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Edit: I had some free time today and spent a long time just poking around with my layout and using trial-and-error to fix it up. I'm adding my updated CSS in case someone has similar problems.

I can't find the bit in my code that will let me do the following things:

1. Change the font family for links in the box that appears when you reply to a post (not the quick reply, the form that appears on the comments page), specifically the "Icon" and username. For some reason, my code works only when I hover over the links. Edited the a, a:link, a:visited part of my code to the following:

a, a:link, a:visited {
text-decoration: none;
font-family: 'Alike', 'New York', Georgia;

2. Modify the "Flat | Top-Level Comments Only" text at the bottom of the page. I want to add a background to it. The code I used to try and address #1 apparently also affected the font here (i.e. change when I hover over it). I found a different customized layout which had code that addressed this part. This is the bit of CSS I added to modify this part:

3. Add padding to all the buttons like "Post Comment" or "Perform Action." Or at least make the font smaller since they look really cramped in their boxes. Added padding to the input part of the code.

input {
background: transparent;
border: 1px solid #333333;
color: #333333;
padding: 3px 3px 3px 3px;

4. Change the font family for the quick reply textarea. Found the solution in the comments of this post and just played around with the code.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Old CSS:

CSS with solutions:

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Apparently DW's latest code push fixed a bug that had prevented the style I use (Ciel) from displaying "properly". Now, comments on my journal are all surrounded by a little border with rounded corners--which I'm told the designer originally intended, but it never showed up before because of the bug.

But here's the thing: I don't WANT those borders to be there. I liked my layout and was used to it without them.

So can anyone provide me with a bit of custom code that would remove those borders again? (Thanks in advance for any help.)
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I'm fiddling with my layout a bit, and can't figure out how to modify some of elements of the comments. I'd like to:

1. Put some space between the "Select" tick box and the dotted line (screencap) SOLVED
2. Change the time and date font style SOLVED
3. Put some space between the "Edited xxx" information and the actual comment text SOLVED

Here's a sample comment thread from one of my entries if anyone needs to see it live.

Here's the CSS I'm using right now:

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Hello, belated refugee from Livejournal here. I've managed to figure out most of what I wanted to do by trawling through the tags here, but there are a few niggling details that I still haven't gotten. I'm currently using Abstractia...

1) Can I/How do I put the Multiform-checkbox in the comments footer unto the same line as the comment management/interaction links (thus narrowing the comment footer to one line in height)?

2) SOLVED! I have my text title header set to be a link to the front of my journal using the theme layer code found here. Is there a way to change the font color of the title header alone without changing it for every other link as well?

Thanks for any help!
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Hey there. I'm editing a layout for an rp comm, and I'm having comment issues. I have two questions.

1: How do you reduce the width of the comment boxes? They're kind of big and gangly at the moment-I know DW is just kind of big and gangly with comment boxes to begin with, but there's got to be a way to make them skinnier.

2: What's the code for changing the link/reply/thread links? I want to make them smaller, but I don't have any luck so far.

For reference, the layout can be seen here and the style sheet is blanket. Any/all help would be appreciated!
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Accounts in question: [personal profile] nightfall_mods and its related accounts (links are in the sidebar.) Currently layout-testing on [personal profile] sanguine_saint where there's a ton of comments on the layout-test page, for convenience's sake, too. (Er... been using ?style=mine; I'll throw the layout up on that account in a min.)

Issue: There's no Expand link, in collapsed comments. I'd like there to be, but I'm only just now dipping my toes into S2 (core version 1, Style Contest from LJ. Well, specifically, from IJ.)

Read more... )

My apologies if I've left out something relevant (let me know, and I'll happily provide it!) and thanks in advance for any advice/pointers!
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I'm working on two Tabula Rasa layouts -- one fixed, one fluid, with matching graphics -- and starting to hit the limit of what my understanding of CSS can handle. Help?

