to each tag.
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Is it possible to set a variable to be another variable?

That is, instead of:

set color_thing = "#333366";


set color_thing = $*some_other_thing;

such that the default value of $*color_thing is equal to the value of $*some_other_thing, but with option for user to override?
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I've noticed that, in some styles, text that's in italics shows up in a different colour to the main text. I kind of need something like this because my phone browser doesn't show italics - it just shows normal text, so I can't tell when it's in italics).

Does anyone here know how to do something like that?
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With Bases, the hover and active for the navigation module gives a background colour that is linked to the module link hover colour. I want to specify a different background colour for hover and active for the navigation module. What CSS should I use? I can't figure it out.

Layout info:


Aug. 27th, 2009 12:05 pm
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ColorSuckr helps you create matching color themes from an image. Could be useful for people!
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Hi! I'm designing a comm for a friend of mine and I want to make the layout, Drifting Blue, to be green and brown instead of, you know, blue. I've managed to customize everything except a small graphic that shows up in the bottom of each entry and is blue. Does anyone know how I can substitute my own graphic for it, or remove it or something?

screenshot )

Thank you!
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Here in [community profile] getting_started, [personal profile] ninetydegrees answers a couple questions about how to control the colors of certain navigation links that don't have convenient selectors in the style customization area. I thought this was a nifty bit of information that deserved to be shared.
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ColourLovers has a web based palette maker tool called Copaso. Might be useful to style/theme makers!
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Okay, so the contextual popups right now seem to be defining the background color as white but not the foreground color for links. On styles like mine where the foreground color is light, this is an awkward combination. However, somebody (forgot who, sorry, tell me if it was you!) linked me to Tutorial: Make the contextual popup pretty on LJ and I've used it on my style to very pleasing ends, so I've decided to pass it on.


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