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With the next (as of yet unscheduled) code push, there's going to be a change to how custom text works - the current version is that if you add custom text to a layout, and then switch layouts, the custom text goes away on the new layout. After the code push, whatever you put for custom text will follow you when you switch layouts. If you only ever use one set of custom text and are cheering right now, you don't have to do anything!

If on the other hand, you use different custom texts for different layouts and like having it saved per-layout - well, I apologize because unfortunately there's no way to have both ways, but you can go in and save all your other layouts' custom text!

1) Go here: - this will show you a whole mess of layers, which if you don't customize S2 layers will all be ones you created through the wizard

2) Each layout you've customized in the past should have a layer of type 'wizard' and name 'Auto-generated Customizations' which is what the customization system calls layers it makes.

3) Click on 'Edit' for a layer - this will bring you to a kind of weird text editor window with a lot of code-stuff, but you don't have to edit any of it, so don't worry too much.

4) If you've added custom text to a layout, there'll be a line in among the code that says 'set text_module_customtext_content = "The custom text you entered here";' and you can just highlight it and copy it somewhere else

4b) If you also want the Custom Text Module title and link, they're 'set text_module_customtext = "Custom Text Title!";' and set text_module_customtext_url = "";'

5) Just close the window (or click 'Back to layers list' at the top of the page) when you're done, and repeat for as many layouts as needed!

I hope that explanation is clear enough - the layers stuff is kind of weird and confusing, unfortunately. I can do screenshots if needed!


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