Here's the current state of the fixed-width layout, currently enabled at [community profile] punditfic:

And here's the fluid version, visible in action at [community profile] andthatstheword:

Issues in the fixed-width layout:

  • When the page isn't tall enough, module-content and module-powered show up in the middle of the sidebar. Avoided!

  • In the main entry view, how can I get usernames to display reliably under the userpic? The best I got (through messing with margins) was "it'll appear there, but entry text will overlap it." (Also a problem in the fluid version.) Solved in both!

  • New issue...when #primary is shorter than #secondary, the page only scrolls down as far as #primary.

  • Things in the fluid layout that I can't get to match the fixed-width layout:

  • On the calendar-by-month view, the entry information isn't indented with respect to the date. Prettied up!

  • Similarly, the bulleted list on the tags page isn't indented. Solved!

  • Information in the entries on the main page is all squished together (title overlapping with date/time, tags overlapping with entry tools). Solved!

  • Everything to do with comment display just isn't happening. The tools won't display inline, there's no space around comment-content, the header has no background... Solved!

  • Other issues with the fluid layout:

  • Can I make the #primary and #secondary divs extend to the bottom of the page (to extend the background) without covering the header?

  • Looks like I need to do something with module-content and module-powered here too. When the sidebar is on the left, they try to squeeze into the gap between #secondary and #primary. This isn't a problem when the sidebar is on the right (or at least, it hasn't been at my resolution). Solved!

  • Anyone who can point me in the right direction on any of these points would be greatly appreciated!
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    I've been trying to fix my comment-width - one of the major problems I find with the custom comment pages is the comments squidge up really really quickly - but even setting width with ems doesn't help if you're on a browser with a different window size.

    So, mainly: is there a way where I can set comment width = post width?

    I'd prefer to keep it that simple - having auto-resizing layouts is also good - but if it's impossible that's good to know, too.
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    (OK, I fumbled this one and posted it to the wrong comm, so this time I'm double checking to make sure it goes to the right location)

    My question is this: I would like to style replies and IP address notifications for [community profile] mag7wallpapers.

    Using Firebug I discovered that is what I needed to style. I followed the instructions used on this web page but the result wasn't exactly what I was hoping for. The notice now covers the Post comment, Preview and More options buttons, and I can't figure out how to separate the two.

    I would also like to lower the Quote button next to Subject, or move it up - make that whole area neater, because the elements are all over the place - if it can be done. And also, have the notice expand to the width of the textarea.

    (click to enlarge)


    Original css:

    Edited css:

    (Fingers crossed!)
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    Is there a way to highlight only those comments made by the original poster?

    I know at the top of every post/page, there's a variable set for the journal-name, ie "currentJournal": "username", and that in the comments code itself, you'll find lines like:

    {span class="poster comment-poster"}From: {span class="ljuser" lj:user="username" style="white-space: nowrap;"}

    but is there a way (I guess in S2) to set a style associated with that variable -- where "lj:user" = "currentJournal" -- such that whenever the journal-owner posts, this comment can be offset with a variable style?

    (I put tag as 'core2' but not sure that's really appropriate. Seems this should be tagged with something like 'css:alternate' since it's a question of an alt-style for css, but... no idea, really. Alt-tag if you can think of more appropriate slot, thanks!)
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    This is a theme layer modification that stops comment indenting after reaching a certain comment depth. You can also customize how much each comment will indent from its parent comment.
    code under cut )
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    I've been reading S2 documentation like crazy, and I'm pretty sure the answer is 'no' but I'm going to throw out the question anyway:

    Is there any possible way to call functions from a different view than the one you're currently on? For example, the EntryPage class has a function print_comments. But what if I want to print the subjects of the 5 latest comments on the Recent view (maybe in the sidebar)? The RecentPage class doesn't include that function, so I'm assuming there's no way to call it unless the core was rewritten to add it into RecentPage and allow it to take parameters so it knows which comments to pull back. Am I correct in that assumption?

    I'll gladly take the question elsewhere if this isn't the right place. Any direction would be so much appreciated.


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