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It's been weeks since my 1ST entry here, and I'm still no further ahead. { }

I did examine that edited Flexible Squares code and saw that there is an option to set text for "set text_nosubject = "(no subject)";" but I am not sure where to place it in the Tabular Indent code! [I tried in various places where "set"s are already located] I also am not seeing in that how to have Subjects as links. And why the Tags, Current Music, Current Location, Security, Subject, Time, and Current Mood are in different places amongst different entries. I first noticed this on Communities on my Reading Page, but on looking at my recent entries I notice it amongst them too. That sometimes Subject is at the bottom and sometimes at the top. As I added to my previous entry, I did see in the edited Flexible Squares code that the Subject fields and such are in like separate paragraphs. I don't see a comparable place to add that in the Tabular Indent code.

Also will just Save & Compile update my blog layout for changes, or do I have to reselect the layer in my Journal Style edit area?

I have never done anything like this before so I really do appreciate any help I may receive. It's really hurting my brain!
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