Date: 2011-04-05 05:38 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kitters
Weird! It's totally not working for me, and just me, it seems. Everyone else that has tried says it works for them. I've gone through every possible cause: 1) My internet connection at home is really wonky and slow, so the Quick Reply not working could be due to that. But, the problem persists even with fast and stable connections, so that can't be it. 2) My browser. I know the new Opera is buggy when it comes to LJ's Quick Reply, but I have tested in Firefox, and the Quick Reply still won't work. 3) I've noticed that it doesn't always work on LJ either, which rules out the possibility that it's a problem on DW's end.

The problem ONLY seems to affect Flexible Squares-based layouts. But if a journal has default site comment pages, the Quick Reply will work.

The problem started when I got my new laptop with Windows 7. On my old laptop with XP, installing the custom jscript for Opera to fix LJ's Quick Reply problem had worked. But... the OS being the culprit is kind of ridiculous because, by that logic, everyone commenting on my journal using Windows 7 would encounter the same problem.
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