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When they did the newest code push, I kind of fell in love with the Lefty theme. It's clean and gorgeous, and I just adore it. But I also have a thing for gradiations and rainbows in layouts, so now I'm thinking. I know the code I need to do to make the changes, I just don't know where I need to put it and if I need to make a whole new style to do it.

Basically, what I need to do is create 5 or 6 new class ids for the LI that make up the top navigation (which are currently "module-list-item"--I was planning on going for the creatively named "module-list-item-2" etc.) and then change the background color on those classes. That would allow me to have a lovely rainbow or multiple shades of the same colors or whatnot.

So... do I need to make a whole new style/layer? I'm a premium paid account, so that itself isn't the issue. I used to be pretty fluent in S2, but it's been, uh, several years, and in between the code changes and my brain writing over that information with mostly useless trivia, I'm stuck.

ETA: Code for multiple colors under cut )

ETA2: Thanks to [personal profile] syntheid and [personal profile] ninetydegrees, I have sort-of figured out the customs CSS for this layout. My next question is closely related. Is there a way to link the color of the page header background to the color of the current page's link? E.g. on "recent" it would be green, "archive" yellow, "reading" red, etc.?
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hi! i freely admit i have 'the dumbz'....i don't want to import my theme/style from LJ, i am okay with the one i found here on DW....i would like to customize the header though and i have zero clue how to do that and i tried to find some info in FAQs, etc and i might have been looking wrong???? (i totally was looking wrong!)

i am using 'purple' for my journal style....

i DID find the CSS code to remove the 'recent entries' from the header but didn't want to add that yet lest it interfere with future CSS code additions.....and i know i can get rid of the 'profile module' too once i get the header sorted out.....

i'd like to put my journal name in the center and then have links under it (within the header) for: profile, friend's page (reading page), link to my domain, archive....i think this is possible??? i did buy a premium account here (sooo impressed with DW and how they value their users! :) i just don't know how and got really confused trying to find out how to do this.....maybe i need a different style?

i do know html, i know enough CSS to fiddle with it, but can't write CSS on my i hoping someone can direct me somewhere as i have searched, but obviously am not searching in the right place....i saw where i can import a LJ style/theme, but i just want to customize a DW one.....

thank you in advance!!!

ETA: Resolved!! THANK YOU!!! :-)
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I have a premium paid account, and just tried to make an additional style. I was given a helpful (?) error that said I had used up my limit of Styles. What I'd like to know is, how many styles and layers do account holders have at each level?

Thanks for all the fish!
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[1] The first question is related to this entry and this comment. The CSS (see cut) worked fine just a few weeks ago, but now the CSS doesn't take out the space between the tag and the comma anymore, so the tags run occasionally onto the next line which looks kinda ugly. What happened? I use the same browser(s), so I can only assume something in DW's style system has changed...? [The 'plot' thickens here]

The CSS in question: )

[2] Is it possible to add via the theme layer a comment count to the "Active Entries" module (like in the "Page summary" module)? [Possible, but someone needs to code it first :) ]

[3] Is there a way (via CSS or theme layer) to set some kind of "default icon" for entries without userpic on your reading/network page? Feeds don't have an user icon (which they should, IMO) and sometimes people post entries without an icon. [SOLVED here]

[4] Is it somehow possible to change the month order (latest calendar month first) on a journal's/community's archive page? [SOLVED with a workaround. A bug is being filed about this.]

That's all (for know) :) Thanks in advance for any help or advice!
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This is no doubt a real noob question, but I'm wondering if there is a way of making an image appear above the header box on my journal - so I get the image and then the title etc, in the box underneath it?

The header image option on the customize style page puts the picture into the header box, with the writing imposed on it, which is not what I want.

I have a paid account, and I'm quite used to using theme layers on LJ, if that's what it takes, but while I can edit other people's CSS a bit, I can't write it myself.

Thank you very much for any help you can give me.


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