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 Hi there,

I was wondering if there was a way to use Tiny Icon Images instead of  text like Location, Current Music, Mood. 

Any help would be most appreciated. 

Problem Solved
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So, as of DW's latest code push, I'm seeing little arrow-shaped links on either side of every single tag on my journal entries. These links do nothing more useful than point to the last entry using that tag (or worse, an error page, if there's no earlier/later entry to point to). This seems like utterly redundant, pointless clutter to me.

Very simply, I do NOT want to be seeing these arrow links. If someone could provide me with some code for getting rid of them, I would tremendously appreciate it. Thank you.
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I'm currently using the snowden layout by [community profile] pagans (which I slightly modified for the link colors) and I noticed something strange about some of my entry tags.

I can't click some of the tags in entries with multiple tags, (for example, the "fandom: dc universe" tag in this entry). Some tags, I have to move the mouse over, away, and then over it again before I can click it. I'm not sure, but it seems like it only happens with visited tags/tags I've clicked on before?
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 I finally made the decision to move to Dreamwidth and managed to get everything set up the way I had it over at LJ which I liked. I did it with a lot of amazing help from people over here. 

There is, however, one thing I can't seem to get right, and that is the showing of tags on my entries.

On LJ it looked like this: 

Over here it looks like this: 

How can I get the tags show up like they did on LJ? The lovely people from [community profile] lj_refugees pointed me to this place. I have to add that I got the mood icon + text to show the way it does by using codes for the theme layout, but I'm clueless how to make the tags appear there as well, somehow it works different here than on LJ when it concerns tags. Any help therefor it much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Hello all, I have a question about metadata and tags in Tabula Rasa brought on by trying out a brand new layout called Motion.

I see that someone's already asked about moving tags and mood to the top of the entries in Tabula Rasa, but there were no answers then (this was 2009). I am hoping someone will know the answer now.

I managed to move mood to the top by using the option in the Presentation section of Customize style (Place of metadata in entries = Before entry text), but I can't find how to do the same with tags. Can someone advise me how?

The layout I'm using also had .page-read .poster located below userpic, but it would break the entry text and its background would stretch all the way to the right side of the entry. It is possible to move it up by removing float:left, width:100% properties, but that doesn't align it with the left side of entries, and it overlaps it with mood. Is it possible to flush it all the way to the left, so that it sits above the userpic?

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.


Oct. 19th, 2010 04:26 pm
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I'm back with yet another question. I feel like I am spamming this community... My sincere apologies.

I would like to seperate my currents (the tags to be specific) with a comma. Right now, there's just a blank space, which is a little confusing. However, I don't know what to edit in my CSS. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here's my CSS.


Oct. 7th, 2010 04:03 pm
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Hi. Newbie here. *waves*

I'm sorry if this has been asked before or if I'm in the wrong place--I'm just beginning to find my way around here. I'm wondering if it's possible to set an image for the metadata (i.e. tags) and if so, how to go about it. Can I add/edit something in my CSS or do I need a theme layer like I do over at LiveJournal?

Thanks in advance!
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Hello, I was hoping you'd be able to help me customize this layout further since the layout maker wasn't able to help. Once it's done, the layout will be changed significantly. I'm having trouble figuring some things out. The list is extensive, so I'd be grateful however much you're able to help me solve. )
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Can someone please explain to me how to put some space between the tags on one of my entries, and the entry text itself? Or a horizontal line or something that separates the entry from the tags. I can't figure it out from the CSS of the page source (despite trying many different things). I've managed to move the tags left/right but not, to my supreme frustration, down. The lack of space/separator between entry and entry tags is quite frankly irritating the heck out of me. Also, what's the best way of making the text size for the tags and the comment links big enough to actually be readable? All I can honestly see of the tags/metadata/comment links text is ... that it's there. Not what it says.

Thanks in advance. I am using the Brittle style on a free account.
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Does anyone have the secret code that will allow you to reorder meta/tags and move the mood pic to the left of the info group? I've searched through a few comms but can't find anything on this yet.

This is what I'm aiming for ...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Is there any way to make the tags and/or mood display at the top of the entries in tabula rasa?


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