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Hiya, folks!

The (unwieldy) name is gdelgiblueeyes, but you can just call me "Blue Eyes."

My community [community profile] johnheartpaul has recently migrated from LJ to DW (ToS issue), and we've been finding the process very user-friendly and trouble-free (well, once I figured out the style settings stuff and had imported our journal's default style behind the custom CSS with the help of this link), with the minor exception of a couple of snags that I was hoping maybe style_system could help with.
  1. In comparing our profile here to our LJ counterpart, you will note that in the nav.strip, we didn't have Tags or Memories listed at LJ, and we'd like to keep it that way. Is there any way to make that work?
  2. Our custom style for the journal was designed for the new wave of LJ, where individual posts on the main page linked to a generic entry format (for example, clicking "Leave a Comment" -- or the entry's title -- on the first entry presently on my page would lead to something like this) instead of a separate page in our custom format. I'm guessing there's no way to replicate this specific experience, but viewing the comment form on a sample entry from the present DW incarnation will show you just how clunky it looks in our custom format. Anyone wanna troubleshoot how to make it look less like ass?
UPDATE: Thanks to [personal profile] healingmirth  for their help! All issues are resolved.

I basically inherited the task of porting this thing over here for mods who are way less tech-savvy, but my own skill only goes so far. Any help would be very much appreciated! (The tags are also a total guess, so anyone who knows more and runs things, feel free to put better ones on here. Thanks!)
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I apologize. I know this has been covered here before but I've tried a few things (and looked through the help guide) and I'm not making any progress.

I'd like to remove the header image text/subtext.

This is my theme:

 photo hollyoyheader_zps1dy9dqig.png

I'm thinking it's possible the commands I'm trying to implement into the CSS just aren't going in the right place. I used to be much more fluent in CSS than I am presently and I'm giving myself a headache trying to figure this out.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
This has been solved. Thank you!
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This is one of those questions I feel I should be able to answer myself, but I've searched in various places and come up empty.

In a stylesheet, is it possible to define some custom icons for user links and have others be the system default? At present I'm using custom icons for Dreamwidth users and communities, but external service users' links have no icons; there's just a blank space where the stylesheet specifies the image height and width, etc. So either there's something I need to change in my existing CSS or I need to add the location of all the other icons. But I don't know what they are since doesn't allow directory listing (which makes sense), and I can't find a list of all the image file names.

I should add that I'm using a stylesheet made by [personal profile] sarken that I've modified mostly through trial and (much) error because no matter how hard I try my brain just refuses to grasp this stuff.

CSS under the cut )

Please help my scrambled brain?
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Hi! I'm hoping someone will have more experience with this than me...I found a great layout on Insanejournal, and I've been trying to apply it to this journal on DW with absolutely no luck. Ironically, I thought the hard part would be finding the source code for IJ's base Generator layout, but that was easy enough - I was able to compile it as an S1 layout thanks to IJ posting the source code.

However, the layout - code here, along with a preview of what it should look like - isn't compatible right off the bat. I have some experience with CSS, but I haven't used Span and Div IDs and Classes in layout CSS before, so I'm not sure how to translate this properly, or if it can be. I've already spoken with the layout's creator, and unfortunately s/he doesn't have any DW experience and doesn't know how to make it work over here.

Does anyone have suggestions? I would be eternally grateful!
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Hi there! I'm currently using a ported version of Smooth Sailing and, since DW's retired the .bml aspect of links, I'm having trouble fixing my style to go to my userpics. It's been ages since .bml was retired, and this was one of my back-burner projects, but now that I'm fiddling with it I can't seem to figure out what values to stick in there!

My problem can be accurately summed by visiting my journal and clicking on my default userpic. I'm able to find the instances of allpics.bml in the ported sheet (three) but fixing it, well.. no luck so far! Any tips will imputed for test ASAP. =)

Solved! See comment! =)
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Since the latest code push it's possible to embed web fonts in your stylesheet via the style wizard. What is the corresponding property if you want to set it in a theme layer? I'm working on a layout but don't use it as my journal style (which means I can't use the wizard).


Mar. 20th, 2012 02:28 pm
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I realised that with DW layouts, the journal title does not appear as the page title. I was wondering if there is a way to make the journal title the title of the page as well?

Also, I tried adding a favicon to a community that is using Tabula Rasa and it doesn't work? It seems to be working for my other comm that is using an imported LJ style (Flexible Squares)... Is there a way around this?

Thank you!! :)
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OK, this one is beyond me. I can't figure out how the styles system creates different stylesheets, let alone how to tell it to do multiple different ones.

Specifically, I want to have a different sheet for screen media as well as one for all users (ie colourscheme goes for everyone, but put this box next to that one should be for computer displays, not mobile devices and similar).

Wordpress does this for the complete stylesheet:
link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css" media="screen"

But I want to do it in different sheets, this is partially for bandwidth purposes (my mobile contract has a large, but limited, DL limit) but also because some mobile devices and browsers get really confused by all-in-one stylesheets, Opera Mobile tries to ignore stuff it knows won't display properly (but can't always manage it, Blogspot blogs are worst for this), but a Palm Pre, I'm told, will try and put everything in the right place and shrink it, making DW unusable with styles on for a such a device.

So, two questions, one, how does the Styles system know which bit of the layer should create a separate sheet. Two, how do I figure out what the URL would be for each separate sheet in order to embed them for display properly?


Jun. 3rd, 2010 06:37 pm
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Hi! Is there a way to put custom CSS in a separate stylesheet hosted on (I don't want to link to an external file)? I've tried about all the functions available in Core2, but they all dump the CSS in every page header instead of sensibly linking to a file you can cache.

I know it's possible on LJ, using function print_stylesheet (), but it seems it was scraped off when S2 was overhauled.


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I got the css I wanted to work correctly on Tabula Rasa. see the style live and view user layer source

Now, I'm trying to convert it to a layer and a theme (view style live

If I want the Tabula Rasa stylesheet, do I need to copy and paste that directly into the stylesheet in the layout layer? I used function print_stylesheet () { to include the stylesheet because I thought that would call the Tabula Rasa stylesheet, but it doesn't seem to be working.

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So let us suppose that I'm making a theme for a layout that already uses the print_stylesheet function (a theme for Modish, in the event). Let us further suppose that I want to add a little bit of css to this theme without copying the whole inherited stylesheet just to change one line. Does anyone know of a good way to do this?


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