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I just noticed that the cut expanders have changed after the code push, and my previous custom expanders have been replaced with the default ones. Has the code for customizing them changed? This is what I'm using now:

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I was trying to target the cut expander to just shrink the image a little bit (the code push finally pushed them over my "big, but I can deal" threshold to "too big, drawing too much of my attention"), and while I can change the opening expander, the closing expander remains kind of... huge.

Help, pretty please!

custom css:
.cuttag img { width:8px !important; }

entry with a cut!
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i was tweaking my own journal layout today out of boredom, and i think i've figured out a workable way to customize the triangles for expanding cut tags. contains css and pseudo-css code examples )

what do you all think?
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I have a question: I would just like to ask how to go about formatting the Cut Tag? I've tried:

span.cuttag a
.cuttag a

and nothing happened. I would like to change the link style and remove the arrow (if possible).

Sorry, if this has been posted elsewhere. My search came up with no results.

- N
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This may be a rather dumb and silly question, but I'm just wondering...

It looks like the little arrow that shows in front of a cut (the "Read more" cut) is set slightly higher than it's supposed to be. It kind of looks like it's floating in the air or something. I'm not sure if that's due to the layout I'm using, because I don't remember seeing this with my previous layouts. Or perhaps it's my eye sight that's going bad. Either way, I was just wondering how that's possible and if it can be changed. Yes, I'm aware that I am extemely nit-picky. :P
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I was told someone here might be able to help with my problem. :)

Is there any way to suppress the collapsable cut tags on a journal? I know you can suppress them for your own viewing, but is there a way to turn them off entirely? I love them on my regular journal, but they're messing up the counters on my fic journal. :(

I'm using the Drifting style.


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