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I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this. Sorry in advance if it's not.

Some time ago I subscribed to [syndicated profile] gunnerkrigg_feed, the feed for the webcomic Gunnerkrigg Court. Today, while visiting the webcomic, I discovered that the feed never showed any posts.

I don't know why that's happening. Halp?
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So, for no reason that I can divine, the AO3 feeds (and only the AO3 feeds) look wonky on my reading page, like so:
mucked up links )

The links overlap each other and while it's possible to read them when there aren't a lot of tags, it does get a bit irritating. I figured I'd just slap in a tiny little fix in the Custom CSS to make the spacing better, but I poked around and couldn't get anything to work.

This is what I thought it should look like, but it didn't seem to do anything:
.page-read .entry-wrapper.poster-ao3_batman_allmedia_feed .entry-content {line-height: 2em; ]

Help, pretty please?
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I hope this is the right place to ask.

I have a bunch of feed accounts on my friend page ... but they don't show any icons, it shouldn't be annoying, but it is for me. I would like to know if there's an override bit of code permitting to get a default icon showing up, or if there's a possibility on your end, to set up a default icon for the feed accounts? that would show up on the reading page.

Thanks in advance.

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How can I get feed usernames to behave like comm/journal usernames do?

Read more... )


Fixed with:
.userpic {
min-width: 120px;

Thanks to all who offered suggestions :)
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I'm currently using the following CSS, which somebody posted a while ago, to put a userpic on RSS feeds on my reading page.

.journal-type-Y .userpic { background: url(http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y241/sally_maria/Mood%20Theme/dreamsheep_rss.png) no-repeat;
background-color:#000; }

The only problem is that my style has userpics on the right, but this CSS makes the RSS userpic appear on the left, and it looks a little odd and takes up more screen - see on my reading page here.

Is there anything I can do to the CSS to make the userpic appear in the right place?

Thank you very much for any help you can give me.
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I tried to add a vertical space between the two syndication links at the top of each feed entry and the actual feed content. The problem, however, is that the same css class -- .ljsyndicationlink -- is applied to both syndication links. This makes it somewhat difficult to style one syndication link without affecting the other. Then I thought I could work around the problem by adding margin-top to the actual feed content, but this isn't possible either since no separate css class is applied to the feed content; it consist basically of many p-components. This means .journal-type-Y p:first-child{} doesn't work either since the syndication links and the syndication author are a subset of p. My "solution" to the problem was to remove the syndication links altogether, and to add margin-bottom to .syndicationauthor. But the syndication links can be quite useful sometimes... So, the big question is: have I missed something here? As usual, any help is greatly appreciated :)

P.S: A p-tag doesn't seem to be properly closed in all hathorlegacy feed entries. Not sure if this is a problem on our end or if it can be traced back to the feed source. This isn't a big deal for me, I've only noticed it while trying to figure out the problem above.
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Is there a CSS class that toggles for whether the viewer of the journal is logged in or not? (I've got a feed that I am subscribed to that is not on my default reading filter, and I'd like to display:none it when I load my reading page while I'm logged out.)


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