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The last layout i attempted to make for DW looked alright and worked fine for me... but then a user found some problems that i really couldn't solve. I wanted to ask for help, if you would be able to test the layout for me (on various browsers etc) and maybe even teach me how to solve that fhsdjkgh problem D: I would love to keep making layouts for DW (i'm not as good with DW coding as i am with Lj uhg), and since i couldn't solve this problem, i haven't really wanted to touch DW CSS or anything... so please, help?

Thank you!

the layout is under here )
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I'm using the neon butterflies layout found here and can't get my tags list to show up in the sidebar. I've tried going into the customize module page and everything is checked properly. It's just not showing up. Any ideas as to what's going on?

(I have a metric assload of tags. I'm access-locked, though, so they don't actually show up if you don't have access. If anyone wants access to see what's the what, let me know and I'll grant it temporarily.)
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I'm not sure if I can actually do all of these things with a free account, but I figure it doesn't hurt to ask.

1) Is it actually possible to widen the sidebar? The tag cloud just looks really constrained with the size of the sidebar right now, and I just want to make it wider. It's not an option in the customizations menu, but I wondered if it was possible to do with CSS?

2) I want to make the links at the top for recent entries, reading, etc. a little bigger (and also not underlined), but I can't figure out what to put in the CSS to do that. I did put custom CSS which worked on the links in the sidebar (took away the underlines and change colours when I mouse over), but it doesn't do anything to the links at the top of the page, so maybe I'm missing something?

3) At the bottom of the entry there's a bar with "Edit Entry" "Edit Tags" "Memory" "Share" "Track" on the right. How can I get rid of the "Memory""Share" "Track" links there? It just looks cluttered with all that there, and I was able to do that on my livejournal, but I can't remember if that was a paid-account feature or not anymore. Related, can I replace the text with the little icons, as well? I'd also like to place a text separator between the links, like so: "edit entry ~ edit tags" Is that possible, as well?

Thanks so much! :D
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Okay, so. I'm using Transmogrified, and I want to get rid of my sidebar. Don't need it, don't want it, don't like it.

I'm using a very slightly modified version of [community profile] bzzinglikeneon 's Leaving For Paris - Emerald City  (

Any suggestions on how to eradicate that sucker?
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Hi all...

I'm having a devil of a time trying to get my sidebar to be where I want it to be on my personal journal.  I've adjusted the left margins and right margins and it still looks all wonky.  Now I admit, I've been working on this during my breaks and lunch at work and the office computer only has IE6 which isn't a supported browser here at DW (can't upgrade per our IT department... I don't know why they want us to stick with IE6) so it's possible that it isn't as bad as it appears on my browser... but any thoughts y'all have would be fantastic.  I feel like I'm losing my mind and css is starting to look a lot like the Wingdings font at this point.

Thanks in advance!

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I've been working on porting my Livejournal layout over to Dreamwidth. That being said I did not copy any code from LJ (as I have a permanent account there and used the advanced layers not based on existing themes. I've tried porting it over using steps in other journals but it has not worked), just mixed and matched code from different DW layouts to create the look I was going for. On my LJ account I have extra information in the sidebar and I was wondering if it were possible to do that here?

Example: (the left side bar)

I'd like to put other information in my sidebar on this account [personal profile] crystallinedrop (you can view the journal and see what I mean. I know free accounts are allowed one layer again, but I do not know what part of the code or even the code to add over here on Dreamwidth as it is different than the LJ layer code. Is it even possible or are we still not to that point yet. Any information would be helpful :) I'm so excited about being able to make layouts here!

EDIT: Also, is it possible to have entry dividers? I'm currently working with Transmogrified.

Thanks a bunch!
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I've been reading S2 documentation like crazy, and I'm pretty sure the answer is 'no' but I'm going to throw out the question anyway:

Is there any possible way to call functions from a different view than the one you're currently on? For example, the EntryPage class has a function print_comments. But what if I want to print the subjects of the 5 latest comments on the Recent view (maybe in the sidebar)? The RecentPage class doesn't include that function, so I'm assuming there's no way to call it unless the core was rewritten to add it into RecentPage and allow it to take parameters so it knows which comments to pull back. Am I correct in that assumption?

I'll gladly take the question elsewhere if this isn't the right place. Any direction would be so much appreciated.


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