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Hi everyone!

I made another layout for a community I recently created. The problem I have is not bieng able to relocate the previous and next links to where I want them to go. It doesn't help that the previous and next links overlap by 1px over the navigation/menu bar. I have no idea how to move them.

Here is the entire layout's css:
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So, I don't do a lot of layout coding, but I can generally work my way through the majority of issues. Unfortunately, I've hit a wall and I just can't seem to work out the fix.

My layout journal where I'm working on this is [personal profile] wedidntstartthefire and the issue is all around the navigation footer, save for the entry footer issues. You can see what I'm referring to here.

1.) SOLVED! Navigation footer area thing coded with a background image. For the most part, it's worked out splendidly. Unfortunately, there's a one pixel area on the very bottom where the entries peek through when scrolling.

2.) SOLVED! Navigation links. D: No matter what I try, I can seem to get them to move down. I'd like for them to line up with the bottom of 0615 on the image. Also to be black. For the life of me, I can't seem to make this happen.

3.) SOLVED! Entry links, for editing and stuff. I'd like them to be centered compared to the rest of the centered elements in the navigation footer.

Here's the (horribly botched, piecemeal) code:

Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated!
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Hey guys. On my journal right now I'm trying to change the color of the bar around the "top of the page" footer link - for some reason I can't get it off of the pale blue it's on now and (preferably) change it to a gray that matches the other navigation stuff.

Also, the other navigation links (recent entries, archive, reading, etc) are all left-aligned on their bar, and I can't figure out how to get them to center instead.

I'm using a tweaked version of this code, if that makes anything clearer. Thanks in advance for your help!
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EDIT: Apparently there was a p { width: 20px; } line that came with where ever I grabbed this from as my base to work from... yeah. Removing that fixed it and I can't believe I didn't see that. *face palm* Thank you all for taking a look.

So I am moderately clueless at all of this, but decided to try my hand at a a custom css style based on blanket. All was going well, things looked like I wanted, and then I saw a particular entry on my reading page that had completely insane text wrapping. Now if all the entries on my reading page had been doing this, I could probably figure I had issues with margins or paddings or what not, but it's only some of my reading list entries and I just, IDEK where to start to look for what's going on and why.


Screenshot showing the end of a normally wrapping entry and the start of a messed up one

My mostly done css code
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I'm using blanket and I was wondering if there was a way to add the expand all cuts module to my navigation bar where it would be far more useful. I don't even have the first idea about where I would start to get it there. Thanks in advance.
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OK. I have a secondary journal that is currently sporting Blanket as its layout. Thanks to looking through the archives on this community, I was able to upload an image header via CSS as well as take off the title/subtitle/recent entries. My question is now: what CSS would I plug in to remove the border from the header on Blanket? It's cutting into the image and looks... awkward. (And I've seen other people with this layout, with a picture header and no border.)

Thanks in advance! <3


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